Essential phone gets a BIG price cut, becomes very affordable now!

The Essential Phone is one of the best-reviewed smartphones out there, and now it’s $300 cheaper than before! Is this a good deal? Check out our review to find out.

Essential phone is a smartphone that has received a big price cut, becoming very affordable now! Essential offers a lot of features and specifications that are similar to the iPhone X. Essential phone is also compatible with Google’s Project Fi service.

Andy Rubin, the ex-creator of Android, has slashed the price of his namesake super-slick, powerful, and innovative Essential Phone by $200! The Essential phone, which has a bezel-free screen that wraps around the camera, is currently just $499. It’s a huge drop from its initial launch price of $699, which was only two months ago. The timing of the price reduction is both bold and dubious. The Essential phone was said to be performing poorly in the sales department. The debut of Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL exacerbated the situation.  

Essential phone

Remember that the iPhone X, which will be released soon, will cost about $999, which is too much of a splurge no matter how sophisticated it is advertised to be. Meanwhile, the Essential phone has become a viable alternative for smartphone fans looking for a powerful smartphone at a reasonable price. What’s more fascinating, or rather lovely, is that individuals who have previously bought an Essential phone will get a $200 “friends and family coupon,” which can be used to buy other “essential delights” like the Essential 360 camera, or even another Essential phone.    

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Essential phone

The Essential phone, with its titanium shell and top-tier features, has become a deal at a price of around $500. People were first disappointed by its lousy camera, which just did not offer the goods, particularly for a phone with a price tag close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8, when it was first released. This time, though, many software updates have addressed many of the Essential phone’s camera difficulties, with Essential promising additional enhancements in the near future.

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