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This list is based on our exclusive study of the 10 most popular free music players for Android. There are more than 1,000 music apps available in the Google Play Store and we have tried to find some that will be appealing to a wide variety of users rather than just heavy listeners who like specific genres or artists. We also researched each player’s security features and gave points accordingly as well as delivering a brief summary about what makes it special.

The “best free music player for android 2021” is a list of 10 best free music players that you can use on your Android device. The article also lists the features and pros and cons of each app.

Don’t we all like listening to music on our trusted friend, the smartphone? Music is an important aspect of our lives, whether we are commuting, relaxing, or working out. A music player is quite useful for getting a better musical experience.

Despite the fact that Android smartphones come with built-in music players, there isn’t much to say about their inherent capabilities since they aren’t very feature-rich. That is, they lack features like equalization balance, presets, and so forth.

A good free Android music player is in high demand. However, the market is flooded with a slew of dubious applications touting themselves as the finest free music player app for Android, and so on. So, how do you go about finding the “true” greatest music player for your Android phone? Of course, by looking through our selection of the top free music players for Android!

best free music players for android

These third-party music player applications can assist you in finding the best music player for your specific requirements. Furthermore, you will get a unique and enhanced music streaming experience on your Android phone by utilizing these handy music applications. So, are you ready to discover the top free Android music players? Let’s get this party started:

Note that the list is not in any particular order or preference. We want you to choose one that meets your needs.

In 2019, the best free music players for Android users are

1) Player Black

best free music players for android

This Android music player looks truly magnificent with its quick transitions, thanks to a simple and minimalistic interface with a stream of sleek features. Black music player’s USP is that it is very configurable, allowing you to alter fonts, animations, and colors. Not to add, it has an equalizer to help you get the optimum low-level bass frequencies in a song. If you’re a basshead, BlackPlayer is your weapon of choice.

Additionally, while your tunes are playing in the background, you may set sleep timers and skim through integrated lyrics. Of course, the free version has more choices for customizing the playback to your liking.

GoneMAD 2

best free music players for android

GoneMAD is a free Android music player with a quick and simple UI where you can quickly locate a variety of options. First and foremost, the UI is uncluttered, which is what sets it different from the rest of the apps on our list of the best free music players for Android.

In reality, GoneMAD is capable of playing a wide range of audio formats, including AAC and FLAC, and has a 16-band equalization. It can play a wide range of genres, from progressive metal to garage rock to hip-hop and EDM.

Pitch correction, DSP limiter, sleep timer, and tag editing are among the other functions available. To the point where you may obtain unrestricted access to lyrics applications and over 250 personalization choices.

3) Raspberry Pi Music Player

best free music players for android

Pi audio player is a certain no-brainer for any music fan, with eye-catching transitions throughout a gorgeous UI. For bass fans, it has a five-band equalization with a bass boost setting. 3D reverb effects, sleep timer, virtualizer, and 10 presets are also included in the Pi music player.

In fact, you may use gestures, modify metadata, and choose from a variety of themes and genres ranging from grunge to psychedelic rock to trap music.

What else gives it a place in our list of the top free Android music players? Pi Music Player includes a ringtone cutter as well as a unique sharing feature called “Pi Power Share,” which allows you to effortlessly share tunes with friends across platforms.

4) Gramophone

best free music players for android

Phonograph is a powerhouse when it comes to blasting out a deluge of color customization choices and themes, despite its simplicity and minimalism. Users may even modify album covers using Phonograph. It has last.fm integration, a tag editor, and a variety of lock-screen options for smooth multitasking music playback.

Phonograph is the software for you if you’re looking for a basic and functional music player app with a no-frills UI. Overall, if you don’t want to go into Android applications with exaggerated UI, it may be the ideal replacement for Google Play Music.

5) The Pulsar 

best free music players for android

Pulsar is another free Android music player with a sleek and peaceful layout that makes you want to swoon over it for no apparent reason.

However, those who have made the move from their default player for the first time may find the transitions and customisation choices enticing. You can, of course, use features like gapless playback, integrated lyrics, and a sleep timer.

In fact, if your songs don’t have unique artwork, Pulsar music player may automatically sync artist/album images. Overall, Pulsar is one of the greatest free music players for Android, and it’s well worth the download for anybody seeking for a powerful software with a lot of cool features.

6) Portable Music Player

best free music players for android

Minima was created by XDA with the goal of providing consumers with a better music experience. In terms of UI and coverflow, it’s a mammoth to tinker with.

You may organize your music in many categories like as albums, playlists, and songs with some unique features such as the ability to swipe to exit the player. Not to add, Minima Music Player has sleep timers and is very user-friendly. Don’t let the fact that Minima is a new music app deter you; it’s still worth a go!

7) Shuttle service

best free music players for android

Shuttle, modeled like Google Play Music, encompasses everything a die-hard music fan may desire in an audio player. Users may tweak things like themes and tinker around with the outstanding 6-band equalization and bass boost thanks to Shuttle’s easy and clear UI.

What makes Shuttle one of the top free Android music players? Other features include scrobbling and a sleep timer, both of which are essential in the music player app world. You may also listen to music without gaps and see integrated lyrics.

Stellio (8)

best free music players for android

Stellio is a one-of-a-kind app in our list of the top free music players for Android, with the intriguing function of changing the UI style dependent on the album image color. So, when you shuffle your playlist(s), the color of your theme changes every time a new song plays. Stellio also has scrobbling, crossfade, and a 12-band equalization that supports lossless audio files.

Stellio now has playback controls for Android Wear watches, which is useful for those who wish to “wear” their music all the time. The only disadvantage is that the free edition includes advertisements.

9) Power amplifier

best free music players for android

Poweramp is a well-known music player and a mainstay of the Android music player industry. It’s a good music player software that fits the bill in terms of simplicity. Poweramp is a must-try if you haven’t already, with support for codecs including WMA, FLAC, ALAC, and m3u.

This free Android music player also has a 10-band equalizer and supports mono mixing. You may also change the bass and treble levels. The disadvantage? Poweramp is free for 14 days, after which you must purchase the premium version.

CloudPlayer 10)

best free music players for android

CloudPlayer, which stores your song collections in the cloud, rounds off our list of the top free music applications for Android.

That is, it permits direct music streaming from cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You won’t have to worry about backing up or syncing your music since CloudPlayer keeps you linked to it at all times. It also has Chromecast and AirPlay functionality.

Not to mention a smooth 10-band equalization and a staggering 17 settings for enjoying headphone upgrades, helpfully supported by the SuperCloud function! So much so that you may perform a lot of adjustments inside the program to suit your needs.

That’s everything for now! Did you like our list of the top free Android music players? Did we leave any of your favorites out? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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The “best mp3 player for android” is a list of 10 best free music players that are available to download in 2020. The article discusses the pros and cons of each app, as well as how they compare with one another.

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