Best GoPro Editing Software 2018: VideoProc (Review)

For many people, GoPro is the one device they would never leave home without. There are a lot of reasons why this camera has become so popular: it’s high-quality image and sound footage, its ruggedness in both outdoor and water activities, and its simplicity to use for nearly all users.

VideoProc is the best GoPro editing software of 2018. It has a variety of features, including a color-grading tool and an advanced video stabilization feature.

Since the unexpected closing of GoPro Studio in 2017, GoPro action camera users have been left in the lurch in search of a suitable studio-quality video processing/editing software. Yeah, a great video editor that allows them to edit movies of their high-octane action escapades with flawless quality on the fly. Now, there are numerous software options on the market contending for the title of best GoPro editing software of 2018, but the recently launched VideoProc attracted our attention.

VideoProc, from Digiarty Software, the inventors of WinX DVD, gives everything a GoPro or drone enthusiast needs to edit their beautifully captured action footage on both Windows and Mac OS. We put our program to the test to see whether it could handle any choppy GoPro, Drone, or other video footage. Let’s have a look.

best gopro editing software

First and foremost, when you launch VideoProc Editor, you’ll see a very simple and basic interface with four options: Video, DVD, Downloader, and Recorder. The remaining three choices will be discussed later, but the first (Video) is what makes this program so valuable, particularly if you want to swiftly edit plenty of iPhone/drone/GoPro action in 4K on a Mac or Windows PC.

VideoProc: Process & Resize GoPro and iPhone (4K) Videos with Intact Quality

In reality, this program is capable of editing not just sleek GoPro action films, but also 4K iPhone videos and DJI drone footage. So, if you need to swiftly touch up massive HD/4K video in great studio quality, VideoProc editor is a must-have.

What attracted our curiosity was the fact that VideoProc is really pretty effective at editing slow motion films while maintaining a high bit rate. It helps that VideoProc specializes in editing high-speed action footage captured at 120/240 frames per second. However, there are a slew of other reasons why VideoProc is the finest GoPro editing software for Mac and Windows users. Continue reading…

How to use VideoProc to fast edit GoPro, iPhone, and drone camera footage?

best gopro editing software

It’s simple to edit a video on the fly using the VideoProc editor. Simply choose either the video or video folder tabs, and then import your clip. There are several alternatives available, ranging from 4K to 8K video editing. You may also use the Music tab to import a background music track.

You may add subtitles, various filters/effects, watermarks, alter audio settings, and perform all the fundamental jobs of video editing, such as cut, resize, crop, color adjustments, paste, merge, trim, and so on, after you’ve imported your camera footage.

Advanced users may mess about with a variety of audio/video settings before commencing conversion, such as frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate correction, and so on. Audiophiles may enjoy a variety of audio output formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, AC3, PCM, OGG, and more.

best gopro editing software

The plethora of possibilities VideoProc gives with easy-to-access presets and complex video/audio parameter modifications truly amazed us. For a first-time user, the goal is to avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available.

If you want to add a more eccentric twist to your movie or improve GoPro video quality for viral social media consumption, click the “Toolbox” option, which will spew out some wonderful add-ons like GIFs, 3D to 2D conversion, fisheye lens, and more. Finally, the VideoProc editor allows you to queue up several videos that may all be converted to the same output format.

Continue reading to learn about 6 ways to downsize GoPro 4K video without losing quality.

Note By clicking the “Free Download” button on the site above, you may also enter to win a GoPro Hero 7 camera with accessories as well as a free license key.

best gopro editing software

How can I choose a VideoProc target output format?

After you’ve finished editing, you’ll need to pick an export format. There are several output formats available for both mobile and desktop. I’d recommend sticking to the General Tab profile, which includes MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, and other video formats. You may also choose a mobile format that is compatible with Apple, Android, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, and Microsoft devices, to mention a few.

best gopro editing software

VideoProc also provides clear video processing choices in appropriate formats for YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Oh, and if you want to render movies for your game console, there’s also an Xbox profile. Once you’ve selected the suitable output profile, click “Run” to render your video, and the processing will take a few minutes (depending on the file size of the camera footage).

Processing Capability: What Does the Best GoPro Editing Software Require?

VideoProc editor makes real-time conversion, processing, and compression of Blu-Ray films, normal MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, 1080p multi-track HD videos, HDTV/HD-camcorder videos, 4K UHD HEVC/H.264 videos, and other video formats a breeze.

best gopro editing software

It uses NVIDIA CUDA/NVENC, Intel QSV, and AMD level-3 full GPU acceleration technologies to edit, analyze, and compress GoPro and DJI drone video at lightning rates. VideoProc also uses less CPU power and reduces overheating, allowing you to multitask effortlessly. The greatest aspect is that it works with both Mac and Windows 10 operating systems. (Windows 7 backwards compatible)

Convert DVD discs, record webcam/screen, and more using VideoProc.

VideoProc is a versatile program that can rip DVDs into a variety of formats with its free DVD converter utility. In many ways, VideoProc is comparable to WinX DVD Ripper in that it can do almost all of the same duties as WinX DVD Ripper, including burning DVDs into a variety of formats and having the same user interface.

If you routinely download YouTube videos for offline viewing, VideoProc offers its own free YouTube downloader that can extract YouTube videos into a variety of video and audio file formats. You may choose your chosen URLs and download all that YouTube gold by selecting “add video” or “add audio.”

There is also something in store for individuals who like capturing live feeds of sports events or Twitch gameplays. Screen capture for PC, iPhone, and webcam recording with microphone input/output options is available with VideoProc’s handy free Screen Recorder. It works with both Mac and Windows 10 operating systems. (Windows 7 backwards compatible)

Conclusion: 2018’s Best GoPro Editing Software

best gopro editing software

Overall, VideoProc is a full-fledged software package and unquestionably the finest GoPro editing software for Mac and Windows users right now. To be honest, it’s more than just a professional video editor and converter. It can not only process/edit movies, but it also comes with a number of free utilities, including a screen recorder, camera recorder, and YouTube downloader, which eliminates the need to download any additional single-task software.

Furthermore, VideoProc’s rendering speed is among the quickest, and it was pretty outstanding in terms of performance, with no noticeable delays. It helps that this video processing program has a plethora of codecs to choose from, allowing for exceptionally rapid studio-quality 4K video rendering.

Furthermore, VideoProc is more user-friendly than a professional studio-quality video editor and packs a punch with a quick and high-quality finish of your valuable camera footage. So, if you’re seeking for the finest GoPro editing software of 2018, this is a strong contender.

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VideoProc is a software that allows editing GoPro videos. It has a number of features that allow for easy and quick edits, as well as the ability to export your finished product. Reference: gopro video editing for beginners.

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