7 Best Torrent Sites for Torrenteers in 2022

Torrenting is a digital age phenomenon, and in 2022 it will be more difficult to find ethical torrent sites. The 7 best torrent websites for 2019 are listed below with brief descriptions of what they offer

The Coronavirus epidemic has been going on for over two years. People are spending more and more of their free time on the internet, and it’s likely that members of the BitTorrent community are still looking for the best torrent sites for 2022 so that they can easily obtain their favorite material.

If you want to understand more about how torrents function, check out our essay on how torrents work, which covers a variety of BitTorrent foundations. Following that, you may check over our list of the top torrent clients if you’re seeking for some clever software to transfer/download torrents.

2022’s Top Torrent Sites

  • The Pirate Bay is a website dedicated to pirates.
  • YTS
  • 1337x.to
  • Rarbg.to
  • Limetorrents.info
  • KickAssTorrents is a peer-to-peer file-sharing service (Mirror)
  • EZTV

The Pirate Bay is number one. is a website dedicated to pirates.

Torrent website The Pirate Bay is a website dedicated to pirates., or TPB for short, still tops the list of torrent sites again in 2022, operating on its original domain. After the apocalypse of KickAss Torrents, the popular website took the throne.

TPB has proudly exhibited its original interface for many years, despite being banned and resurrected multiple times. It’s a torrent index that divides content into categories such as music, movies, software, and books.

The ability to simply establish torrents with sturdy seeds, which suggests quicker transfer speeds, could be a major point of The Pirate Bay is a website dedicated to pirates.. If TPB is blocked in your country, you’ll be able to use a VPN service like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN to access it.

Why do you need to use TPB?

  • It is one of the most well-known and well-established torrent websites.
  • Identification of VIP/trusted users
  • Mirrors that are a source of humiliation

2. YTS 

YTS is designed for those who prefer to transfer movie torrents above anything else. The torrent website has redirected to a new address. One thing to bear in mind is that the website has nothing to do with the original YTS/YIFY cluster, which shut down some years ago. The website’s name, on the other hand, has made it into the list of well-known websites.

YTS is well-known for its attractive appearance. The home page now only includes a search page, following in the footsteps of other torrent compartmentalization websites. YTS is mostly supported by stolen material, yet it has a strong enough look to compete with certain popular streaming services.

Users will simply submit requests for material and provide comments to the site’s administrators. However, you must first register a user account in order to post comments on the website.

Why do you need to use YTS?

  • A search filter that is both functional and convenient in terms of filters and sorting options.
  • The torrent description is simple to read and has a good structure.

3. 1337x.to (http://1337x.to/)

1337x is a torrent site that is aware of its look. Everything is designed with material that is neatly put and completely acquainted, from the home page to the index page.

Torrents may be found on well-known torrent websites. It also has a feature called “Trending” that highlights the most popular torrents for the day and week. Users may utilize high-volume torrent listings for a variety of categories to find appropriate torrents to transfer.

Why do you have to use 1337x?

  • The listing page has a trendy look and feel to it.
  • It’s also useful for looking for older torrents. 

4. Rarbg.to (Rarbg.to)

While the service’s not-so-modern appearance may irritate some users, it effectively achieves its goal of providing healthy torrent files to leeches. When visitors click on links on the website, they should expect to see a lot of economic tabs.

Despite a little drop in Alexa ranking, Rarbg remains one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet.

Aside from high-quality torrent transfer categories like as Movies, Music, Software, Games, and so on, Rarbg also maintains a dedicated website with trailers for a variety of films and programs. People may not go to torrent sites to see trailers. It will, however, be beneficial to some.

To see what others are downloading from the torrent website, a user may go at Rarbg’s top ten torrent listings for a variety of classes.

Why do you have to use Rarbg?

  • Concentrate on torrents of excellent quality.
  • Show business news may be found on this blog.

5. Limetorrents.info (http://www.lithetorrents.info/)

Limtorrents seems to be in our list of the top torrent sites for 2022 once again. This is often another website that hosts torrents in a variety of categories, including TV shows, movies, games, apps, and anime.

It seems to be rather simple to locate a healthy torrent, and one of the reasons LimeTorrents is one of the most popular torrent websites is because the site’s material is updated on a daily basis. The torrent website features separate websites with regularly updated listings of the top a hundred torrents trending the most, and hence the most recent torrents uploaded to the site. Users may create accounts that will allow them to transfer torrents, write comments, bookmark torrents, and communicate with other users, among other things.

Why do you need to go with Limetorrents.info?

  • The star badge is the only way to identify verified torrents.
  • A list of the top a hundred and most recent a hundred torrents is updated on a regular basis.

6. KickAssTorrents is a peer-to-peer file-sharing service (Mirror)

Kickasstorrents.to is one of the most effective torrent websites. With its increasing quality, what may well be regarded as a substitute for the defunct khat is likewise on its thanks to being one of the 2022’s Top Torrent Sites.

Because of the original domain, the mirror domain has the same software and layout. The torrent library, hottest torrents, and high torrents categories are all located at the top of the page. These are augmented with a tag cloud that tells you about the page’s most popular queries.

In terms of speed, KickAsstorrents has a large enough selection of seeds and leeches to allow you to transmit torrents swiftly and without difficulty. Torrent files and magnet links are available on the website.

Why do you need to utilize KickAssTorrents?

  • Has a well-known television show
  • There will be no obnoxious commercials.


You may be acquainted with the releasing collective EZTV, which used to dock at KickAss Torrents and other prominent torrent sites. For the last several years, the domain EZTV.ag has remained among Alexa’s top 1000 websites.

EZTV is a website where those who want to get TV program torrents may do so. It is, in fact, the only content category on this well-known pirate website. The torrenting website features a straightforward design, with torrent links and other information organized in a table manner. Visitors may also create user accounts and save torrents as favorites.

What are the benefits of using EZTV?

  • The Countdown Timer is quite helpful.
  • The site is really bright and airy.

The Countdown List feature allows users to keep track of upcoming torrent uploads. The Calendar section is quite useful for items that have previously been posted.


While the greatest torrent websites may offer you with the material you want, they may fall short in some areas. In other words, you are not anonymous while downloading files from the BitTorrent network. Because the P2P file-sharing network is mainly decentralized, a user’s torrent actions may be monitored by a person with the proper technical abilities or an ISP. A remedy for this is to utilize a VPN, which enables users to hide their IP address. It’s quite useful.

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