5 Best third-party Dropbox clients for Mac

With more and more attacks on Dropbox, it is important to be extra careful with your password management. Here are some of the best third-party apps for securing your account.

The “dropbox for mac” is a third-party Dropbox client that allows users to manage their Dropbox files. It has been around since 2011 and is still one of the best options for Mac users.

Among Mac users, Dropbox has a terrible name. Even when nothing is occurring in the background, the software uses a lot of system resources. When a software is in use, it may become very sluggish for no obvious reason.

Furthermore, Dropbox is yet to support Apple’s Silicon Mac, despite the fact that it has been nearly a year. Support will not be available until 2022. This implies that M1 Mac customers will have to utilize the Dropbox program through Rosetta, which is more power demanding and consumes a lot of RAM.

Alternative services like as iCloud may be used if you’re bored of the Dropbox app’s inconvenience. The second alternative is to utilize Dropbox applications for Mac that are provided by third parties. We’ve compiled the greatest of them here.

Mac’s best Dropbox clients

  • Maestral
  • CloudMounter
  • 3rd Mountain Duck
  • 5th Transmit
  • Strongsync

Maestral No. 1

Mac's best Dropbox clients

For Mac, Maestral is a popular open-source Dropbox client. The application is completely free and significantly lighter than the official one (40 MB versus 420 MB). You can effortlessly sync your files and folders in the background with the client without slowing down your Mac. Furthermore, Apple Silicon Mac is officially supported by the program. Unfortunately, Dropbox Paper, as well as options for shared folders and transferring just altered sections of files, are not supported.

CloudMounter is the second option.

Mac's best Dropbox clients

CloudMounter is a program that integrates Dropbox and Google Drive into the Finder. You may utilize them in the same way as you would a standard local drive. You may search for files, drag and drop them, and look at them. Furthermore, the application does not sync your data with local disks, which is useful if you are running out of RAM. All of your data are secured, and you can easily share files and folders by copying the Dropbox link.

3. 3rd Mountain Duck

5 Best third-party Dropbox clients for Mac

Mountain Duck, like CloudMounter, interacts with the Finder and provides you complete access to your Dropbox (or other service) files as if they were local drives. On local disks, you may keep certain data offline. The program uses small icons to show which files are being synced. Encryption is provided, and you may copy URLs to transfer data quickly and effortlessly.

4. 5th Transmit

5 Best third-party Dropbox clients for Mac

Transmit may be linked to 11 different cloud storage services, including Dropbox. It isn’t a straight replacement for Dropbox’s official app since it doesn’t transfer files in the background. This application, on the other hand, is speedier and has more features.

Strongsync is the fifth item on the list.

5 Best third-party Dropbox clients for Mac

Another client that shows cloud storage as a local drive is Strongsync. Only when another application or you in the Finder ask for a file is it downloaded. Dropbox and Dropbox for Business are supported by the client. There are no reboots required, and the application supports comprehensive search as well as Apple Silicon Mac.

That’s all there is to it, guys. In 2022, these were some of the finest third-party Dropbox clients for Mac. Please let us know which one you’re utilizing this year or planned to utilize. Please share your thoughts/opinions in the comment section below.

The “Google Drive” is a free service offered by Google that allows users to store and share files. The “google drive” is one of the best third-party Dropbox clients for Mac.

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