10 Best Free Beat Making Software for Mac and Windows PC

There are hundreds of free and paid software that allow you to make beats, but the best ones offer more than just basic features. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite picks for all levels in this article where we cover some basics on how beat making works and what makes these tools stand out from the crowd.

The “magix music maker” is a free beat making software for Mac and Windows PC. It offers many features that are great for beginners and experts alike.

With the rise in popularity of “bedroom producers,” making some wicked beats from the comfort of your own home has become a shining reality. Consider the success stories of rappers like Post Malone and Lil Pump, both of whom began their careers as independent producers. They were successful because they had access to some of the greatest beat-making tools available. If you’re a music lover who wants to pursue your passion but doesn’t have the financial means to do so, you can always utilize some of the top free beat producing software for Mac and Windows PC included in our roundup.

These free beat builders are designed to provide you the necessary melody production tools so you can quickly create some killer funky beats. The majority of the apps on our list include sample music to assist users learn the ins and outs of beat making and build great hip hop tracks.

How do you choose the greatest free beat producers?

We hand-picked all of the excellent beat-making software in our list using a variety of criteria. The ease-of-use for novices was clearly the most important criterion, followed by the extensive functionality offered by these programs. Not to mention that some of them are designed for expert users and have complex functionality.

Finally, the user interface was taken into account while identifying the top free beat generators that may inspire users to produce scrumptious, jaw-dropping bass-driven beats and drop killer bars. So, are you ready to discover and download the finest free beat producing software? Let’s get going.

Note: If you want to broaden your choices, see our list of the best free audio editing software.

1) Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio Fruity Edition) [For PC & Mac]

best free beat making software

If you’re a total newbie who wants to learn how to generate funky beats and professional-sounding polyrhythms, go no farther than FL Studio, which is one of the finest free beatmakers for novices. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

In terms of functionality, FL Studio is a powerhouse that includes everything you’ll need to write, arrange, edit, mix, and master professional-sounding beats. If you’re an EDM producer, you can get third-party plugins, drum loops, VSTs, and even some symphonic synthesizers.

Keyboard controller, MIDI out, formula controller, and many more fun features are included. The updated and flexible interface, which includes a piano roll and multi-touch capabilities, wowed us. It also enables for real-time stretching to change the pace and pitch.

Furthermore, the most recent version of FL Studio, FL Studio 12, enables you to detach all of the program’s windows for a seamless audio editing experience. On general, even seasoned beatmakers will enjoy editing in FL Studio.

Note The FL Studio Producer Edition is available for purchase if you want to take your game to the next level.

2) GarageBand (Macintosh)

best free beat making software

GarageBand is a powerful DAW built specifically for Mac and iOS devices. GarageBand has long been known for its extensive selection of sample beats, AU plugins, drum loops, virtual session drummer, guitar loops, and synth sections, all of which contribute to its status as one of the greatest free beat creating software for Mac and Windows users.

In other words, it’s a comprehensive music production studio with everything you need to make some killer beats on the spot. The user interface is incredibly pleasing to the eyes, and any newcomer will be hooked straight away. Additionally, you may create a sick layer-heavy tune with up to 255 songs in the mix. That’s a lot of music.

GarageBand also has several useful tools, such as Flex Time, which allows you to instantly change the tempo of an audio recording. In fact, you can use multi-Touch gestures on an iPad to wirelessly play any GarageBand virtual instrument on your Mac. There’s no need to download it since the full version is already installed on your Mac.

3) MuseScore (Macintosh)

best free beat making software

MuseScore is a music composition and notation program with some major capabilities that are a rarity in the free beat making software arena, thanks to a straightforward beat building approach. It supports standardized plugin formats like DSSI, LADSPA, and VST, for example.

MuseScore also has a beautiful UI that is simple to use for novices who wish to make some killer beats. You may arrange MIDI files, plugins and plugin presets, Aux outputs, and audio files by dragging and dropping or importing them.

You may also export your music in a variety of formats, including wav, flac, and ogg. MuseScore is a powerful MIDI/Audio sequencer with some of the best real-time record/playback capabilities for quickly editing undesirable mono/stereo portions. MuseScore also enables tablature generation for numerous virtual instruments if you can read/write music.

4) Hotstepper [Windows and Mac]

best free beat making software

Hotstepper, a 12-channel beast of a drum sequencer, is a safe bet for drum sequencer fans looking to build amazing bass-driven Hip hop drum patches. It includes a variety of sound samples, some of which are in the.hpa format. Hotstepper also contains a handy BMP slider for setting the amount of beats per minute or changing the track’s pace. Not to mention Wave stretching, which allows you to stretch a sound to the precise duration of a beat automatically.

Hotstepper also allows you to alter the pace, panoramic location, and pitch of each sound using third-party plugins. You may also adjust the amount of delay and feedback in your mix. The drum patterns can only be exported in.wav format, which may be a disappointment for most users.

5) DrumFlow (Windows and Mac)

best free beat making software

Drumflow is a sophisticated Mac and Windows drum sequencer that can build bespoke percussion parts and drum loops that can be sent to your MIDI editor. DrumFlow comes with a variety of sample files (about 127 drum banks) and six MIDI controls, including reverb, pitch coarse, chorus, and filter parameters.

The uniqueness feature that makes DrumFlow one of the finest free beat generating software is that it can be used to generate some unique sounding drum loops, which is a welcome change from the standard digitized drum loops that most DAWs can produce.

Swing grooves may also be used to give your patterns additional ‘groove’ and depth. You may also alter pitch and tone, add reverb, EG attack and delay, and stereo pan using the drum setup settings.

Hydrogen (6) [Windows and Mac]

best free beat making software

Hydrogen is an open-source drum machine that works on both Mac and Windows computers. The modular architecture of Hydrogen’s straightforward interface, as well as multi layer support for instruments, are the first things you’ll notice (up to 16 samples for every instrument).

With comprehensive tools like time stretch, pitch corrector, sample Editor for basic cut and loop operations, and a Pattern-based sequencer that comes equipped with endless patterns that can be linked into a song, you can simply write, edit, mix, and master your beats.

You may also alter up to 192 ticks per pattern, with pattern length and individual level per event being customizable. Additionally, since Hydrogen is a sample-based stereo audio engine, you may import sound samples in a variety of formats, including.au,.aiff, and.Wav.

7) LMMS [Windows and Mac]

best free beat making software

Another open-source entry on our list, LMMS makes constructing sick bars and beats simple and intuitive owing to its simple and intuitive UI. You may use its built-in song editor to create some killer tracks, and it also has a beat+bassline editor for combining some killer basslines and beats.

Furthermore, LMMS provides both computer-controlled and user-defined track-based automation.

Not to mention a Piano Roll for creating melodies and a 64-channel FX mixer that can add hundreds of effects to extend mixing options. In reality, LMMS lets you use a wide range of sophisticated VSTs and effect plugins that work with MIDI, LADSPA, VST, SoundFont2, and GUS Patches. You may also import FL Studio ® project files as well as MIDI files. Finally, users may export files in a variety of formats, including WAV and OGG. Remember to acquire the complete version of this monster!

8) Drumbox [Windows and Mac]

best free beat making software

If you like stacking polyrhythms in your drum beats, orDrumbox may help you out with that. It’s one of the greatest free beat generating tools for crafting pattern-oriented tracks since it assembles several patterns and decides the amount of beats in each pattern (16 or 32, so forth).

Other useful features include automated sound assignations, an arpeggiator, and a large number of drum kits, all of which may be changed and removed at your leisure. You may also use the Soft Synth to create sounds using an analog synth simulation with hi/low pass filters and FM modulation.

9) HammerHead Rhythm Station [Only on PC]

best free beat making software

If complicated interfaces turn you off, try out HammerHead rhythm station, which has a simple interface that is perfect for novices. Despite being limited to Windows users, HammerHead makes beat creation a breeze. It doesn’t have many features since it is really basic and uncluttered. In fact, it isn’t required!

Only 16 beat tracks, rudimentary tempo control, and six channels to generate unique beats are included. Experienced beatmakers, on the other hand, may be disappointed by its limited effects and sample bank. Nonetheless, for novices learning the ropes of a drum machine, HammerHead remains a viable alternative.

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10) Ardour [For PC & Mac]

best free beat making software

Ardour, a fully-featured digital audio workstation modeled after ProTools and LogicPro, rounds up our list of the top free beat creating software for Mac and Windows. Ardour can replace analog or digital tape systems and supports multi-track audio and MIDI recording and editing. It also has a large AU plugin library and third-party VST compatibility, as well as sample-accurate automation and inline plugin control. It also includes timeline-based non-linear editing enabling smooth multi-track edits by letting users to move back and forth with their modifications.

You won’t be sorry if you download the complete version of this monster. Furthermore, Ardour can work with any audio input as long as your operating system supports it. In fact, it has an interface that can be used to alter video soundtracks. Users may also export to a variety of file formats, including WAV, FLAC, CAF, BWF, and AIFF.

That’s everything for now! Have you enjoyed our list of free beat producers for Mac and Windows? Do you know of any outstanding software that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to grab the complete version of these gems.

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