10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2020

With the sheer number of apps on the market, finding a solid and reliable photo editing software for your Android device can be difficult. This article will discuss some popular options in 2020 based on their featureset, user reviews from Google Play Store, price-tag, and availability.

The “best photo editing app for android 2021” is a list of 10 best apps that will be released in the year 2020. The list includes some free and paid apps.

Smartphone and tablet cameras have dramatically improved over the years, thanks to a growing demand fueled by social networking sites. Mobile picture editing has grown more popular than ever thanks to superior cameras. Everyone now wants to spice up their photos with a few modifications, and there are a plethora of applications that can help. Searching the Google Play Store for such applications, on the other hand, would definitely put you into a tizzy in no time. They’re all over the place! Of course, there are both commercial and free Android picture editing applications that may do the same task without breaking the bank. So, where would you go for a good picture editor for your Android phone? Of course, by looking through our selection of the best free picture editing apps for Android!

best photo editing apps for android

Keep in mind that these applications are a good value for those smooth touch-ups you’re looking for. They are not, however, as capable as Photoshop, Gimp, or Lightroom. However, Photoshop and its ilk are typically used on computers, not for retouching selfies. These finest picture editing apps for Android will suffice for smartphone users, transforming your beautiful photos into works of art. So, are you prepared to download all of them? Let’s get started:

1) Snapseed by Google

best photo editing apps for android

Snapseed, Google’s own picture editor, is a good program that outperforms many desktop photo editors in terms of functionality. Apart from rotation and cropping, Snapseed can also repair distortion caused by jerky camera movements by modifying curves, brightness, depth of focus, and perspective. Snapseed also has features like Expand, which is akin to Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill.

Snapseed uses the Expand tool to determine what the surrounding area of the subject looks like and enlarges the canvas. However, it looks better against an abstract or basic backdrop than on a crowded street. Snapseed can also automatically recognize and brighten faces owing to its lovely face recognition technology. Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps for Android when it comes to selfies and portrait photos.  

2) Adobe Photoshop Elements

best photo editing apps for android

Adobe Photoshop Express is a fantastic Android picture editing software with a basic and minimalistic interface for doing sophisticated edits. To begin with, it has functions such as rotate, straighten, cut, and flip. What else brings Photoshop Express to our list of the top Android picture editing apps? Image Rendering Engine for panoramic photographs, one-touch filters, colors, frames, auto-fix, and a variety of effects are among the sophisticated features.

Of course, there’s a handy Noise Reduction feature for reducing speckling and grain in nighttime photos. Additionally, Photoshop Express is ad-free and enables you to share your finished images on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking platforms.

3) Aviary

best photo editing apps for android

Apart from being one of several Adobe photo editing software, Aviary picture editor has all of the photo-editing tools that any Android user would want. Aviary has everything from simple picture editing capabilities like crop and filter to complex photo editing features like lighting, focus, the ability to change vignette, color tweaks, and sharpness, among others.

Overall, Aviary is a versatile and trustworthy free application if you need to do fast tweaks on the move without sacrificing picture quality.

4) Prisma

best photo editing apps for android

Prisma sprang to prominence a few years ago on the strength of its ability to imitate creative styles. Even though there are many identical applications now, Prisma keeps its allure. Prisma’s ‘drawing’ and ‘painting’ effects are still appealing enough to attract new users. You may also post your creations to Prisma’s unique feed, which works similarly to Instagram.

You may also save your creative portraits to your smartphone, email or text them, or share them on social networking networks. Furthermore, even if you prefer to keep the altered results to yourself, Prisma is a great software to play with.

5) Photographer/Director

best photo editing apps for android

With PhotoDirector, a multi-purpose utility, Cyberlink joins the Android picture editing sector. Quickly altering the tone and colors of your photographs becomes a walk in the park thanks to a sleek and user-friendly interface. In fact, PhotoDirector has a camera function that enables you to add live picture effects to your images as soon as you take them. Users may also use advanced tools like HSL sliders, brightness and contrast sliders, HDR effects, and more to edit photographs and post them on social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, and others.

PhotoDirector also has one unique function not seen in any of the other applications on our list of the best photo editing apps for Android. That is, you may quickly delete an unpleasant person or item from your shot using its sleek Content-Aware Removal tool. The only drawback is that the free edition of PhotoDirector includes advertisements.

6) Apply airbrushing

best photo editing apps for android

If you like taking selfies on a daily basis, AirBrush is one of the finest picture editing applications for Android. Airbrush makes rapid changes and alterations to your face and skin a breeze with tools like blemish removal, teeth whitener, and a variety of filters.

In reality, this free Android picture editing software can brighten your eyes and comes with a variety of altering options. Furthermore, most of the tools just only one touch to apply, making Airbrush very simple to use.

7) Photo Editor Pro Bonfire

best photo editing apps for android

Bonfire Photo Editor has all of the fundamental photo editing features that one would expect from a popular photo editing tool. It also comes with a slew of filters that are, to put it mildly, mind-boggling. Bonfire Photo Editor comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a filter-rich tool.

It includes standard filters like black and white and HDR, as well as some unusual ones like Fancy, which converts your pixel-laden photos into watercolour-crafted works of art. Bonfire also has features like a blemish remover and a skin smoothener that may help you with basic editing.

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8) Photo Editor Fotor

best photo editing apps for android

Fotor is a very popular software that comes with more picture editing options than most of its competitors and can enhance your photos with an one swipe, making it a stupidly simple and useful tool. Of course, fundamental features like contrast, saturation, crop, vignetting, shadow, rotation, temperature, highlights, tint, exposure, RGB, and so forth are included.

If these simple changes aren’t enough, there are over 100 filters to pick from. Fotor is one of the greatest picture editing applications for Android users who want to play around with their photos. You will, however, need login credentials to utilize this app.

Cupslice (nine)

best photo editing apps for android

Cupslice is a unique app in many ways, since it is another strong app that largely depends on filters to give a decent experience. To begin with, it has a large number of stickers that are current with current trends. In fact, you may tailor the filters to fit whatever aesthetic you like.

If you want to get your hands dirty with some basic picture editing, tools like hue and saturation correction, crop, frames, brightness and contrast adjustments, and collage makers are all available to try. The only disadvantage of utilizing Cupslice is that you may sometimes encounter small issues or slowness.

Photo Effects Pro 10)

best photo editing apps for android

Picture Effects Pro, which is a must-have if you’re always fiddling with effects, stickers, and filters, rounds up our list of the best photo editing applications for Android. Photo Effects Pro lives up to its name with over 40 cool filters and effects, as well as the option to add stickers, captions, and frames. Surprisingly, it comes with a unique feature: the ability to finger paint on your shot. Doesn’t it sound strange? However, it works great if you want to add a touch of creative flare to your photos.

Additionally, you may utilize Picture Effects Pro’s tiny collection of photo editing tools to do basic photo editing chores. Overall, it’s a fantastic software for folks on a budget.

What are the best photo editing apps on Android?

That’s everything for now! So, how did our list of the top picture editing apps for Android that are also free go? Is there any app that you think we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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The “free photo editing apps” is a list of 10 best photo editing apps for Android in 2020. The list includes some free and paid options, with the most popular being Lightroom.

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