7 Best Free Mobile Location Tracking Apps in 2021

With so many people leaving their phones behind and using devices like fitness trackers to track their steps, it can be hard to stay on top of where you go. Luckily there’s a ton of great options for tracking your location, including some that are entirely free! These 7 apps will help you keep tabs on when friends come over too with just an Android or iPhone.

The “free best phone tracker app without permission” is a problem that many people have faced in the past. However, it has been solved by apps such as these.

The term “mobile location tracking” refers to determining the location of a target mobile phone, which might be fixed or moving. The technology used to determine the position of a mobile phone is known as GPS (Global Positioning System), which utilizes radio signal networks to collect data about its precise location. 

Similar technologies and approaches would be used by a Mobile Position Tracking program to determine the location of the targeted mobile. In this approach, the user will learn where the owner of the mobile phone is. Mobile location monitoring applications have shown to be an efficient way of assuring safety and security in the past. In 2021, the following are some of the finest mobile location monitoring applications to use:

Apps to Track Your Phone for Free

  • FlexiSpy
  • Spyic
  • Cocospy
  • Life360
  • Famisafe
  • Snoopza
  • Find My Device on Google

1. FlexiSpy (FlexiSpy)

FlexiSpy was created to monitor not just mobile phones, but also computers and tablets. Its surveillance services are available on both Android and iPhone as a mobile phone viewer app. The GPS monitoring device effortlessly collects data about the mobile’s movement. 

Call interception and recording applications, an embedded camera for live spying, tracking the targeted mobile user’s activity on social networking sites, and even keeping track of browsing internet history are all included in the spying and monitoring software. It even goes through the messages and phone records. 

The FlexiSpy program, which is available in the least paid version, is by far the best owing to its excellent compatibility, which allows it to work with practically any device and provides the most extensive functionality. 

2. Spyic

The target mobile user discovering you are following their phone would be a nightmare come true. As a result, Spyic comes to the user’s aid. Spyic produces an extensive web of networks that provides the quickest and most accurate tracking service, whether you’re monitoring an iphone or an android. 

It’s as simple as creating an account and logging in. Then, on the phones that you want to target, install the program. You’ll be sneaky and able to follow what’s going on on the other phones after you’ve finished. Messages, phone activity and call records, screenshots, searches, and even wifi-logging activities would all be accessible. 

All of this will be offered at a reasonable price (and without the intended mobile user being aware of it!). 

Cocospy 3

Cocosphy is a mobile location monitoring and spying program that can sneakily peer into the full of a mobile device, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android smartphone. The program has been reported to perform incredibly effectively at monitoring activities without the knowledge of the target mobile’s owner. 

It can follow the position of a mobile device invisibly from anywhere without the need for jailbreaking or rooting. Cocospy also provides the user with a wide range of customizable parental controls. The remotely monitoring software allows you to keep an eye on your child’s online activity and safeguard their safety and security. 

4. 360° Life

Life360’s use varies from wherever to everywhere, demonstrating its broad applicability. Life360, which is available for both iOS and Android users, is one of the greatest platforms for ensuring adequate safety precautions when undertaking monitoring activities. 

The software provides for real-time location sharing of the targeted device, as well as the creation of secret groups and movements for a seamless user experience. The family members are kept well-informed and linked by the close-knit loop of location-sharing. In addition, the app’s emergency contacts area allows users to make automatic calls for ambulances. 

Famisafe (#5)

Famisafe is particularly built for family use, providing proper parental settings for monitoring and tracking android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices. This software is great for parents who want to keep track of their children’s location. 

You can verify whether your children are safe browsing online using its web filter, app activity and enabling app blocks, as well as monitoring web and YouTube history. It has been hailed as one of the safest mobile location tracker applications due to its diverse skills and features.  

6. Snoop Dogg

The Snoopza software comes with full-fledged monitoring functions and is mostly compatible with Android cellphones. The Snoopza mobile location monitoring app is available in both free and premium editions, both having parental tracking features. 

Even though advanced features such as call log activity, messages, social media access, and other aspects are only available when the premium version is purchased, the basic free version comes equipped with geo-share location sharing, call history management, and internet browsing history, as well as SMS segment control. 

7. Find My Device on Google

An entirely free to use software, the Find My Device on Google tracks the mobile location of your android device. It comes power-packed with security features where you can put locks on the data via a strong password. If you would like, Find My Device on Google allows you the option of erasing the data as well. 

Google Maps is a major supporter of the program, and it does an excellent job of monitoring local sites. Mobile phones, tablets, and, shockingly, smartwatches may all be monitored. 

However, even though the GPS feature is omnipresent, Find My Device on Google will not function without a sufficient internet connection. 

Good luck with your tracking!

Please keep in mind that these free Mobile Location Tracking applications are not intended to be used maliciously. The usage of these applications has no intention of causing damage to other users. Before utilizing mobile monitoring applications, be aware of the privacy policies in place in the nation or region where you live, since if you are discovered tracking your phone in an unethical manner, you may face severe consequences. 

Also, did you know that you can follow a person’s mobile position only by knowing their phone number?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) include the following:

  1. Is it unlawful to use mobile location tracking software?

Yes, if played honestly. It is unlawful to track someone’s mobile device if the action is carried out without their knowledge. Only if you possess the device (such as giving a bugged phone or putting software on a phone you previously owned) or if you have the approval of the targeted mobile user is the conduct justified. 

  1. How can I tell whether my phone is being tracked?

Even if the software in use is relatively discrete in its operation, there are few tell-tale signals to know whether your phone is being watched. Quick battery depletion, excessive data consumption, mobile overheating, weird sounds when calling, unexpected rebooting, slowing performance, and some random instructions that you did not install are all examples.

The “free phone tracker by number” is a free location tracking app that can be used to track any mobile device. It offers a wide range of features and the ability to monitor more than one device at once.

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