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VPNs are essential for every device. Whether you want to access geo-restricted content, or just protect your privacy from hackers and advertisers, a VPN is the answer in 2018. Here’s our list of the best free VPN apps available on iOS today:u3002

The “best vpn for iphone free 2021” is a list of 10 VPNs that are free. The article also has links to the companies website, and more information about the VPNs.

Are you weary of scouring the internet for the best VPN for your iPhone or iPad but coming up empty-handed? Yes, it’s a difficult assignment, given that there are over 850 VPNs on the market, but only a few of them operate properly on an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device. So, how are you going to discover a VPN program that works with your iOS device? Don’t worry, we’ve produced a list of 10 of the best free VPNs for iPhone and iPad users, all of which will allow you to torrent at lightning speeds. The VPN Apps on our list are the best in the business, allowing iPhone users to overcome censorship and geo-restrictions with ease.

1) ExpressVPN (Virtual Private Network)

best free vpn for iphone

Express VPN is a giant in the VPN software sector, available across platforms. This amazing and very secure iPhone VPN may be used concurrently on three devices. Express VPN’s unique selling point is its lightning-fast server speeds and zero-logs policy, which effectively erases your browser history.

Thanks to its sturdy and top-notch 136 VPN servers located in over 87 countries, Express VPN is known for disguising your identity online and making server switching easy. Overall, it’s an excellent VPN for iPhone users who wish to remain anonymous while avoiding regionally prohibited websites. Users may, however, only utilize ExpressVPN for a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee.

TunnelBear 2

best free vpn for iphone

TunnelBear for iOS is a well-known VPN software that enables users to quickly connect to a VPN and surf anonymously from a variety of server locations, including Sweden, the United States, and Switzerland. You can also choose whether to let the app choose the optimal server location for you or to manually choose one. What can we expect? A wide range of quick live streaming alternatives, including live sports activity, Netflix and YouTube streaming movies and programs, and more.

TunnelBear also gives you 500MB of data each month if you choose the free plan. Furthermore, by merely tweeting to the TunnelBear account, you may get an extra 1 GB of data. Sweet!

(3) SurfEasy VPN

best free vpn for iphone

VPN by SurfEasy is a no-brainer because it boasts features like: automatically choosing the most suitable server location to route your traffic, numerous server locations, and so on. It is possibly the highest rated VPN on the App store on our list of the best free VPN for iPhone 2019 that provides torrenting at maximum speeds. SurfEasy has a variety of VPN countries from which to pick. The app’s sole disadvantage is that the data limit is set at 250 MB.

Although you may get extra free data by just completing the app’s rewards program, which includes things like verifying your email, rating the app, and so on. Great? Yes, none of the incentives are time-consuming, thus unlocking them will provide you extra free data.

4) Wi-Fi Shield

best free vpn for iphone

Hotspot Shield, another popular iOS VPN software, requires users to join up when they first use it. If you don’t want to establish an account, you may also skip it. What else drives Hotspot Shield to the top of our free VPN for iPhone 2019 list? Real-time IP concealment, protection against hazardous viruses, phishing sites, and spam are among the many capabilities available. Furthermore, even while utilizing public Wi-Fi, Hotspot Shield delivers a fast surfing experience and hides your internet connection.

However, if you want limitless streaming bandwidth or the ability to switch server locations, you’ll need to upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite and pay in-app purchases.

5) Free VPN Master

VPN Master free is another software with a great and simple UI that allows you to check for surfing over a VPN server on your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device. Not to add that the app is pretty quick. By default, VPN Master free may connect you to any location it considers acceptable for quicker speeds and stability.

However, the free edition of the program only includes access to seven server locations; you may need to upgrade to the premium version to have access to more. The monthly premium service is $2.99.

6) VPN Opera

best free vpn for iphone

Although you may be familiar with Opera as a browser, did you realize it also offers a free VPN service for iOS? Although the Opera VPN software is free to use, it does not have a large number of server locations. You may start surfing the web anonymously as soon as you install the program and create a VPN profile.

By default, the app connects to the nearest server area for best performance and stability. Nonetheless, you have the option of connecting via one of five nations. What else qualifies it for inclusion in our list of the top free VPNs for iPhone in 2019? Opera VPN has two tabs: Stats and Settings, from which you may enable/disable the VPN, block trackers from websites you visit, and see statistics on how many trackers Opera VPN was able to block for you.

7) Seed4.Me VPN Proxy

best free vpn for iphone

Want to safeguard your online privacy and avoid geo-restricted material and websites? VPN Proxy is one of the best free VPNs for iPhone 2019 that can do all of these tasks in a flash. The software features a simple UI that merely allows users to choose a suitable server location.

To enable VPN access from the app, you only need to install a VPN profile. Keep in mind that the VPN profile must be installed via a website that must be accessed using the Safari browser. Once you’ve finished, you may securely surf the internet without worrying about your online privacy.

8) KeepSolid Unlimited VPN

best free vpn for iphone

VPN Unlimited, another great VPN software to consider for your iPhone, needs you to generate a new login ID before connecting to a VPN server. You may, of course, join with your Google ID or Facebook account.

VPN Unlimited is a suitable alternative if you wish to view online video material from anywhere, including Netflix and movies. What makes it one of the best free VPNs for iPhone in 2019 for torrenting at lightning speed? For starters, VPN limitless may provide you ultrafast connections, keep your identity private, and protect you from hackers. In-app purchases are also available if you desire more features.

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Betternet 9)

best free vpn for iphone

Betternet is a beast that may make anonymous surfing a really seamless experience for you, despite its basic UI. Even though the free edition of this iPhone VPN software only allows users to pick from 8 US locales, it nevertheless manages to provide secure encrypted browsing at high speeds. Betternet is possibly the simplest VPN tool to use for first-time users because to its basic and clear user interface.

10) VPN on the Go

best free vpn for iphone

The best thing about VPN in Touch is that it can be used on any iOS device without any registration. You can perform a lot of cool things on the main screen, such as enabling data savings, choose from a variety of destinations, and so on. The only drawback is that the software is only available for a 6-day free trial, after which you must upgrade to the premium version by renewing your membership.

That’s everything for now! Have you enjoyed our list of the top free VPNs for iPhone 2019 for torrenting at lightning speeds? Do you know of any more free VPN applications that we missed? Please let us know in the comments section.

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