6 Best Free Subtitles Download Sites in 2022

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy watching movies or TV shows online, then a VPN might be just what you need. A Virtual Private Network is a service that encrypts your connection so nobody can see the content of your internet traffic and snoop on any data sent to sites like Facebook or YouTube.

The “netflix subtitles download” is a service that allows users to search and download subtitles for movies or TV shows. The 6 best free subtitle sites in 2022 are: openload, vidzi, 123movies, movie4k, putlockers and viooz.

The world has changed in a variety of ways that are both comprehensive and understandable. Previous generations have mostly opted to view and stream movies or television series that are entirely related to their native language. As a result, a linguistic barrier has been drawn for creative industries such as movies and television series. 

This hurdle has been overcome with the introduction of subtitles, which enable the viewer to comprehend the video even if it is in a foreign language. Because you can read the lines and surroundings in your own language flashing before the screen, you may now connect to many interesting movies of all genres with the aid of subtitles. 

However, not all of the videos include subtitles. It’s more aggravating when you want to view a video but can’t because you don’t know the language it’s being streamed in or can’t locate a compatible subtitle downloader. 

If you choose the latter, here is your prize! Follow this incredible list of free subtitle downloading websites to help you understand and enjoy your favorite videos without any language barriers:-

Sites to Download Free Subtitles

  • OpenSubtitles
  • Podnapisi
  • Addic7ed
  • Seeker (subtitle)
  • VLC Media Player
  • iSubtitles.org

1. SubtitlesOpen

OpenSubtitles is a fully free-to-use website that has a wide collection of subtitles in a variety of languages. Whether it’s a film or a TV program from any area, OpenSubtitle has the subtitles for them all. 

The version is simple to use because to its small weight, and it is also supportive enough as long as the interface runs smoothly and reacts quickly. The site’s search function has been upgraded to the point that it can now display any sort of movie from any genre and language to the viewer in a matter of seconds, supported by its multi-language search capacity. 

2. Podnapisi Podnapisi Podnapisi Pod

Do you need subtitles for a recent film or television show? It’s right here!

The most recent of all, Podnapisi is a completely free-to-use and access subtitle site that provides the most up-to-date subtitles for a variety of entertainment media channels. The site’s general appearance is attractive, and it warmly welcomes visitors to its User Interface. The user interface has been recognized to run smoothly, taking into account the site’s clarity and frequent updates. 

Because the search bar has been optimized to provide the user with more search options, everything from the oldest to the most recent is available in the Podnapisi database. A Global Language Filter is also provided, which enables you to browse through subtitles in your selected language. 

3. Compulsive Compulsive Compulsive Compulsive Compul

With its unearthly powers as a subtitle download site, Addic7ed distinguishes out from the pack, not just in terms of watching but also in terms of editing. While the site’s user-attractive qualities may be lacking at first visit, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

The user has the unique opportunity to choose their favourite language right from the main page, and to navigate unrestricted across the whole site according on the subtitles you previously selected. 

The icing on the cake is the availability of discussion boards where like-minded people may establish groups and debate a movie or TV program they’ve seen. The search bar has been improved to allow for faster searches and to provide the most recent subtitles for movies and TV episodes. 

4. Seeker (subtitle)

Graced with an easy to avail and use interface, the user-friendly site consists of a vast library that comprises content dating back to days and till now in recent times. Therefore, Seeker (subtitle) would be the best choice for those looking for movies from all timelines. You are allowed to choose between a Zip or an SRT file during downloading of the subtitles. 

In addition to the optimized search bar that can quickly show the material requested, the site has been optimized to deliver the most recent updates for subtitles for the most recent releases. 

5. VLC Media Player

Most people have VLC Media Players on their desktops and that is quite an in-built software. Surprisingly, you can get subtitles for the video even using a VLC Media Player. All you have to do is download the VLCSub which is a plugin of the software. Then, when you manoeuvre into the VLC sub, you will get the option to choose the video and also scour for popular subtitle providers. After finding the accurate one, you can easily move to stream videos. 

If you download the VLC app for Android, all you have to do is pick the download subtitle option in the app; no further plugins are required. For a better user experience, you may also search for more subtitles alternatives. 

iSubtitles.org is a website that provides subtitles in a variety of languages.

Apart from being mesmerized by movies made inside national borders due to the beauty of local languages, international films have their own allure. As a result, iSubtitles.org is the best subtitles download site to utilize if you want to watch movies outside of your country. 

Korean films and television series are now popular. This site can translate not just Korean films, but also a large range of worldwide films into the most basic form of justified English that the user can comprehend. 

The website is completely free to use and has a very simple design that you will like. Simply choose the subtitles you want and click the download button to get the video accompanied with subtitles. 


Apart from the ones stated above, there are many more accessible, such as English Subtitles, Subs4Free, and the well-known YIFY subtitles, which are all similarly straightforward to use and operate in the same way. There’s also a DIVX subtitles program that works well on the desktop for creating subtitles and SRT files. 

So, what are your thoughts on these simple-to-use and reliable subtitle download sites? For the impending Halloween, you may need it to view movies in a variety of languages. Let us know which one you liked most and why in the comments! While you’re here, have a look at these free movie download websites for the newest movies and TV shows. Similarly, if you have an Android smartphone, you might look into free movie download applications.

The “subtitles for movies” is a service that allows users to download subtitles. The 6 best free subtitle sites in 2022 are listed below.

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