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In this guide, we’ve compiled the 11 best free backup software for Windows. We also analyzed their overall performance and ease of use to help you decide which software is right for your needs.

The “best free backup software for windows 10” is a list of 11 backup tools that can be used to back up files and folders on Windows. The article reviews each tool to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Backing up all of the information on your Windows PC on a regular basis is an important activity that should be taken seriously. You should be prepared for any situation, whether it’s using specialized tools to build restoreable system images or just moving crucial information to an external disk. A backup program is ideal since it can handle all of your PC backup requirements in one go. Then you may either spend a lot of money on a premium data backup program or just use a free one; the option is yours. Free backup suites, on the other hand, may fulfill the same critical functions without incurring any fees. The issue is that there are several free backup software options available on the internet, each claiming to be the finest free Windows backup software and so on!

best free windows backup software

So, how would you choose which one is best for you? Of course, by looking through our list of the best free Windows backup software!

A word of caution: Make sure you download the suitable backup software version for your system architecture, which is either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

1) Free Genie9 Timeline

best free windows backup software

Genie9’s Free Timeline is a powerful backup program that is suitable for all users, even novices. Timeline’s installer does not include any questionable bloatware, so you won’t unintentionally install any unwanted tools or services. Timeline’s amazing wizard, which can simply lead you through picking disks for storing data, is the unique feature that propels it into our assessment of the top free Windows backup software. In other words, it picks anything you want to back up without any restrictions.

Furthermore, the free edition of Timeline allows you to create a comprehensive backup of everything on your Windows PC. It can simply grab documents, folders, and emails from the document directory. Furthermore, since the whole backup process happens in the background, Timeline may backup MS Office files, browser bookmarks, ISO images, and other items while you continue to work without experiencing any pauses.

So much so that the backup protection level, which Timeline shows to indicate the health of a given backup, is always visible. Overall, Timeline is a feasible alternative for both newcomers and’seasoned’ users seeking for a free PC backup program that will keep their system and personal information safe and secure.

2) Todo Backup by EaseUS

best free windows backup software

Looking for a robust backup solution that can quickly produce entire system backups with no lags? You can’t go wrong with EaseUS Todo. It can not only give an additional layer of safety to Windows 10’s built-in System Restore capability, but it can also produce useful disk images. So much so that EaseUS Todo may copy files that are already in use without causing any disruption.

With EaseUS Todo’s user-friendly interface, doing backup-related tasks including disk backups and building System images is a snap. The primary welcome window includes links to different backup activities such as disk/partition, file, system, email, and smart backups. Surprisingly, the Smart backup tool can effortlessly manage the documents folder, as well as backup favorites in compatible browsers, by detecting changes every half hour.

When upgrading from a mechanical drive to a solid state drive, you may take use of several useful features like SSD optimization on disk backups. Furthermore, when you start the installer for this free PC backup program, you can avoid installing adware.

3) Backup via Comodo

best free windows backup software

Comodo Backup is a well-known backup solution that made it into our list of the top free Windows backup software due to the sheer amount of capabilities it offers. Comodo Backup not only copies your documents and media files, but also e-mails, registry information, browser data, instant messaging conversation history, and disk partitions, including the primary system drive (C: drive).

You may either backup your data to the cloud or to a local disk. If you want to keep utilizing Comodo’s cloud storage beyond 90 days for up to 10GB of data, you’ll have to pay $7.99 a month.

Of course, local storage choices include internal/external hard drives, network folders, DVDs, and an FTP server. You may also send the information to yourself through email.

Comodo Backup also comes with a variety of schedule settings, allowing you to conduct backups at any time, from every few minutes to daily, weekly, or monthly. In reality, you may set the backup to perform automatically at every disk initialization manually.

4) Backup using CloudBerry

best free windows backup software

For computer aware and IT industry-related customers who respect their privacy and online data security, CloudBerry Backup is a unique backup program that backs up data in the cloud (in at least 65 storage locations) through 256-bit AES encryption on the client side. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your local disk being crushed by the continual backup load. CloudBerry, on the other hand, does not save the backup on its own servers. Rather, it functions as a dashboard for creating and managing backups for seamless storage on other cloud systems including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure.

There are three backup modes to select from: Advanced, Simple, or Custom. I’d recommend “Simple” mode if you’re a novice, but the other two choices allow a lot of flexibility if you know what you’re doing and want extensive backup schedule. CloudBerry is also backwards compatible with older Windows server operating systems, including Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, as well as Windows 7/8/ and Windows 10.

Another notable feature of CloudBerry is its ability to effortlessly restore server images to VMware and Hyper-V, ensuring that you can depend on a fully functional virtual server operating in the cloud even if your physical server fails. You may also effortlessly recover all of your data from the cloud using a USB flash drive. Restoration may also be performed on new or alternative hardware, making large data migrations simple.

5) Back-up Plan

best free windows backup software

CrashPlan is an online backup application that may backup crucial information to the cloud and safeguard everything securely off-site, away from your fragile hard disk. It is a very unusual item on our list of the top free Windows backup software. CrashPlan may also backup your complete data to other computers and external hard drives for free.

Online assistance, 448-bit file encryption, and daily automated backups are all included in the free version for offline usage. If you get stuck with its settings, you may consult the easily accessible online instructions and user forums.

The sole disadvantage of utilizing CrashPlan is that customers must register an account even if they want to utilize the offline feature. However, after you’ve signed in, this free PC backup program may check your personal directory automatically.

6) Backupper Standard by AOMEI

best free windows backup software

In the world of backup software, AOMEI Backupper Standard is a giant. Yes, it has all of the functionality that you’d expect from a free backup tool. To begin, you may manually copy files, folders, and partition disks at predetermined intervals.

In many ways, AOMEI is similar to Comodo in that it allows you to do incremental and differential backups, which means that after you’ve completed a full backup, your following backups will take less time, saving you time and resources.

Furthermore, AOMEI Backupper Conventional is equipped with complete encryption and password security, as well as the ability to mount a backed-up image as a virtual local drive, allowing you to browse the image as if it were a standard Windows installation.

7) Backup and Recovery by Paragon

best free windows backup software

Paragon Backup & Recovery has a neat feature that none of the other free Windows backup apps on our list has. Users may store backed-up pictures in a variety of file formats, including the company’s own PVHD image file, VMWare Image file (VMDK), and Microsoft PC Image file (VHD).

Paragon, like all of the other backup services listed, may compress and split disk images into smaller sizes to conserve disk space. Furthermore, it may also exclude particular file types from backups. Paragon, on the other hand, comes with a hefty installer that weighs in at over 200MB, which may disappoint those users hoping for a lightweight backup solution.

8) EASIS Drive Cloning for Free

best free windows backup software

Many people know Free EASIS Drive Cloning as a user-friendly tool for generating backups on Windows. It supports seamless image generation, restoration, and excels at cloning drives. Advanced users may be turned off by the UI’s simplicity and lack of features, while first-time users will be enthralled.

However, Free EASIS Drive Cloning backs up not just the sectors containing real data, but also the free sectors on a drive. To put it another way, backing up a 300GB disk with roughly 20GB of real data would result in a 300GB picture file, which you won’t be able to compress into smaller images since that option is only available to premium customers.

9) Microsoft Windows Veeam Agent

best free windows backup software

Veeam Agent is generally recognized for its corporate solutions, unlike most of the other tools on our list of the top free Windows backup software that cater to household customers. It provides backup and recovery services not just for local Windows desktops/laptops, workstations, and servers, but also for items stored in public cloud storage. In truth, it supports the most recent versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, but not anything older than Windows 7. (Service Pack 1). Veeam Agent is a viable alternative if you’re looking for a free backup of your Hyper-V and VMware systems.

It can also completely restore everything, including files, directories, and prior settings, and even enable users to move across hosts if they don’t utilize Storage vMotion or vMotion officially. This free Windows backup solution also allows you to backup your data to magnetic tapes. If you only want to backup your work PC or gaming machine, Veeam Agent is not the application for you.

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10) Free HDClone

best free windows backup software

The free version of HDClone Free can backup whole disks, but you won’t be able to encrypt or compress your data. On the plus side, HDClone is a fantastic backup solution that can gracefully handle a wide range of older Windows versions, including Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista.

Furthermore, this free PC backup software’s well-defined user interface is basic and easy to use for first-timers who are seeking for a fast solution to backup their critical Windows system before it’s too late!

11) Individual Backup

best free windows backup software

If you’re simply interested in data backup, check out Personal Backup, which allows you to back up your data to a local disk, network device, external hard drive, or FTP server. Personal Backup can always make complete, differential, and incremental backups, as well as compress and encrypt your data to protect your privacy and save space on your hard drive.

You may also backup your data manually or set scheduled backups upon login/before shutdown. Personal Backup’s user interface, on the other hand, might be a little perplexing for first-time customers, and it doesn’t provide imaging.

A Summary of the Best Free Windows Backup Software

It is critical that you backup your computer on a regular basis before it is too late! The backup tools listed above may also be utilized for OS migration. To migrate my Windows 8.1 Pro(64-bit) system from a 500GB SATA 7200RPM HDD to an MLC Nand-based 256GB SSD, I utilized EASEUS Todo Backup. Nonetheless, all of the other free programs in our collection are capable of backing up or moving your operating system to another hard drive or SSD in some fashion.

So, what Windows backup program do you use on a regular basis? Do you know of a free backup solution that didn’t make our list of the top free backup software for Windows? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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The “auto backup software for pc free download” is a software that allows users to automatically back up their computers and data. This article reviews 11 of the best free Windows backup software in 2019.

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