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We’ve all seen the videos that were made using a small screen, cheap camera and editing software. The advent of video has led to millions upon millions of YouTube views, but it has also opened up another avenue for people who wish not just to produce content, but to share it with their audience.

The “lightworks” is a free video editing software that can be used for YouTube. It offers some of the best features and is one of the most popular choices in 2019.

When it came to video editing for publishing sleek videos to YouTube, there was a time when YouTube Video Editor was the be all and end all. Those were the days, but just for YouTube Video Editor. But, my, how the times have changed! You’ll need a handy video editing program if you wish to publish some sleekly produced videos to YouTube in order to obtain more views. The issue is that there is a plethora of both commercial and free video editing tools available on the Internet. To make things worse, the paid ones are too pricey for most people. So, where can you get a good free YouTube video editor? Obviously, by looking through our list of the best free video editing tools for YouTube!

best free video editing software for youtube

Because video editing consumes a lot of resources, you should choose a video editor that is light on your computer. There are several more factors to consider before selecting the best free video editing software for YouTube from our list. You don’t want a video editor that adds watermarks to your films, for starters. Now that we’ve combed the internet for the finest free video editing software for YouTube with you in mind, it’s only natural to have a look at our list. These video editors are not only strong and easy, but they also put some expensive ones in a difficult place!

1) Video Editor VSDC

best free video editing software for youtube

VSDC Free Video Editor is a fantastic desktop tool that can be used to replace YouTube Video Editor. Why? In a well-designed interface that is simple to learn, you can do things like import existing video clips and capture movies straight from your screen or camera.

VSDC can bring your films to life with refinement and great production value, thanks to a stunning assortment of audio and visual effects. Not to mention the superb file format compatibility, as well as the ability to make amazing voiceovers and add components like subtitles and shapes. However, if you want to export movies using VSDC’s free download version, you’ll need to deactivate hardware acceleration. Simply uncheck the box labeled ‘Use hardware acceleration for video encoding’ under the Acceleration settings tab.

2) Cut shot

best free video editing software for youtube

Shotcut is one of the top free video editing tools for YouTube if you’re searching for an open source video editor that can edit commercial videos. It’s a highly customizable browser-based editor that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Shotcut looks to be a high-end video editing application at first appearance, but it’s really extremely simple to use. Simply drag the files you wish to utilize into your project into the timeline at the bottom of the screen, and you’re done.

Given that Shotcut is shareware, we were blown away by the sheer amount of video and audio filters it offers. Furthermore, since Shotcut is a non-linear video editing program, all of the effects and filters are totally adjustable, allowing you to add, delete, and alter them at any moment.

Avidmux 3)

best free video editing software for youtube

Avidemux is 100% free and simple to use, with no complicated menus or navigation tabs. At first look, Avidemux may seem to simply have a few basic editing capabilities since it is mainly a video encoder. But go a bit further and you’ll find a slew of unexpected filters and transitions.

You can add borders, trim your video, modify hue/saturation, sharpen, decrease noise, and many other things. There are also various filter choices to play with, including resampling settings and a mixer. The main drawback is that you can’t drag and drop photographs and video into a timeline as in a storyboard, but if you use another editor for YouTube videos, Avidmux can still convert them to multiple formats.

ClipChamp 4)

best free video editing software for youtube

ClipChamp is a one-of-a-kind entry in our list of the best free video editing software for YouTube because it allows you to edit videos while online, in the comfort of your browser. If you’re a vlogger, you may upload your own movies or record straight from your camera, then edit, crop, flip, rotate, or modify the colors in your video using its basic features. All you have to do now is press ‘Start,’ and your video will be processed swiftly for YouTube posting.

That sounds great, but there are certain limitations you’ll have to live with. To begin, free users are limited to three films each month that are no more than five minutes long and have a maximum quality of 1080p. However, introducing your friends will allow you to earn extra videos.

5) Online Movie Maker

best free video editing software for youtube

The heart of this online video editor is hidden behind a strange UI and a vertical timeline. The UI of Movie Maker online may seem daunting at first look, but it is well worth exploring. You also get the choices of music, background, text, and main instead of the standard video and audio channels. The nicest thing about Movie Maker online is that it’s connected to a massive repository of royalty-free stock pictures and soundtrack. They’re great for sprucing up your work. Aside from that, there are some pretty excellent and stylish one-click transitions and effects. The one disadvantage is that Movie Maker online includes a lot of adverts on its interface, which might be unpleasant while editing movies.

Hitfilm Express (6)

best free video editing software for youtube

HitFilm is another standout in our list of the best free video editing software for YouTube, with comprehensive cutting tools, compositing options, layers and masks, a powerful set of audio and video filters, and slick chroma keying for creating green screen effects.

Of course, if the quantity of features in the free download version isn’t enough for you, you can upgrade to the professional edition for about US$10, which includes split screen masking, exposure adjustment, color-correction, and a plethora of creative effects.

7) Resolve by DaVinci

best free video editing software for youtube

DaVinci Resolve is a paid video editor, but its free full download version, like HitFilm Express, is packed with so many professional capabilities that you wouldn’t exchange it for a premium video editor. DaVinci Resolve will take care of all your video editing requirements thanks to an easy interface for editing, audio mastering, color correction, and a multi-track timeline for organizing video and audio clips.

It also has a large number of effects and filters, as well as context-sensitive cutting. Did we forget to add that HDR is also supported? You may also work directly on raw video files uploaded from your camera.

LightWorks (8)

best free video editing software for youtube

Because of its non-linear video editing technique, LightWorks is a professional free video editing program for generating YouTube-worthy videos. LightWorks supports 4K video quality as well as HD and SD formats, which is great news. The degree of customizability that LightWorks provides is one of the reasons why it is regarded one of the finest free video editing tools for YouTube. Oh, and it also supports a wide range of video formats for import and export.

9) iMovie

best free video editing software for youtube

iMovie is Mac’s own simple video editor, with several built-in professional animations and soundtracks for users who are just getting started with video editing. It’s an excellent starting point for folks who are new to video editing. You can add fantastic background music and graphic effects to shaky films. The obvious disadvantage is that iMovie is only available on Mac and iOS devices. It also has a restricted amount of video import formats, so you may need to transcode your videos.

OpenShot (10)

best free video editing software for youtube

The highlight of OpenShot is its impressive interface, a rarity for free software. Although it has the typical nitty-gritty of a good video editor, such as 3D animation possibilities, video effects, and an animation framework, OpenShot’s main focus is on quick and professional editing. It’s feasible because to a powerful drag-and-drop feature that swiftly snips films down to size and inserts background audio layers, among other things. Overall, OpenShot is well worth a look if you have a large number of films to edit and not enough time to do so.

Professional YouTube Video Editing Software for Free

That’s everything for now! Have you enjoyed our list of the top free video editing tools for YouTube? Did we leave any of your favorites out? Please let us know in the comments section.

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