6 Best Third-Party iPhone Keyboard Apps in 2021

The iPhone keyboard has always been a bit of an issue. It’s still the best-selling phone so it can’t be ignored, but there are some third party keyboards that do make typing easier and more efficient. In this article we’ll give you six different keyboards to buy for your favorite iPhone to help you on your journey in 2021 onwards!

The “best keyboard app for iphone 2021” is a type of app that allows users to input text on their iPhone. The 6 best third-party apps in this category are SwiftKey, Fleksy, Gboard, Google Keyboard, Minuum and iBoard.

Apple has a lengthy history in the smartphone and tablet market. It has always astounded its customers with its one-of-a-kind and dependable items. It is impossible to deny that their goods are intelligent and efficient. However, every Apple user must have felt at some time that their device’s keyboard fell short of their expectations. The auto-correct choices on iPhones, in particular, are a source of frustration in this respect.

When it comes to keyboards, Android users have the option of selecting an alternate keyboard that suits their preferences, however Apple smartphone users do not have this option. This feature (using an alternate keyboard) was only made available to iOS users in 2014.

Since Apple customers gained the flexibility to use any third-party keyboard, the Apple App Store now has a plethora of iPhone keyboard applications. These third-party keyboards provide features like as swipe typing, emoji, and more.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the third-party iPhone keyboard applications that you may utilize on your high-end handset.

2021’s Best iPhone Keyboard Apps

1. Gboard

This iPhone keyboard software offers a unique function that enables users to utilize the search bar to do a Google search. This feature makes work simpler for users since they don’t have to go to another app; they can do it from where they are.

You may get this feature on your iPhone by installing this app. Aside from that, you may share the information/results of your search in the search bar with your pals. If your device’s location has been enabled, you may also use it to find nearby sites you want to visit.

Aside from the built-in Google search, this app provides a number of additional capabilities, such as swipe messaging and the ability to use the spacebar as a touchpad on devices that support 3D touch.

You may also use Google’s voice diction by holding down the spacebar for a long time (not Siri). This is also recommended as one of the most popular iPhone applications.

SwiftKey Keyboard is number two.

When you’re conversing or typing anything, you’re more likely to make a typo. Although most individuals are unconcerned with these categories, many people are humiliated by mistakes. This iPhone keyboard software is primarily designed for folks who are humiliated by their errors.

This iOS-based software offers a fantastic auto-correct function that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist iPhone users in overcoming the issue of typos. According to the software’s creators, the app analyzes users’ typing patterns and predicts phrases and emojis appropriately. This software has a feature called ‘flow,’ which enables the user to text swiftly by swiping the keys rather than pressing them.

This program also offers several keyboard themes (both commercial and free) that you may choose from based on your preferences. This software also enables iPhone users to create their own own keyboard themes.

This software also contains several added functions, such as bilingual auto-correction (corrects words from two languages simultaneously). It supports over 90 languages, and you can see numerous statistics in the app’s settings. This software, which is based on an AI algorithm, is one of the most highly recommended keyboard applications for iPhone users.

3. Keyboard TouchPal

If you’re tired of typing on your iPhone’s standard keyboard, the iPhone keyboard app was created with you in mind. This keyboard performs similarly to a standard keyboard, but the gorgeous backdrop sets it apart. This app includes a number of beautiful themes that you may use as a backdrop for your iPhone’s keyboard. The user may also create his own theme by choosing a photo from the gallery.

There are additional features in this app, such as a swipe keyboard and emoji suggestions. This is definitely worth getting if you have an iPhone and are seeking for a nice keyboard.

Bitmoji is number four.

We all know a lot of folks that are quite outspoken. These folks want to express themselves in ways other than texting. Bitmoji is a popular software for those who want to express themselves. Create your own avatar with this iPhone keyboard app. This avatar (emoji-based picture) may be used to communicate with others. Snapchat users may be acquainted with this kind of avatar.

You may also use your Snapchat account to check in to this app. With the aid of this avatar, this software allows you to communicate your feelings or how you feel. This software is suitable for iPhone users who are expressive.

Grammarly Keyboard is number five.

Grammarly is a well-known English language program that helps users improve their English skills. It also comes with its own keyboard application. This software, which is available for iPhone users, functions as a grammar and spell checker. This iPhone keyboard software might be useful in situations when you need to compose a formal letter or anything similar. If you’re bad at English grammar, all you have to do is hit a button once you’ve finished writing the text. The program looks for any errors and suggests improvements that might be done.

This iPhone keyboard app’s auto-correct is quite accurate, and you may choose your native English, such as American English, Australian English, British English, or Canadian English, depending on your needs.

6. Fleksy

This iPhone keyboard software is for folks who want to type swiftly and effectively on their iPhone. This software has vibrant themes as well as GIF and Sticker selection choices (from thousands of them). This keyboard, which is aimed towards iOS users, covers 42 different languages. This program offers a unique feature called gesture control, which enables users to add punctuation marks, space words, and erase them by just swiping the keyboard.

This program also allows users to choose their preferred typefaces from a list of font selections. With the aid of this program, you may change the size of the keyboard. This software is a gesture-based writing program that iOS users may use to have fun while writing.

This is a collection of third-party iPhone keyboard applications that we suggest for 2021. There are, however, a plethora of different iPhone keyboard apps available on the App Store. Please tell us the iPhone keyboard app you’re using and what makes it unique.

The “best iphone keyboard app” is a topic that has been discussed for years. The 6 best third-party iPhone keyboard apps in 2021 are: Swype, SwiftKey, Gboard, Fleksy, Google Keyboard and iKeywi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which keyboard app is best for iPhone?

A: I recommend using Fleksy keyboard app. Its a great and reliable keyboard that has been updated over time with different features, such as the ability to change your skin color or tweak accent colors when typing.

Can iPhone use 3rd party keyboard?

A: Some third party apps are able to be downloaded and are compatible with iPhone. However, you will need to verify that the app is compatible before download it on your device.

How do I get the cool keyboard on my iPhone?

A: To get the cool keyboard on your iPhone, you must first download a database of images that is compatible with it. You can find this by doing an image search for keyboard and the specific phone model or operating system that you are using.

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