15+ NEW IPTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites of 2020

In the past few years, torrents have been hit hard by law enforcement and as a result, many people were forced to find new sharing methods that are not traceable.

The “iptorrents proxy list” is a list of 15+ NEW IPTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites of 2020. These proxies are used to bypass the site’s restrictions and unblock content that would otherwise be unavailable.

Do you often utilize private torrent sites? If so, you’ve probably heard of IPTorrents, which is well-known among the major torrent trackers across the globe. Its success may be ascribed in part to the fact that it has been offering registered customers with high-speed certified torrents for years. Furthermore, some claim that IPTorrents’ download rates are up to a dozen times quicker than those of numerous publicly accessible torrenting sites. On this site, you may discover all of the newest movies, TV series episodes, premium games, software, and more at any time. Users have recently been unable to access IPTorrents due to the fact that it has been blacklisted in a number of countries. You may still access the site using IPTorrents proxy and mirror services, which are a viable solution to circumventing geo-restrictions. ¬†

What is the difference between IPTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites?


Many IPTorrents users are experiencing login troubles as a result of the restriction of famous torrent sites. While some people are still waiting for a member invite, others are unable to access the website’s homepage (https://iptorrents.com) using any web browser. The issue stems from copyright owners filing several lawsuits against IPTorrents. Even ISPs have cited the portal’s violation of copyright laws as a reason for the prohibition.

Many users have been searching for an alternate URL to unlock IPTorrent’s material, and this has been a nightmare for them. On many online discussion forums and sites, such as Reddit, rumors are circulating that the site will be shut down. However, there are still two options for getting out of this quagmire. To unblock the main domain, you may use a VPN or depend on IPTorrents proxy and mirror sites. Proxy sites, in my opinion, are a better way to access the site. Why?

For starters, VPN services are a little pricey, and they might slow down your download speeds. Due to a lack of servers, certain VPN services might potentially stifle your streaming experience. As a result, the only reliable option for you is to utilize IPTorrents Proxy/torrent mirror sites, which are clone sites of the main domain that host the index, files, and database on other domains.

iptorrents proxy

These proxy/mirror sites are your best choice if you still want to download premium software or the newest movies for free at super-fast speeds. Even if the main domain is restricted in your region, these sites will enable you to browse the IPTorrents index and download an unlimited number of torrent files. Also, don’t be concerned if you don’t get a member invite from the moderators before logging in. Simply copy the URLs below into your browser’s address bar to examine or visit these sites. Let’s get this party started.

List of the Top 15 IPTorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2020

Disclaimer: We are not in favor of piracy. This material is provided only for educational reasons.

Even if the main domain is prohibited in your location, these proxy options will allow you to access IPTorrents data. There’s no need for you to scour sites like Reddit, Facebook, or even Twitter for an alternate URL. Simply go through these links and let us know if any of them don’t work for you so that we may replace them with fresh ones.

Are you having trouble unblocking the Tamilrockers website? Don’t worry, there are Tamilrockers Alternatives that will supply you with almost the same stuff.

That’s all there is to it! Because the aforementioned list is continually updated, I recommend bookmarking this page so you can refer to new IPTorrents proxy/mirror sites links as soon as they become available. Adios.

The “iptorrents down” is a problem that has been present for a while. There are 15+ NEW IPTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites of 2020.

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