Best Kodi Repositories: Download The Add-ons Easily!

Ever since the advent of Kodi, a new way to access media has been available for those who want to use it. To get started with using this program and all its features, you need add-ons that allow different types of content from around the world on your local network or mobile device. A good repository is an addon that offers many such benefits for users in one place.

Kodi is a platform or media player that allows you to stream any kind of media. Every type of entertainment is offered, including live channels, on-demand streaming, movies and TV series, and sports. With the use of add-ons, music and game streaming are now now possible.

The addons are just softwares for the Kodi TV platform that are utilized to provide the media player an added benefit. Using a live Kodi add-on, for example, allows you to watch live streamings on the platform. You may watch sports of your choosing when you use a Kodi sports addon. 

All of this is feasible because Kodi TV produces a pool of channels from all over the internet and website. The addons build a separate pool for the category in which they are designed to function. 

Where do the add-ons come from, though? They’re from the Kodi repository.

Kodi Repositories: What Are They?

A Kodi repository, often known as a repo, is a folder in the Kodi media player where addons are kept. Anyone who wishes to use a certain addon must first download and install the proper repository, which includes the necessary software.

The addons may then be extracted via the download and installation method.

It is critical to understand that all extensions are not grouped together in one repository category. It implies that several sorts of repositories exist, each containing a distinct set of addons. To install an extension, you must first determine which repositories contain the addon you need. 

Kodi’s Best Repositories

Looking for a steady supply of addons but don’t know where to look? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of Kodi repositories that have the addons for you to select from.

1. Repo of the Diamond Wizard

This Kodi repository is notable for having two sorts of addons: one for music and the other for video. The Diamond Wizard Repo’s most appealing aspect is that, although having fewer addons than other repositories, all of the addons available are of high quality. 

The following music additions are available: 

  • 7of9(AIO)
  • Kodi’s Roon Control
  • Spotify
  • Squeezebox
  • Excellent (Diamond)

The following video extensions are available: 

  • LiveStreamsPro
  • Apple Trailers I’ve Made
  • Viewer on Reddit
  • Defiant (USS)
  • Theater on Youtube
  • Butter in the Cinema
  • Cinema Diamond
  • Streaming NetTV
  • TvTap
  • Golden Period
  • Vortex
  • FDJ.HD
  • For me, a Pirate’s Life
  • Swimming for Adults
  • The Funniest British Comedy
  • Network Cartoon

Brettus Repository No. 2

Brettus repository provides the opportunity to pool a range of materials together, allowing for easy streaming of TV series, movies, live TV, documentaries, and even music for fans of cartoons and anime and all other kindred spirits still romancing with their childhood memories. 

The following are some of the addons available on the repo:

  • Streams of White Devil
  • Brett’s vintage television
  • Tiggers
  • FTFA
  • Music by Hippy
  • TV Streamz (#3)

The has a community called Kodinerds that is only open to Germans if the repository is German-based. 

However, by using the VPN strategy, it is possible to access it without limitation. TV programs, movies, and music are among the genres available. 

The following are some of the additions available:

  • DAZN
  • DailyMotion
  • NASA
  • SkyGo
  • Music from YouTube

4. Repo Super

The Super repo is reported to feature practically all sorts and varieties of Kodi addons in its repositories, making it one of the greatest among Kodi repos. Around 2,000 Kodi add-ons are available for download, with genres ranging from streaming live TV, sports, music videos, and other visuals. The following are some of the additions available:

  • SkyNet
  • FilmOn
  • DramaGo
  • Fork Specto


Mhancoc7 Repository No. 5

The Mhancoc7 Repository is a Kodi repository that is readily compatible with the most recent and latest Kodi 19 matrix. Even though there aren’t many addons in this repo, the ones that are there are high-quality, functional, and helpful. 

Among the prominent addons available in this Kodi repo are:

  • Animal Television
  • Live TV for Free
  • Tubi

The nicest thing about this Kodi repo is that it and its addons are always up to date, thus they never have any problems. There are also webcam streaming and a number of regional TV networks that have been nicely combined. 

Repository of BludhavenGrayson

The BludhavenGrayson repo is available for download on GitHub and is best known for its Live TV addons. It’s backwards compatible with Kodi 18 ‘Leia’. The repo, although having less addons than others, has shown to be a supplier of legal sources and safe streaming, providing the greatest streaming of sports and live TV programs. Fitness Blender and BoxPlus are two of the most popular addons on this Kodi repository, although they only concentrate on US and UK channel pools.

The repo is still incompatible with the new Kodi 19 Matrix, making it impossible to use the fantastic addons. 

7. Repository of Magic

Since its demise, the Magicality Repository has served as a fantastic substitute and replacement for the Blamo repo, acting as a renovated version where various Kodi addons have sought refuge. It brings together a range of material and offers dubbed versions of numerous anime. All of the addons in this repo are safe and capable of performing flawlessly. 

Among the extras available are:

  • Exodus
  • Rising Neptune
  • Placenta

Repository DK-XBMC

The Kodi addon, which is now exclusively accessible via GitHub, has proved to be rather distinctive in terms of genres. There are several unique genres available on this site that may be unavailable in other repositories. The addon is particularly popular for watching foreign TV dramas and films, as well as anime and cartoons.


All of the Kodi repositories listed above are safe to use. ‘Unknown Sources’ must still be enabled throughout the download and installation process. As a result, if you want to keep your device secure, use a VPN, which will protect it from harmful assaults. 

So, what are your thoughts on the Kodi repositories listed above? Please tell us in the comments!

Commonly Asked Questions:

The following are some frequently asked questions about Kodi repositories and add-ons. 

  1. Kodi Repositories: What Are They?

Kodi repositories are the places on the Kodi media player where Kodi addons are kept. They can only be installed when the repository has been downloaded and installed in the media player. 

The Kodi media player already has two default repositories installed: Add-ons and PVR Add-ons. You have the option of adding more. 

  1. What is the best way to figure out which Kodi repository to use?

Most sorts of addons are included in the aforementioned Kodi repositories, so you can use them as a reference. Alternatively, you may do a quick search and get add-on suggestions for the specific category you want. 

Following that, you may determine which repository the addon belongs to and complete the download and installation procedure appropriately. 

  1. How can I get a Kodi repository and install it?

Apart from the default Kodi repositories previously stated, if you want to download and install additional of your own for gaining addons in other categories, follow these steps to download and install Kodi repository:-

(Before continuing, make sure you’ve enabled the ‘Unknown Sources’ option after opening Kodi and going to System Settings from the Settings icon. Then, after confirming a yes, go to Add-ons and turn on Unknown Sources.)

  1. Select the File Manager option from the Settings icon. 
  2. Double-click on None, then Add Source. 
  3. To add a media source, look for the wizard source. 
  4. OK after adding the URL source. 
  5. Select OK after giving it a name. 

Return to the home screen now. Before installing the Kodi addon, go to addons and then package icon before selecting the install zip file. Then you may go through the procedures of installing addons.

  1. What is the procedure for adding an addon to my media player?

Once you’ve installed the right repository, you may add any add-on you want to the media player. Follow the processes for adding an addon from the installed repository, either by default or by following the steps for adding an outside repository: –

  1. Open Kodi and then go to Add-ons.
  2. A box icon may be seen in the left-hand corner. Simply click on it. 
  3. Choose Install from repository from the list that appears. 
  4. Choose the sort of addon you want to use, then choose the channel where you want to install it. 
  5. Wait for the procedure to finish before clicking Install. Return to the homescreen after that. 

You can now simply locate and utilize the channel where you installed the addon.

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