10 Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac in 2022

Karaoke has become a staple of American culture. With the abundance of tools for singing and recording, it only makes sense to have an easier-to-use platform that’s free or inexpensive. Here are ten top karaoke apps you should use in 2022.

The “professional karaoke software free download” is a list of the 10 best free karaoke software for Windows and Mac in 2022.

Karaoke has been a buzzword at parties, clubs, and pubs for most people since it first emerged in the 1970s as one of their primary forms of entertainment. Karaoke machines with a microphone and rolling lyrics were popular in the past, but they were cumbersome and costly. With a Windows or Mac PC, you can now duplicate the same experience at home. However, you’ll need to acquire a solid professional karaoke software or app, and there are a plethora of applications on the internet that are both expensive and risky. Some apps claim to be the greatest free karaoke software for Windows, but they just add to your confusion! 

So, how are you going to choose a good karaoke software program with professional credentials to spice up your party? Of course, by browsing our selection of the best free karaoke software for Mac and Windows!

Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows

Note: This list is not ranked by relevance or the amount of features each program offers. Any of these finest free karaoke software for Mac and Windows may be chosen or downloaded in full form. 

1) Kanto Karaoke (Windows PC & Mac)

best free karaoke software for Windows

Kanto is without a doubt the greatest free karaoke software for Windows and Mac, and it is one of the most popular karaoke players available. The reason for this is because it supports a wide range of multimedia and video formats. Apart from giving you with amazing karaoke fare to sing your heart out, it also lets users to record their voice and listen to it afterwards, exactly like a DAW. Kanto Karaoke also includes a CD+G player, which transforms your Mac into a professional karaoke machine.

What else makes Kanto the finest free Mac and Windows karaoke software? You may make an endless number of playlists, manage playlists and live performances, and change audio settings all in a convenient full-screen format.

2) Professional Siglos Karaoke (Windows)

best free karaoke software for Windows

Siglos Karaoke Professional, as the name suggests, is a feature-rich karaoke software package accessible online that gives you the best karaoke experience. You may also have an endless amount of fun while working with it. How? Because it has a two-screen display, Siglos Karaoke Professional relieves you of the stress of lugging a stack of karaoke CDs.

Simply put all of your favorite songs onto it, and you’re ready for a fun karaoke session. The greatest thing is that Siglos assists you in providing a fantastic karaoke experience that rivals that of a high-end karaoke machine. If you don’t have any money, try Siglos, which is one of the greatest free karaoke programs for Windows. It also has extensive features that improves the aesthetic of the lyrics and is quite simple to use.

iStar 3) (Mac)

best free karaoke software for Windows

If you have some friends over for a fun-filled karaoke night at your house and require a nice and professional karaoke software package, iStar is surely one of the top free karaoke software for Mac you can look at. For starters, iStar can convert practically any form of file and play it back in real time.

The procedure is straightforward: after you’ve imported your preferred karaoke file, all you have to do now is put all of the songs into a list (which may be categorised) and play them anytime you like. Furthermore, iStar does not impose any limitations on the kind of files you may import since it accepts a broad range of multimedia files from a variety of sources.

4) Player Karafun (Windows)

best free karaoke software for Windows

KaraFun Player is another famous and maybe the greatest free karaoke program for Windows PC, with over 21000 songs and the ability of offline synchronization, allowing users to take use of its features even when they have restricted internet access. The Karafun Player has a dual-screen display with a variety of programmable keys.

Furthermore, it enables you to immediately store all of your favorite tracks. You can always count on KaraFun Player to play any kind of karaoke file, whether it’s MID, KAR, CD+G, or MPEG.

5) Aria (Windows & Mac)

best free karaoke software for Windows

Are you looking for a weird karaoke experience rather than some stupid games? Consider Aria, which is generally recognized as one of the finest free karaoke software for both Mac and Windows. When your friends and family come over for a night of fun and games, Aria is a terrific way to provide enthralling entertainment.

Aria has a highly user-friendly interface that may help you organize all of your favorite music so that picking and playing them at any moment is a breeze. You may also choose from a variety of Aria play options for a more immersive karaoke experience. If you want a real and professional karaoke experience on your Mac or PC, give it a try.

6) Karaoke One (Windows)

best free karaoke software for Windows

If you have a basic understanding of Windows administration, Onekaraoke is the finest free karaoke software for Windows PC that will meet all of your demands. OneKaraoke is easy to use since it enables you to arrange your songs anyway you like and supports a wide range of audio and video file types, including mp3, mpg, avi, WMV, DAT, WMA, MOV, Kar, mid, and others.

There are more treats to come. In terms of functioning, OneKaraoke also provides a variety of possibilities. OneKaraoke may be used with any kind of keyboard, including numeric keyboards and functioning portable remotes when you don’t want to use a mouse.

7) QMIDI Version 2.0 (Mac)

best free karaoke software for Windows

QMIDI V2.0 is another wonderful addition to our roundup if you’re looking for a karaoke player that can play several file formats on your Mac device. You may not only change different chords and lyrics of songs that you have put into it using the tools of QMIDI V2.0 at your command, but you can also have some amazing karaoke fun on the fly.

What else makes QMIDI a strong candidate for our top free karaoke software for Windows PC list? It allows you to synchronize your playlist and play your favorite songs in order.

8) Karaoke Professional (Windows)

best free karaoke software for Windows

Putting together all of your favorite tunes that are strewn over the home in various formats may be an unpleasant and time-consuming task. You must seek for it in numerous areas, and the fight is genuine. However, with Advanced Karaoke Player, you can keep all of your favorite songs in one place for a superior karaoke experience.

Advanced Karaoke Player is a reliable Windows karaoke software package that will have you singing your heart out to your favorite song anytime you want. What more is it capable of? With Advanced Karaoke Player, you can handle all types of media files while relaxing and enjoying the song.

Just Karaoke 2 (9) (Windows)

best free karaoke software for Windows

Karaoke, karaoke, and more karaoke is the focus of Just Karaoke. It’s simply one of the greatest free karaoke software for Windows PC out there, as its name suggests. Just Karaoke 2 is your best pal if you’re having a party and need a karaoke software package that gives a completely digital performance with plenty of options.

It has a lot of cool features including singer announcements, sound effects, song manager, dual output screen, quick song searches, rotation, and a vast song library with over 70000 songs.

10) Kimono (Mac)

best free karaoke software for Windows

Kjams, the last entry in our list of the top free Karaoke Software for Mac and Windows, enables seamless synchronization with iTunes and is ideal for a Mac device. Kjams’ user interface is similar to iTunes in many aspects, so you’ll feel right at home.

Simply add your favorite songs to the system and press play to have a fantastic karaoke night. When properly set up, Kjams will present you with an ethereal karaoke experience. Furthermore, it has a powerful administration tool for regulating and customizing the singing/voice. There is also a duplicate window that displays the music lyrics. Kjams can undoubtedly deliver a professional experience if you ever have a large party.

best free karaoke software for Windows

That’s everything for now! Have you enjoyed our selection of the top free karaoke software for Mac and Windows? Please let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to acquire the full version of your favorite program.


The “karaoke software free download for windows 10” is a list of the best karaoke software that are available in 2022.

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