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Internet security has been a growing concern for many individuals and companies as hacking, fraud, and other cyber threats have become more common. Using a VPN is one way to protect yourself from hackers while your computer connects to the internet. Here are some of the best free VPNs that can be used with Windows XP.

The “vpn for windows xp free download” is a VPN that allows users to change their IP address, which helps them stay anonymous. The “Best Free VPN for Windows XP in 2019” has been posted by BizTechPost.

Are you still on Windows XP because you were unable to update for some reason? Don’t worry, millions of people still use Windows XP, even though it will no longer get security updates. However, in addition to a decent antivirus, you’ll need a reliable VPN client program to securely access the Internet for your PC to run efficiently. A virtual private network, or VPN, is a private data network that protects your privacy by abstracting your Internet connection using cryptographic security methods. To put it another way, a VPN hides your Internet connection and keeps your computer anonymous, making it safe from hackers. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for the best free VPN for Windows XP. Using these free VPN client software on your Windows XP PC might be really beneficial. After all, we combed the internet for you to locate them.

best free vpn for windows xp

What is the Best Free VPN for Windows XP?

Before you choose on the best VPN for your Windows XP machine, there are many variables to consider. Compatibility is, of course, a concern. Connection speed is also an issue. Keep in mind that surfing performance on a Windows XP machine will be much slower than on a newer Windows OS. So, whichever VPN you use, keep these considerations in mind.

Here is our selection of the 5 best free VPN for Windows XP that you may still use in 2019!

1) Free Hotspot Shield

best free vpn for windows xp

Hotspot Shield is the most popular free VPN client on the internet today, and it’s known for providing seamless access to prohibited websites like PayPal and Hulu (in certain regions). If you want limitless bandwidth and speedy data transmission while being anonymous, this VPN is ideal.

Hotspot Shield’s USPs include real-time IP address masking, security against malware, spam, and phishing sites, making it one of the best free VPNs for Windows XP available. Furthermore, it secures your internet connection even while utilizing public Wi-Fi networks and allows for fast surfing. In addition, each time Hotspot Shield connects to a country’s server, it assigns a new IP address.

2) Complete VPN

best free vpn for windows xp

Total VPN is a popular VPN client program for Windows XP users, with a user-friendly design that makes browsing the internet anonymously and accessing prohibited websites in their location a breeze for first-time VPN users. What else distinguishes it as one of the top free VPNs for Windows XP users? Total VPN is also highly dependable since it uses powerful encryption protocols (PPTP, OpenVPN, IkeV2, etc.) and doesn’t keep track of your browser records. Additionally, Total VPN is useful for offering total security on public Wi-Fi networks by hiding your location, IP address, and personal information.

However, if you use Total VPN on Windows XP, the only disadvantage is the slow connection speed, which degrades the entire surfing experience. You can have issues with simultaneous connections as well.

3) VPN Express

best free vpn for windows xp

Express VPN has swiftly established itself as one of the fastest VPN services accessible, particularly for Windows XP. This lightning-fast VPN program uses a 256-bit encrypted SSL network. Express VPN successfully uses the power of 136 VPN servers from over 87 countries to provide limitless bandwidth at high speeds.

Flexible server switches, disguised network traffic, and synchronized connections on up to three systems are among the other notable characteristics. It also employs secure protocols like SSTP, PPTP, and openVPN(TCP, UDP), among others.

The free version of Express VPN, on the other hand, is only available for a 30-day trial period after which you will have to pay a premium of roughly $12.95 for a one-month plan or $8.32 per month for a one-year plan.

4) VPN Turbo

best free vpn for windows xp

Turbo VPN is a lightning-fast free VPN that guarantees a solid, non-fluctuating connection at super-fast speeds. Unlike its predecessor on our list (Express VPN), customers will not have to pay a monthly or annual fee to access this turbo-charged beast’s services.

Turbo VPN also works with LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi and allows you to establish hotspots and share your connection with numerous devices, making it a worthy addition to our list of the best free VPN for Windows XP. Turbo VPN also employs little bandwidth to provide a completely anonymous surfing experience.

IPVanish (#5)

best free vpn for windows xp

Another outstanding VPN client program that promises significant potential in terms of offering a secure surfing experience on a Windows XP PC rounds out our list. IPVanish may make your IP address vanish, so hiding your online identity.

This free VPN client program can simply safeguard your data and information thanks to its characteristic cryptographic encryption technology. IPVanish offers over 500 VPN servers in 60 countries, as well as over 40,000 shared IP addresses. IPVanish is worth looking at if you want to be almost anywhere online.

IPVanish also offers safe 256-bit AES encryption, no traffic records, and up to 5 simultaneous connections across various devices. Furthermore, IPVanish’s secure PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols may provide limitless bandwidth and anonymous torrenting. In spite of these benefits, IPVanish is a premium VPN client software with options ranging from $10 per month to $6.49 per month for an annual membership. However, IPVanish presently only provides a free trial to people who join up using their iOS app.

That’s everything for now! Have you enjoyed our list of the top free VPNs for Windows XP? Do you know of any other free VPN client software that we missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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