10 Best Offline Games for iPhone in 2021

Virtual reality is still the focus of, well, everyone. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great games to be played on your phone! Here are 10 iPhone offline games you should play in 2021.

The “best offline games for iphone free” is a list of 10 best games that are currently available on the App Store. The games are all free and can be played without internet connection.

Gaming, along with listening to music on the best music streaming apps and viewing great Netflix movies, is certainly the most popular stress reliever. Fun-filled games can help you avoid boredom whether you’re stuck at the airport, in a line, or just want to unwind. However, since the introduction of multiplayer games, the majority of games now require an online connection, which is difficult if you have a limited data plan or reside in an area where internet coverage is bad. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the best offline iPhone and iPad apps to keep you entertained.

What do offline games entail?

Offline games are those that can be played without the use of an internet connection. By limiting player drop-off and keeping the gaming session’s flow, these games keep players engaged. Many gamers choose to play offline due to the numerous minor disadvantages of playing online.

Locating the most enjoyable offline games!

So, what kinds of iPhone games do you want to play when you’re not connected to the internet? Are you seeking for a fun-filled endless runner, an excellent shooting game, or the best racing games that you can play for hours on end without taking up all of your cellular data?

We’ve chosen a selection of games from this extensive library so that you can play them all at once. When picking which one to start with, it all comes down to personal preference and, of course, mood. Let’s get started without further ado!

iPhone’s Best Offline Games

  1. Alto’s Journey
  2. BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND.
  3. Wandering Souls
  4. Knight of Souls
  5. Jetpack Thrills
  6. Surfing the Subway
  7. 2 Siralim (monster taming RPG)
  8. ATTRIBUTES (Anti Terrorist Squad 3D)
  9. BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND.
  10. Drop7

1. Alto’s Journey

Alto’s Journey is a never-ending runner that will keep you entertained while you work on your skiing skills. Control Alto as he skis down the Andes’ slopes, collecting cash and avoiding hazards. To make Alto leap or grind, use the touch controls, and execute stunts to gain points. The entire game can be played in your metro vehicle, so you can enjoy your Andean trip from there.

BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND.

BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND. are award-winning games in which you must fly and survive your way through a hazardous wilderness. Other ecosystems exist in the forest, making it more dangerous to thrive there. You may interact with the forest’s residents and figure out what’s wrong. As you progress farther into the gloomy woodland, the scenario becomes more obnoxious and difficult. BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND. are both multiplayer games that may be played locally. The gamers must demonstrate that the fittest will survive. To stay alive, you can do anything. The only thing that counts at the end of the day is who wins.

3. Wandering Souls

When it comes to iPhone games that can be played offline, Wandering Souls is a must-have. The game is similar to a roguelike and may be played for a long time. There’s plenty to discover and unlock in this game, so you won’t get bored even on the longest journeys. One of the aspects of this game that I enjoy the most is how quick it is to play. That may appear to be in contrast to my earlier comment that “it can be played for hours on end,” but it isn’t, and that is exactly what I appreciate about it. In Wandering Souls, a regular game is extremely short, but you have many classes, each with its own plot, so you may explore them all. There are also several upgrades and a labyrinth that… well, I won’t give anything away.

4. Knight of Souls

If Wandering Souls wasn’t your cup of tea, or if the price tag threw you off, Knight of Souls is a great alternative. Because it’s a free game, it’s much more appealing. Knight of Souls plays similarly to a roguelike, so if you enjoy that genre, you’ll enjoy this game. Your task is straightforward: aliens have kidnapped a mystical stone, and you must recover it. You’ll have a blast shooting aliens, exploring dungeons, and more in this game. You may gather weapons to improve your loadout, and there are many different heroes to play with, as well as over 120 weaponry. One of the reasons I enjoy this game on flights is that it is quite simple to play, so you won’t get frustrated trying to figure it out.

5. Jetpack Thrills

Jetpack Thrills is an unending running and soaring challenge that keeps you hooked on the game. It’s time to join Barry on his jetpack journey and modify the backs of some of the best machines. In-game, there are a plethora of things to do, including finding rare machines. The game features great and lively music that enhances the gameplay.

6. Surfing the Subway

Surfing the Subway is a running game in which you must dash as quickly as possible while dodging oncoming trains. Assist the characters in eluding the police officer by assisting them in surfing on the courses with fantastic powerups. The game has a lot of amazing prizes and powerups to help you score a lot of points. The interface is simple and intuitive, but becoming an expert requires practice.

7. 2 Siralim (monster taming RPG)

Do you like to tame monsters? Do you like to play old games? If that’s the case, Siralim 2 is a game you should download and play offline on your iPhone. In Siralim, you can tame hundreds of creatures and command them to fight for you. Throughout the game, there are several dungeons to explore, and your monsters will assist you in doing so. Furthermore, because there is no level cap, you can play this game eternally. You can not only tame monsters (there are over 600), but you can also breed them and have their eggs hatch, giving you more monsters to tame. To get access to additional quests and features, equip spells, build equipment, and enhance your castle. Siralim 2 is the best iPhone game for aircraft mode, and you should try it out.

ATTS 3D Anti-Terrorist Squad

ATTS Anti Terrorist Squad 3D is a straightforward shooting game that may be played online or offline, depending on your preferences. This game combines TPS, FPS, and shooting into one package. Take up gaming!! Assist cops in reducing crime in the city. To defeat your opponents, you must employ stronger weaponry. Each level in the game unlocks new multiplayer chapters.

BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are the ninth and tenth installments in the BADLAND series are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND.

The wonderful atmospheric side-scrolling action-adventure that BADLAND and its sequel BADLAND 2 are known for. The game is set in a forest with a variety of creatures, flowers, and trees, and there is plenty of room to explore. So, in addition to displaying your gaming ability, you may also learn new stuff. The physics-based gameplay necessitates some patience at first. However, after you’ve progressed through the first stages, you’ll have a decent handle on the game. Both BADLAND and BADLAND 2 are two sequels to BADLAND. are two sequels to BADLAND. have a local multiplayer mode in which four players struggle against one another for survival.

10. Drop7

This ingenious puzzle game combines Tetris and Sudoku. The guidelines are simple. You have a 7×7 grid with either pure white balls or balls with one through seven numbers on them.

When a numbered ball is in a column or row with the same number of balls as it contains, it clears. If it clears near a white ball, the white ball cracks and breaks, revealing a numbered ball.

The goal is to avoid losing by having the balls travel over the top while accumulating up points, similar to Tetris. It’s simple to play, but it’s never easy. Everything can be done offline except for the leaderboards.

How do you begin playing offline games?

Simply open the app, select your favourite game, click the x to access the game’s information area on the left, and then hit the download symbol to save it for offline play. To access all of your downloaded games, go to the top-right menu and select “Play Offline.”


The offline iOS games listed above were picked based on user reviews and ratings. According to their original content and user ratings, these are the best iPhone or iOS offline games. Try them out and share your thoughts in the comments.

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