6 Best File Folder Locker For Windows

Microsoft has released a new version of their operating system, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This often means updated features for file folders and Microsoft is no exception to this. With that comes some interesting changes with how you can use them in your work or home life. Here are six best practices for using these updates to get better productivity out of your folder locker!

The “best folder lock software for pc free” is a program that allows users to encrypt and hide files in folders. The best software is the one that has the largest number of features, such as password protection, encryption, and hidden folders.

The age of technological advancement has brought with it a new source of dread: data security dangers. Observant eyes linger, waiting to get a sight of your system’s files and directories. 

While powerful password locks and identification systems may secure your computer or laptop device from illegal access, the same cannot be said for files and folders while your system is already open. 

As a result, integrating a file folder locking becomes necessary. 

What are File Folder Lockers, and what do they do?

File Folder Lockers are software solutions that are designed to provide a safer environment for your computer’s files and folders. These lockers encrypt files and folders, preventing unwanted readers without passwords from accessing them. 

It refuses to allow reading, modification, deletion, or any other kind of manipulation by organizations that do not have the password to unlock the encryption locks. 

If you’re looking for a way to stop your private files from being read and altered by others, the file folder locks listed below are perfect for you:-

For Windows, the Top 6 File Folder Lockers

  • Media Locker: Hide Pictures & Videos
  • Folder of Secrets
  • File Locker Pro by Gilisoft
  • Protected Folder by IObit
  • WinZip
  • WinRAR
  • DIR that isn’t visible

1. Media Locker: Hide Pictures & Videos

The file folder locking program is designed to keep films, images, and documents safe. These files will be encrypted and stored in a password-protected folder. Simply pick the files to be encrypted, and the program will quickly encrypt them for secure transport into a password-protected folder with a powerful firewall. 

You may customise the space by creating passwords according to your preferences. If you forget your password, you will be asked a security question in order to restore your data safely. It will also allow for file duplication in file transfer circumstances. 

It is absolutely free to use and supports TXT, RAR, and PPT files. 

2. Folder of Secrets

The software is simple to download and install, easy to use, and provides a smooth user-friendly interface. The well-designed outlook of Folder of Secrets is free to use and gets updated on a regular basis. 

It effortlessly accomplishes the task of successfully enclosing the files in a secure password-protected folder. The superb security system does not allow even a single hair to slip past its painstakingly designed encryption layers. 

The hidden and private folders of Folder of Secrets render the possible hackers entangled in its web of messy crypts. 

3. File Locker Pro by Gilisoft

The program encrypts and locks all drives, thereby hiding them from prying eyes in a secure zone behind a password-protected encrypted firewall. As the lock can only be unlocked with the password, the user may provide access to a limited number of persons. Surprisingly, without password access, even deleting files is impossible. 

The best part about File Locker Pro by Gilisoft is that the application lets the user see what changes or modifications are made to the files stored away in this secured folder. 

Clean-ups will be possible with the program, and the password will be configured according to your preferences; you may choose the strongest advised password. 

4. Protected Folder by IObit

Protected Folder by IObit opens security doors for all the files and related directories with strong password protection features. It will automatically set the barriers of taking permission before gaining access to the particular encrypted files in firewall secured folders. 

Several times, a situation can arise when the file falls in an unprecedented threat of being sucked by spyware or viruses or malicious hacker attacks. The Protected Folder by IObit will ensure that the important files you have put under its protection are entirely safe and unharmed. 

As a result, all of your data will be safe. It is accessible in both free and paid editions, with the premium version beginning at $19.95. 

4. WinZip

WinZip has a secret facet–it is an equally effective encryption tool. It is mostly addressed and used as a file compressor utility that deploys its utilities in the form of zipping and unzipping data. 

The user may pick the amount of encryption to apply, as well as subsequently modify the encryptions, during the 30-day free trial period before the $29.95 package starts. 

The password-protected system guarantees that files are not hacked or infected with viruses or spyware, even if harmful attacks by hackers or other viruses or spyware occur on the computer system. As a result, your data are completely protected, thanks to the attractiveness of the file folder locker. 

5. WinRAR

WinRAR provides enough file protection options to stand out as a robust file encryption solution, and it costs $33.35. This is because the same degree of security is maintained throughout the process, even when the file is transferred from one system location to another. 

The 256-bit password encryption, as well as genuine annotation tools like signature markings, for strengthening the privacy and security of files in password-protected folders, support a broad variety of languages. 

The file primarily has file compressing capabilities. 

6. DIR that isn’t visible

The entirely free program has the extra benefit of being very simple to use and user-friendly. 

All you have to do now is choose the files you want to encrypt and see how quickly the program gets to work hiding the data on your system. You will checkmark the files, and they will be immediately relocated to the hidden folder. This will be the files in the encryption laced folder produced in a kind of invisible manner. 

You may also create a customized place with a preferred password and use genuine tools to indicate a security system fortification. 

Folder Locker System Built-In

Many people are unaware that many components of Windows already have built-in file folder locking functions, however they are not as powerful as the software solutions indicated above. 

Follow the procedures below to get access to the built-in Microsoft file folder encryption system:-

  1. Right-click on the file or folder you want to encrypt. 
  2. Then, when you’ve selected the file, go to Properties.
  3. After clicking on the Advanced option, go to Encrypt Contents to safeguard data.
  4. Before selecting APPLY and then OK, dismiss the Advanced Attributes window by clicking OK. 

Your file is now totally encrypted and can only be decrypted by those who have the correct password. 

You can use it, but the aforementioned applications have an additional degree of brilliance. So, what are your thoughts on the software? Let us know what you think in the comments!

The “best free folder lock software for windows 10” is a file locker that allows users to encrypt and protect their files from prying eyes. The software has 6 different features, including the ability to hide folders in other folders.

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