7 Best Free Antivirus for Mac in 2020

Antivirus software is a requirement for most Mac users, but it can cost hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, there are plenty of free antivirus solutions to choose from that will keep your computer safe and secure. The best ones are available for download on the internet so you have no excuse not to pick one up today!

The “avast free mac security” is a free antivirus that is available for Mac. It offers a 7-day trial and can also be purchased as a license.

Despite recurrent internet rumors regarding Mac OS’ purported invincibility compared to Windows computers, the fact is a far different tragic story. Mac OS, on the other hand, is just as susceptible to virus as Windows 10 or earlier versions. Also, the claim that more hazardous software is written with Windows users in mind since Windows is a more popular platform doesn’t hold weight. In reality, internet threats to Apple’s hallmark Mac operating system are common, thus having a good antivirus solution is essential. Of course, there are commercial antivirus options on the App Store, but who wants to pay money when some of the best free antivirus for Mac 2020 is only a click away?

best free antivirus for mac

The only issue is gathering and evaluating these incredible anti-malware solutions. Don’t worry; we’ve produced a list of seven of the top free antivirus software for Mac users in 2020 that will keep your Mac safe from the newest ransomware, adware, and virus. So, are you ready to learn about the top free Antivirus for Mac 2020 that can permanently remove malicious phishing scripts and trojans? Let’s get this party started:

1) Avast Free Mac Security [Best Antivirus for Email Scanning and Anti-Phishing]

best free antivirus for mac

Avast has long been regarded as one of the most efficient antivirus protection suites for fast completing full-system malware scans, malware eradication, and effortlessly sifting through different online activities such as javascript, downloads, web pages, and so on. It’s so powerful that it can scan particular email threads and attachments without interfering with your workflow.

Avast also includes built-in phishing prevention and drag-and-drop screening for particular files. Of course, you may check for infections on associated volumes and external disks.

Furthermore, owing to a navigation pane on the left that has a real-time graph that encompasses Avast shield’s activity, you won’t be overwhelmed by this free application’s UI, which seems to be pretty plain and modest. Avast also has five main buttons that enable customers to quickly see the summary of their Mac’s security metrics.

2) Bitdefender Internet Security [Best Antivirus for thorough scans and automatic updates]

best free antivirus for mac

Bitdefender Virus Scanner provides a variety of scan options, including rapid deep scans of your whole system and the ability to target particular places. Bitdefender’s clean and slick UI may also be used to scan crucial areas like your system library and Mac’s launch agents, due to its three scanning modes. This is a huge comfort for customers who are pressed for time and wish to skip the longer scans.

But it’s Bitdefender’s ingenious update download process that propels it into our list of the top free Antivirus for Mac 2020. That is, Bitdefender updates malware definitions hourly, giving your machine a head start if it becomes infected with malware before a scan even begins.

Not to mention, this facilitates the process of blacklisting certain sites from system scans. Furthermore, Bitdefender has the ability to quickly scan for malware in a variety of archives and file formats, including ZIP, RAR, PDF, PKG, and others.

3) MalwareBytes Anti-Malware [Malware Remover of the Year]

best free antivirus for mac

Malwarebytes for Mac was first released as an adware removal tool, but it has now evolved into a powerful malware protection utility. It is now a one-of-a-kind malware elimination tool. You won’t have to mess around with any additional controls on the UI, which is clean and uncluttered. Simply run MalwareBytes, choose Scan, and MalwareBytes will generate a list of potentially infected files and remove them.

Furthermore, if you want to quickly quarantine nasty MacOS malware (such as Fruitfly) and run thorough scans, MalwareBytes is one of the top free Antivirus for Mac 2020.

Furthermore, this free anti-malware solution does not conflict with existing antivirus software and may be used as a supplement to hunt down spyware in real time. MalwareBytes isn’t an always-on solution, so it doesn’t use up too much of your Mac’s resources. However, since MalwareBytes mainly deals with malware, it cannot provide real-time protection against other types of security flaws.

4) Sophos Antivirus [Best Antivirus for Lightweight Devices]

best free antivirus for mac

Don’t be fooled by Sophos Antivirus’s poor scan rates; this free antivirus is a beast when it comes to quarantining unexpected files that just behave strangely. Sophos also includes real-time internet security technologies that guard against trojans, viruses, phishing scripts, and other threats. Not to add, Sophos is rather light, uses little system resources, and can execute critical background checks invisibly.  

When it comes to the interface, it seems to be pretty small at first sight, especially given how effortlessly Sophos managed to jam in so many capabilities into one software. Additionally, navigating the menu is a breeze, since users can do a full-system scan and even create exemptions right from the main menu. Overall, Sophos performs an excellent job at combating harmful spyware.

[Best Antivirus for Spyware and Adware Protection] 5) Avira Free Antivirus

best free antivirus for mac

Look no farther than Avira for an antivirus that achieves a perfect mix between rapid access to sophisticated tools and simplicity of use. Avira is at the forefront of many fronts; for example, it comes with basic spyware and adware protection and can easily prevent tracking and intercept hazardous URLs.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about virus definitions being updated since they are updated on a regular basis. Avira also includes 5GB of free online storage and one-click elimination of infected files, making it one of the finest free Mac antivirus programs available.

This free antivirus solution also has you covered if you want to examine scan history or start automation, which means you can go about your business without interruption as it scans the system in the background. In general, Avira makes complete system scans equally easy to run as file-specific and scheduled scans.

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6) AVG Antivirus [Best anti-virus with a user-friendly UI]

best free antivirus for mac

A sophisticated security engine lurks underneath AVG’s simple look, detecting and removing Mac-specific virus, spyware, and malware in real time. It also works well for removing threats from your iPhone. In fact, given how innovative AVG AntiVirus has grown over the years, it not only protects essential system files on your Mac, but also stops you from infecting pals on other devices by accident.

Furthermore, AVG’s Resident Shield, which operates silently in the background, is highly formidable. How? AVG automatically scans any file you run, copy, or save without bothering you with pop-ups.

We were also impressed with the drag & drop functionality proffered by AVG for easily singling out specific suspected files or folders. Of course, you can get automatic online updates as well as run thorough scans of your entire Mac with a single click.

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7) Comodo Antivirus [The Best Antivirus for Real-Time Trojan Protection]

best free antivirus for mac

Comodo, which personifies complete malware protection, rounds off our list of the top free Antivirus for Mac 2020. In truth, Comodo Antivirus is a proactive antivirus that protects Mac OS X computers against Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. You may benefit from an on-demand scanner, a constantly updated database of known infections, and always-on real-time security thanks to its cutting-edge virus protection.

You would be misled if you thought this application was a stripped-down version of a premium product. Comodo Antivirus, in fact, comes with a slew of features, including in-depth reports on viral activity, greater protection against zero-day malware in any folder or file, and the ability to scan compressed.zip files, where viruses often hide.

On the UI front, you’d be amazed at how simple it is to drag and drop things into the dock for speedy virus analysis at first sight. Furthermore, you are eligible to get automatic online updates for virus protection that is always up to date. Overall, Comodo has a very appealing user-friendly layout.

That’s everything for now! So, how did our roundup of the top free Mac antivirus for 2020 go? Do you know of any effective antivirus solutions that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Don’t forget to click on the links to download the program.

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