7 Best Online PC Games to Play in 2021

PC gaming has been around for more than 30 years, and it’s still going strong. With a variety of different games to play on the PC, players have no shortage of titles to enjoy in 2021

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Any game that enters the market is met with a seemingly unbroken enthusiasm within the gaming community. Every game’s intricately detailed and engrossing graphics, along with the captivating plot, creates a strong desire to play it. 

The thrill of escaping reality and going wild with a weapon on a field of gore while keeping a watchful eye on enemy movements skyrockets the passion. And, since the craze never fades, PC games attract the most gamers. The top online PC games to play in 2021 are listed here!

Best PC Games Online in 2021

  • Legends of Apex
  • Warzone: Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • Rust
  • League of Legends
  • Shadows Legends Raid
  • PUBG

1. Legends of Apex


Since its debut in 2019, the free-to-play first-person multiplayer shooter game has been noted for its sudden success. 

Each participant has a character allocated to them in this game. Legends are the names given to these figures. Every character has unique abilities and weapons to use. As a result, gamers may pick and select what they want that fits the gameplay style. 

The multiplayer game pits duos and trios against one another on an island where they must fight in ‘arenas,’ or fights. The scary thing is that as time passes, the island’s size shrinks, pitting the players against one another more. The winning squad will be the last one standing. 

2. Warzone: Call of Duty


Because of the features available, Call Of Duty is surely an unmatched competitor on the list of games. One of the most well-known variants of COD is Warzone.

Players are dropped from a height and must land at a location to acquire weapons before equipping them and moving to the battlefield. Killstreaks must be collected, and in multiplayer mode, you must depend on your teammates for communication and tracking of lone wolves. 

Use this free-to-play game to run across the blood-stained ground without getting murdered until you reach the end or the Gulag jail.

3. Playing Fortnite 


Even in its simplicity, the free-to-play game that can be played via mobile phones stands out. Many gamers are drawn to the game because of the several play modes available. 

Because of the combination of shooting and survival features, the 2017 released game was a hit. The player must fend against zombie-like monsters while simultaneously surviving the increasing odds by staying safe. It also includes the ability to construct fortresses, create traps, and protect whatever things are accessible. 

Allowing both duos and teams, the game is set in a catastrophic hit age, and the theme clearly indicates that the last guy remaining wins.

4. Rust


The game, which is often seen as a spin-off of Minecraft, is not as innocent as it seems at first. Its cruelty dates back to the primitive epoch. With nothing except a stone, the player is placed on an island-like beach. That stone must be used to make weapons and mining equipment by the player.

In the game, you must maintain your strength by eating regularly for survival, build a hideaway or town to protect yourself from any attackers, and acquire additional things to construct weapons. 

There will be moments when the player must face off against other players who are just as ruthless, murder animals for a livelihood, and enhance the home to make it as impregnable as possible. 

5. League of Legends


As a well-known vehicular soccer game, League of Legends could be the taste of football fans too as the setting of it revolves around the soccer but will have rocket-laced cars.

Two teams, similar to a soccer match, will compete against each other utilizing rocket-powered vehicles or automobiles. As both sides scramble to strike goals in each other’s posts, the labor of striking the soccer ball that was formerly done by the legs will now be handled by the wheels of the automobiles. There are also new play modes that are a mix of ice hockey and basketball. 

Single and multiplayer modes are available in the game, and players may select whatever they want. 

Isn’t it like a futuristic soccer match taking place in a stadium?

6. Shadows Legends Raid


It is a free-to-play role-playing shooter game that immerses the player in a battle arena populated by heroes with specific powers. Each is distinct from the others and offers distinct benefits. 

This mobile game is developed by Plarium with the sole purpose of providing players with a fictional realm called Teleria that is under the threat of a villain named Dark Siroth, according to some parts of the storyline. 

All of the players enter this world in order to rescue Teleria from Dark’s tyrannical control by confronting dungeons, allies, and other adversaries that are waiting to murder anybody who wants to defeat Dark. 



When it originally came out, the battle royale game shook the whole gaming industry to its core. The game’s characteristics include putting the layers against each other, which is still recognized and celebrated as the greatest and most popular game of all time. They have the option of playing single or multiplayer.

There are weapons to gather, features and bonuses to take advantage of, and opponents to watch out for. On the enormous island they are thrown on, there are largely materials to scavenge, and the winning portion for obtaining a chicken meal is reliant on the player’s combat and survival abilities. 

So those were some of the greatest online PC games to play when remote working got you bored at home or reality became too much to bear. While waging fights against your adversaries, enjoy looting and accumulating kill streaks. 

If you’re not pleased with the current list of games, why not make a suggestion in the comments section?

That’s everything for now! So, how did our list of the top Online PC Games go? Do you know of any excellent PC games that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

The “best online games 2021” are the top 7 best PC games that you can play in 2021. They are all free to play and have a lot of content.

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