40 Best Free Synth VST and Compressor Plugins in 2019

In 2019, your online privacy is more important than ever. To protect yourself from prying eyes and government surveillance, you need a good VPN service to help keep you hidden. But which one do you choose? We’ve rounded up 40 of the best free synth VST and compressor plugins to get you started in 2019.

The “best vst plugins free download” is a list of 40 best free synth VST and compressor plugins that are available in 2019. The list includes some well-known, top-rated synths as well as some lesser known but still high quality ones.

There are a plethora of VST synthesizers strewn across the internet when it comes to VST synths. While some of them are for a fee, the most are completely free. Naturally, you’d assume that the best Synth VST plugins are the ones you’ll have to pay for. There are, however, certain jewels out there that are completely free.

They can do it everything, from subtle ambient chimes to massive wall-rattling lines and soothing chords that lull you to sleep. We’ve developed a list of the greatest synth VST plugins that are completely free, since locating these elusive free synth VSTs may be a real hardship.

best synth vst

You may download and install them as much as you like, or you can toss them into your DAW for some excellent sounding mixes. Furthermore, this list will save you a lot of time and effort by eliminating a lot of trial and error. So, are you ready to discover the finest synth vst plugins and escape to synth paradise? Let’s get started without further ado.

1) Tone2’s FireBird 2

best synth vst

FireBird 2 is a subtractive synthesizer with over 437 preset sounds and a highly simple and easy-to-use interface. Comb-filtering, EQ, low-pass filters, FM and AM modulation, and Vocal filters are among the 38 kinds of filters included in this swish synth, which can add rich orchestral layers to your mix. Aside from that, you may pick custom skins to fit with your DAW.

FireBird 2 is built on a variety of standard waves, such as saw, pulse, trumpets, organs, pads, and pianos, which have been altered by specific algorithms. Overall, the appeal of FireBird 2 spans various genres, including power metal, trap hop, avant-garde, and more. 2) SYNTH1 SYNTH1 SYNTH1 SYN

best synth vst

SYNTH1 is a synth VST plugin that is widely regarded as one of the best of all time. It is hosted on Geocities Japan. It comes with two lovely oscillators that may be modified using modulation, FM, ring, and synchronized envelopes. You may also use four different kinds of filters to create stunning wavy synth hooks and add distortion for effects.

Synth1 also has a legato mode and portamento for creating intriguing slides for writing notes. Take it!

3) Plogue may be used to change one’s ego.

best synth vst

Alter Ego is a one-of-a-kind voice synth that combines vocoder-style synthesis with text-to-speech technology. Simply write any sentence into the WORDS box, and Alter Ego will sing/speak it for you.

This synth is a beast when it comes to creating a powerful sound design for fine vocal timbres, and it also has polyphonic capabilities that come in handy when playing chords. If you want to play around with your tone, you may also go at Anime-inspired presets.

4) u-Tyrell he’s N6

best synth vst

Tyrell N6, a handy subtractive synthesizer with massive aural potential, was originally planned as a hardware synth. It has two LFOs and envelopes that can put some of the more expensive synth VSTs to shame.

You may also enjoy a plethora of stylish presets that can add booming bass rhythms and lush synth harmonies to your mix!

5) OBXD Datsounds

best synth vst

Datsounds’ OBXD plugin is a stunning reproduction of Oberheim’s iconic OBXa and OBX synthesizers, and is without a doubt one of the greatest synth VST plugins available today. If you like meaty analogue tones from the past, you should give OBXD a try.

6) NUSofting’s Sinnah

best synth vst

Sinnah is one of the greatest synth VST plugins on our list, despite having just one oscillator. It rides high on a unique delay matrix with many setups, making it one of the best synth VST plugins on our list. To be honest, its single oscillator is strong enough to create 5 waveshapes and provides sufficient leverage for shaping each waveshape’s harmonics.

Furthermore, the delay matrix has highly randomized resonators as well as a “triple chorus” each voice. Sinnah is a superb all-around synth for luscious leads, pads, and chorus effects.

ComBear Compressor (number 7)

best synth vst

ComBear is an extremely dynamic Parallel Compression effect plugin that mimics Dada Life’s legendary Sausage Fattener and is a must-have synth in any EDM producer’s arsenal. Drums, synth, and vocals have a classic “EDM” vibe to it, and it may make your track seem massive.

Riviera VST Plugin (No. 8)

best synth vst

The Rivera VST Plugin from NuSpace Audio is a hybrid reverb effect designed specifically for Windows users. Riviera is a fascinating hybrid algorithmic-convolution reverb plugin that can represent specular acoustic reflections, to be more exact. For fans of dreamy reverb, this is a must-have. 

9) OSL Chorus is a free chorus plugin by OSL.

best synth vst

OSL chorus is based on the Roland Juno 60 hardware synthesizer’s chorus effect module and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts on Windows and Mac systems. This is your go-to weapon of mass sonic devastation if you like soaring, ecstatic choruses that resonate in your brain long after the song ends. Yes, it’s as captivating whether played on guitar, bass, and other instruments. 10) Viking Synthesizer Plugin (VK-1)

best synth vst

The VK-1 Viking is a duplicate of the Moog Voyager that was first released as a rack expansion for Propellerhead Reason users. It has three tunable wave oscillators that provide an accurate traditional analogue synth experience. It also has zero latency, as well as feedback filters for better resonance. It may also be used with any DAW. Woot woot woot woot woot woot woot woo

VCV Rack is an open-source virtual synthesizer.

best synth vst

VCV Rack is a certain entertaining virtual synth if you want to satisfy your eurorack gear needs without getting lost in the hardware jungle. This open-source VST gives you the freedom to mess about with it and spend hours immersed in its colourful patch wires.

12) PG-8X 2.0 by Martin Lüders

best synth vst

With up to 12 voice polyphony and two DCOs with Noise, Saw, Pulse, and Square forms, this free synth VST emulates the sound of the iconic Roland JX-8P. Furthermore, all of the parameters may be mapped to MIDI via MIDI learning.

Overall, owing to a fantastic sounding chorus module, it’s one of the greatest synth VST plugins for 80s style bass patches and analogue pads.  

13) FB-3300 Full Bucket Music

best synth vst

After the popularity of the FB-3100, Full Bucket Music has created the FB-3300, which is modeled after the massive Polyphonic Korg PS 3300. The FB-3000 has three separate polyphonic synthesizer blocks, traditional two-pole low-pass filters, and band-limited oscillators for groovy synth symphonies, all carefully engineered for minimal CPU utilization.

DC Bazz::Murda 14) DC Bazz::Murda 14) DC Bazz::Mur

best synth vst

DC Bazz:: is probably your jam if you like lethal kicks and booming bass beats. For you, Murda is the greatest synth VST. Its three oscillators and a slew of modulation settings make it ideal for crafting bespoke kicks across a wide range of genres. For those deep Hip-Hop/Trap-Hop kicks and layered DnB percussion, this is a must-have.

PolyGAS (15)

best synth vst

PolyGAS is a powerful polyphonic synth VST with up to 32 voice polyphony that can spew forth digital tones owing to a wealth of samples in WAV and AIFF formats.

You may add time delay modulation effects, amplitude non-linear distortions, over 18 envelopes, reverbs, filters, and other effects to the mix.

16) Krakli Software’s Arminator

best synth vst

Krakli Arminator is an intriguing free small synth equipped with a stack of sound creation possibilities and an amazing GUI that helps generate classic 80s synth feelings. It’s billed as a CS 80 emulator and maybe the finest one so far at mimicking that.

Arminator also comes with 128 pre-installed patches. Furthermore, since it is quite light, your CPU will not be overclocked.

17) GreenOak’s Crystal

best synth vst

Crystal contains everything a production geek needs from a strong synth VST, including modulation controls with over 90 parameters, delays, tempo sync, multi-stage envelopes, and integrated effects (for chorus, filters, echoes, and flanger).  

It’s also helpful for someone learning the intricacies of sound design. You can also automate MIDI controllers via automation.

18) Voltkitchen’s MiniMogueVA

best synth vst

MiniMogue VA is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to producing electronic bass music, funk-style music, and the infamous sub-bass found in smooth dubstep wobbles. It has three clever oscillators with fine-tuning sliders and tuning control. With dedicated modulation knobs, you can even transform the third oscillator into an LFO. There’s much more to look forward to: enormous chorus, delay effects, and MIDI learning are all available.

19) E-MU Systems’ Proteus VX

best synth vst

The Proteus VX is based on a classic hardware synthesizer called the Proteus 2500, and it has the same sounds and factory bank as the original. Apart from 54 unique filters, including as flangers, vocal filters, and multi-pole resonant filters, the Proteus VX also has “High Voice Polyphony,” which is based on your system’s power.

Another fantastic feature is that this free synth provides professional-level audio quality, with 24-bit 192kHz high-quality audio playback.

20) GTG’s 44S

best synth vst

44S is a strange plugin that may be used to create intriguing and attractive resonance distortions. It also supports filter modulation, the ability to monitor the LFO with the keyboard, and pulse with modulation.

Superwave P8 by Superwave (#21)

best synth vst

Superwave P8, which is based on the Roland JP 8000, is widely regarded as one of the greatest synth VST plugins available for free. With this plugin, you can make some nasty electronic music, house, trance, new age, or even pop boppers.

The pads, which add a layer of richness and thickness to the mix, are the novelty component. There are 64 high-quality presets, portamento controls, and up to 8 polyphonic notes available, all of which may be handled through MIDI CC control with “learning” functionality. 22) TOGU Audio Line’s TAL-NoiseMaker

best synth vst

One of the redeeming features of TAL-NoiseMaker is that everything is clearly set out in terms of controls, making creating a sound sphere a breeze. All of the knobs may be taught through MIDI and automated inside your DAW.

It includes 128 factory presets and three oscillators, each of which may be programmed separately for frequency/phase modulation or to create pulse, noise, sawtooth, sine, square, triangle, or rectangle waves. Overall, TAL-NoiseMaker is a fantastic synth with a plethora of capabilities that deliver on every level.

23) Kairatune Futucraft

best synth vst

Kairatune is a tight, aggro-fuelled sound that would fit nicely with stripped-down dance mixes. It’s aimed especially towards electronic-music producers. You may search for presets by category and then pick them quickly using the preset management system.

Despite the overwhelming quantity of controls on the screen, the values are shown using recognizable dial-type indicators. Overall, Kairatune is one of the greatest synth VST plugins available.

24) Comb-filter Synth – U-He Triple Cheese

best synth vst

Triple Cheese is a comb-filter based synth that has grown quickly over the years thanks to frequent upgrades. Triple Cheese is one of the greatest synth VST plugins for individuals who prefer a lot of percussive effects and some ethereal delays in their mix, with over a dozen banks.

25) Locamotiv Archetype Instruments

best synth vst

Locamotiv is a dark dance-type synth for EDM boppers that produces a combination of meaty basses and phantasmic leads that are very clean and designed for the current electronic music producer. 26) Seaweed Audio’s Fathom Mono

best synth vst

With a full-fledged synthesis engine, the Fathom Mono packs quite a punch for a monophonic synthesizer. The workflow is further enhanced by the modular and clean design. In real time, you may patch up to 20 components. It also includes 5 oscillator modules and 30 different filters that your CPU can easily handle.

Fathom Mono, although being confined to monophonic leads, bass, and sound effects, throws up a Pandora’s box of sound creation options.

27) Wave Simulator by Hermann Seib

best synth vst

Wave Simulator flawlessly emulates the classic PPG Wave 2.2 and 2.3 wavetable synthesizers. All of the personality and roughness of the original is there in full force thanks to its sweepable wavetables and analogue-style filters.

28) SQ8L Siegfried Kullmann

best synth vst

Ensoniq’s SQ80, a classic wavetable synthesizer, has been faithfully rebuilt in the shape of SQ8L, which is a perfect reproduction in every way. You may pump through sampled waveforms through a classic analogue signal route for those nostalgic 80s atmospherics, with the same slick menu-driven interface as the original.

29) Dexed

best synth vst

After all, it provides free emulation of the legendary Yamaha synth, DX7. Dexed is one of the most well-known synth VSTs at the time. To begin, you may take use of over 144 DAW automatable DX7 settings as well as a variety of patches.

It’s also a MIDI cartridge manager for the DX7 hardware synth, for those who aren’t aware. As a result, Dexed may be used to modify patches for the genuine DX7 synth! Those interested in FM synthesis should definitely give it a try! Sonigen Modular – Sonigen Modular – Sonigen Modular – Sonigen Modular – Sonigen Mod

best synth vst

Look no farther than Sonigen Modular if you’re seeking for a completely modular synth VST with excellent sound quality. Adding synth layers will be a breeze with 28 distinct modules, each of which may be coupled to make a preset or patch.

You may also choose from a large number of useful settings. You may also use the “WaveMaker” function, which includes an FFT display, to import, modify, and save your own wavetables and waveforms. Changing the settings, on the other hand, may be a real nuisance.

31) HISE

best synth vst

HISE is a true hybrid synth/sampler that can give a turn-key programming environment for constructing your own VST, AAX, and AU plugins, as well as iOS instruments, if you put in the effort. It may, of course, be used as a plugin as well.

32) Repro Alpha by u-he

best synth vst

Repro Alpha is the prototype for u-full-fledged he’s Repro-1 synth, and it’s a rather standard-issue synth with basic modulation, two oscillators, and a fancy filter. If you’re prepared to go a little further, Repro Alpha may be really useful for your musical endeavors.

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NUSofting Noisetar (number 33)

best synth vst

If you think truncating noise is the greatest approach to make your mix sound clean and compact, you should give Noisestar a try and see if you alter your view. It is, in reality, a sophisticated plugin that promotes, though subtly, adding the correct amount of noise to your mix.

Remember that most wonderful sounds include noise – from the acute shock of a pick hitting a string to the breathy burst before the pitch of a flute – it’s all noise, beautiful noise.

Matt Tytel’s Helm (#34)

best synth vst

Helm is one of the greatest synth VST plugins available, and you may edit the source code and customize it to your liking. Furthermore, this polyphonic synth may be controlled from any location inside your DAW. Helm has 7 filter types with keytracking, Oscillator feedback, and saturation for waveshaping, in addition to a handy step sequencer and a comprehensive modulation system with live feedback. Get to work!

35) Martinic Model F Combo

best synth vst

If you like the sounds of 1970s organ synths, you’re in for a treat. Thanks to Martinic Combo Model F, you can now quickly generate a wide range of classic synth sounds with a dash of current flare.

Synister (#36)

best synth vst

Synister is a simple synthesizer with a virtual keyboard built in for dialing in sick tones and creating an ethereal mood in your mix. It’s rather ominous!

37) Tunefish using Brain Control 4

best synth vst

Tunefish 4 is a flexible and free synth VST that can be used to provide a thick layer of delectable leads, pads, and bass to your music. I’d say it’s an absolute must-have in your arsenal.

Digits 2 (38), 38, 38, 38, 38, 38, 38,

best synth vst

Now, thanks to Digits 2, you can recreate that 80s aural synth magic with a dash of warm pads, screaming leads, and dirty bass thrown in for good measure.

Acoustica Nightlife (#39)

best synth vst

Acoustica Nightlife is one of the greatest synth VST plugins for constructing a mesmerizing soundscape that reverberates in the ears long after a song is over, and it’s perfect for budding EDM, dance, and trance beatmakers!

Audjoo Helix (#40)

best synth vst

Don’t be put off by the notice on the official website that Helix is only available for a short time. The good news is that it continues to work normally after the trial time has ended. As a result, using Helix to create deep bass grooves and synth melodies to your mix is still a viable option. It’s worth snagging!

Bonus Synthesizer

Audio Animals’ Anamogue AS-20 FX Plugin

best synth vst

Anamogue AS-20 is a VST instrument sampler that was recorded using the renowned Korg MS-20 synth. It’s a handy addition for anyone looking to mimic the tone of the Korg MS-20 synth.

That’s all there is to it! Did you like our overview of the top free Synth VST plugins? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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