10 Best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows in 2020

In a world of malware and viruses, it can be hard to keep your computer safe. That is why so many people turn to registry cleaners – programs that scan the system for potential threats and remove them before they cause any damage or slow down the computer’s performance. Windows has its own built-in registry cleaner but these software are quick, free, and incredibly easy to use. Here are ten best free registry cleaners for Windows in 2020!

The “registry cleaner free windows 10” is a list of the best free registry cleaners for Windows. Registry cleaners are programs that can be installed on a computer to clean up and repair the registry. The list includes both paid and free software.

Registry cleaners are handy software programs that delete superfluous items from the Microsoft Windows Registry that are either old or no longer exist. Because the Microsoft Windows OS does not clear the registry entries on its own, these registry entries are mostly made by Windows services or uninstalled apps. Now, there are a slew of Windows registry cleaners strewn over the internet, each claiming to be one of the greatest free registry cleaners for Windows, or whatever. Some even come with a trial version or shareware, which corrupts your system’s registry, slowing it down and leaving it vulnerable to infections.

best free registry cleaners for windows

The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the finest free registry repair programs for any Microsoft Windows system, whether it’s Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or an earlier version like Windows 7. Here is a list of the finest free registry cleaners for Windows that you can use to maintain your Windows registry in good shape.

Wise Registry Cleaner (#1)

best free registry cleaners for windows

In terms of a clean and seamless user interface in a registry cleaning application, Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the top free registry cleaners for Windows in terms of aesthetic appeal. Wise Registry Cleaner, on the other hand, includes a lot of additional functions that make it a useful registry editor. Deep Scan and Fast Scan are the two options available. Wise registry cleaner’s key selling point is that it backs up your registry automatically.

Users can quickly repair their incorrect registry thanks to a categorized presentation of discovered issues. Additionally, Wise Registry Cleaner may be performed from the command prompt. It also has a registry defragmentation option and can do rapid registry scans, in-place updates, and scheduled scans.

Intelligent registry cleaner This free registry repair tool’s installable and portable versions are compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Additionally, 64-bit Windows versions are supported.

2) Cleaner (CCleaner)

best free registry cleaners for windows

If you’ve ever run a registry repair scan on your own, chances are you’ve heard of CCleaner, which is the most well-known program on our list of the top free registry cleaners for Windows. CCleaner is a powerful computer optimization software with an incorporated registry cleaning application that speeds up your computer and fulfills the functions of a professional registry cleaner. Furthermore, its simple and intuitive interface makes it simple to use for anybody doing a registry check for the first time on their Windows PC.

If you’re looking for an automated program to resolve an underlying corrupt registry issue, go no further than CCleaner registry cleanup. You don’t have to be concerned about registry backup since it asks whether you want to backup your registry before making any changes.

Compatible with: The installable and portable versions of this free registry repair tool work well on Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP.

3) Registry Repair using Glarysoft

best free registry cleaners for windows

Another amazing free registry cleaner on our list, Glarysoft’s Registry Repair can start the registry scan process instantly the minute you use it. This registry editor, like CCleaner, provides an automated registry backup before making any changes to the Windows registry, allowing you to speed up your system and avoid data loss.

There’s also another handy feature that makes Registry Repair stand out. That is, it enables users to restore earlier Glarysoft registry repair fixes by clicking on “Action.” There’s no need to be concerned about registry updates or missing registry files any more. Phew.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP are all compatible with Registry Repair.

4) Registry Cleaner Auslogics

best free registry cleaners for windows

The Auslogics Registry Cleaner interface, although not as aesthetically attractive as Wise Cleaner’s, nonetheless works like a charm with a clean and straightforward style and gives a categorized view of identified registries in a list form. The key feature that drives Auslogics into our list of the top free registry cleaners for Windows is that it visually indicates the severity of any registry errors it encounters.

Auslogics can also back up registry changes as they happen throughout the repair procedure. So, if the necessity arises and you want to backup your registry at any time, just go to Settings and choose Backup Changes. You may also go straight to Auslogics registry cleaner’s Rescue Center and undo any modifications.

Auslogics is Compatible with: Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 (64-bit/32-bit), and 32-bit versions of Windows Vista & Windows XP.

5) Free SlimCleaner

best free registry cleaners for windows

SlimCleaner registry cleanup tool’s shareware version may be modest in file size, but it provides excellent functionality. It can do things like optimize startup, clean up the system, and check for software updates. SlimCleanerFree’s comprehensive cleaning software is a one-stop shop for all of your Windows cleaning needs.

However, first-time users may find it difficult. If you simply want to wipe the registry, for example, you’ll have to untick all the checkboxes on other tabs at least once. SlimCleanerFree is well-programmed to remember your preferences after that.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP are all supported.

6) Registry Cleaner Argente

best free registry cleaners for windows

Argente Registry Cleaner takes a little longer to scan than the other registry cleaners on our list, but it performs a good job. Argente comes with a wizard-based interface that assists you in selecting scan categories either automatically or manually. The UI, on the other hand, is neither as pleasant nor as minimalistic as it seems.

Although there are some useful features, such as an automated cleaning option that takes care of your registry without your intervention and the ability to undo any registry modifications. On the market, there is also a portable edition of Argente Registry Cleaner that will help you speed up your PC.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP are all supported.

JetClean (7)

best free registry cleaners for windows

JetClean by BlueSprig is a strong candidate on our list of the best free registry cleaners for Windows, despite its relative infamy in the registry cleaning market. It is now recognized as one of the quickest registry cleaners. Scanning the full register in a matter of seconds and a well-designed UI are two of its strong aspects.

JetClean, on the other hand, falls short in other areas, such as allowing an excessive amount of cookies to be saved by default and requiring the installation of a toolbar during installation. It’s possible that finding a portable version of JetClean will be tough. It does exist, but you must produce it from inside the JetClean repair application installed on your Windows PC.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) are all supported.

EasyCleaner (8)


EasyCleaner has a little file size, yet it performs a decent job of cleaning your registry. Easy Cleaner, which has been available since 2005, is one of the oldest registry cleaning apps due to its minimum aesthetic choices and straightforward structure. As a result, the software’s visual look hasn’t been changed in a long time. EasyCleaner’s main feature is that it can effortlessly clear shortcuts that lead nowhere and discover duplicate corrupt files.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP are all supported. (Windows 10 users may experience some lag.)

9) PC Doctor by Kingsoft

best free registry cleaners for windows

Kingsoft PC Doctor is a superb registry cleaning that comes as part of a software bundle and is really simple to use. Because the cleaner isn’t concealed deep within, you won’t have to worry about locating it. When doing a manual scan, this outstanding registry repair application detects and eliminates a large number of mistakes.

However, Kingsoft PC Doctor does not allow you to schedule registry cleaning; instead, you must do it manually.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP are all supported.

10) SystemCareFree Advanced

best free registry cleaners for windows

Advanced SystemCare Free, the final on our list of the top free registry cleaners for Windows, is a solid freeware tool whose “Registry Clean” function cleans the registry on your Windows machine. It is quite quick at identifying issues and running scans, regardless matter how many mistakes the repair tool discovers.

Furthermore, Advanced SystemCare is an excellent tool for non-technical users since it allows them to fix faulty registries without having to observe the results. Because Advanced SystemCareFree shuts down and restarts your computer once the cleaning is complete.

However, certain features, such as unchecking all other choices before picking a specific cleaning type procedure, might be irritating. Furthermore, the sheer quantity of functions available might be bewildering at times.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP are all supported.

That’s everything for now! Have you enjoyed our look at the top free registry cleaners for Windows? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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The “free registry cleaner windows 11” is a list of the best free registry cleaners for Windows. The list includes programs that are both free and paid.

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