7 Best Kodi Addons For Movies and TV Shows

Kodi is a popular open-source media player that can be installed on desktop computers, Android boxes and even smart TVs. Kodi has the ability to stream live TV channels as well as movies and TV shows from around the world. These tutorials will show you how to install some of the best addons for watching your favorite programs in full HD quality!.

Kodi, one of the greatest streaming platforms for bringing you varied entertainment and global media content at a reasonable cost, provides users with a variety of add-ons. These add-ons are software or links that enable a specific advantage.

It implies that users may benefit from high-quality connections when they utilize Kodi addons, allowing them to stream similarly high-quality television and movies. However, users have often slammed Kodi addons, claiming that the majority of them are dead links when they search for and utilize them. 

While the accusations are mostly accurate, it’s apparent that Kodi addons are fantastic if you select the correct one to utilize. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of all the currently working (and legal!) Kodi addons that you may use to watch movies! 

Addons for Movies and TV Shows on Kodi

  • The Oath
  • Venom
  • The Crew
  • Marauder
  • Redux Exodus
  • Dragon of Magic
  • Gaia

1. The Pledge

The Oath is one of the greatest Kodi addons for movies that supports both OpenScrapers and presumably fits well with Orion. It originates from its own, The Oath Scrapers. It provides all of the following features to its users:-

  • It provides high-speed streaming as well as premium material and videography.
  • It can be used with both the Kodi 19 Matrix and the Kodi 18 platforms.
  • There are several sites available for streaming the material that function well.

The Oath is now the most popular and voted Kodi movie add-on platform. As a result, it is a must-have.

2. Venom

Venom is a Kodi add-on for movies that has a buttery smooth flow on Kodi platforms and is very compelling in terms of availability of excellent material, qualitative video resolution, regular updates, and optimizing the platform to keep up with the frequent releases. 

The following are some of the features that people appreciate:-

  • All of the most recent movies and television series are included, and they are readily identified since they are divided into numerous categories.
  • It works really quickly and without causing the user any problems.

However, this new Exodus platform may necessitate the use of Real Debrid (Real Debrid is nothing but a subscription service that provides unrestricted multiple hoster). 

3. The Team

The Crew is a close second to The Oath in terms of popularity and fanfare, with a little gap between the two. In the following areas, the Crew freely distributes its variety:-

  • It is an all-in-one by being the most comprehensive Kodi add-on available, including not just movies and TV series but also sports, comedy, and other genres.
  • Once The Crew is joined to Real Debrid, it will soon become its own HD content-playing platform. 
  • It now has the most reputable content distribution forum, where goods are routinely updated.
  • Furthermore, the many connections accessible are fully functioning and vastly outperform other platforms. 

4. a marauding bandit

This Kodi add-on for movies features the torrenting feature, which allows you to conveniently download video links. 

The following are some of the platform’s characteristics that should be valued for their integrated distinctiveness in comparison to other forums: –

  • Additional separated sets with names like The Movie Chest, Hack the Planet, and so on are available.
  • This functions in a manner that is essentially identical to the SkyNet (SkyNet is also a Kodi add-on for movies platform that uses torrent links to get video downloads possible).
  • It offers high-definition video connections.
  • It is user-friendly and excels in terms of providing additional navigation help on a visually pleasing platform. 

5. Redux Exodus

A donned up version of Exodus, the Redux Exodus is one amongst the famous Kodi add-ons in the movies section due to the old descent of the roots harboured. 

However, the users using the Redux Exodus platform must be aware that Redux Exodus is an unofficial platform for Kodi addons. Therefore, kindly opt to use a VPN while streaming the Redux Exodus platform to protect your user information data of the device. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the benefits of receiving the best-ever quality-rich TV shows and movies entirely for free. Redux Exodus promises a quick speed of streaming of the functional links. 

6. Dragon of Magic

The Dragon of Magic Kodi addon for movies platform has become insanely popular while deploying its work in the following:-

  • TV Shows
  • Films and films
  • Docuseries and documents
  • Radio
  • Games and sports

The large number of parts accessible gives consumers additional options for achieving the optimum set-up.

While the links may not be broken or condoned, there is a potential that they may serve as traction points for adverts or ad trackers. As a result, regardless of the add-on used to watch films, using a VPN is always suggested. 

7. Gaia

Gia seems to provide the most complex browsing experience of all, with a richly selected pool of streaming hauls. Despite the fact that the user must subscribe to fully access its capabilities, it nonetheless manages to entice consumers with the following profitable offers:-

  • Displays an outstanding streaming file with all relevant information readily available to the viewer, such as file type, quality, host, language, and so on.
  • The customer may effortlessly access high quality files with a strong 4K resolution via its premium connections.
  • The site is continually optimized for optimal performance. 

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