EZTV Proxy List 2021 [100% Working EZTV Proxy & Mirrors List]

EZTV Proxy List 2021 [100% Working EZTV Proxy & Mirrors List]
EZTV Proxy List 2021 [100% Working EZTV Proxy & Mirrors List]

The EZTV proxy list is a working and 100% working list of all EZTV proxies. The list includes links to the weblinks that can be used for watching tv series, movies, live TV channels on your computer or mobile device.

Eztv Proxy Unblock is a website which provides you with a list of working eztv proxy & mirrors list. Read more in detail here: eztv proxy unblock 2021.

In recent years, the digital content creation industry has exploded. Television programs, web series, short films, comedy shows, travelogues, and other digital material are produced by companies. However, most of these programs are only accessible to premium customers who subscribe on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. Others, on the other hand, may have a difficult time finding them on the internet if the video isn’t accessible on YouTube or other free streaming sites.

EZTV, a TV-torrent distribution organization launched in May 2005, was one such streaming service. It enabled users to download information in real time from all around the globe. After a decade of operation, the website was shut down in April 2015 owing to copyright difficulties. The main site is no longer operational, although material may be accessed through EZTV Proxy and EZTV Mirror Sites.

Read on if you’re an EZTV fan who wants to see this kind of material. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use EZTV proxy servers and EZTV mirror links to effectively unblock EZTV torrent sites.

How Does the EZTV Torrent Work?

EZTV torrent has its own website as well as hosting. As a result, the files you post will be secure and have access links. EZTV will post various files to its servers and storage by building links and trackers that will allow you to instantly download torrent files to your device. When a user downloads a file, he has the option of seeding or sharing it through EZTV torrent trackers. That is a really straightforward procedure.

Simply add the file to any torrent downloading program, such as Utorrent or BitTorrent, and download it to your PC. Then retain the torrent file in the same place and don’t erase it from the Utorrent or BitTorrent program. This option is enabled by default. Allow the Utorrent program to seed and peer the material. This allows you to share the material with a large number of people, who may then share it with you through the EZTV torrent. The EZTV torrent operates in this manner.

EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites List

The EZTV torrent site, like many other torrent sites, is blocked in most regions. Many of you may be affected by this restriction and unable to access the site in your country. It’s mostly due to EZTV’s regulations, which allow premium material to be shared for free on a worldwide network. If you are one of the victims and EZTV is blocked in your country, you may utilize EZTV proxy servers and EZTV mirror sites to access the channel.

We’ve compiled a list of EZTV torrent proxy servers that have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to operate.

This material is provided only for educational reasons.

Alternatives to Eztv.com

EZTV was one of the most popular sites due to the large number of torrent files available. However, after this website was restricted in a number of regions, a slew of other torrent sites claiming to be better than EZTV have sprung up. These websites post more often and on a more consistent basis, and as a result, they have garnered international notoriety. Some of the top EZTV alternatives are listed below:

1. YTS

YTS, or Yify Torrents, is a service that enables users to download HD movie files. The original website was shut down a long time ago, however there are several mirror sites that still get a lot of traffic.

2. 1337x

1337x is the world’s third most popular website. It’s a highly secure data-sharing platform that allows users to upload and download torrent files using fast servers. The site is divided into nine categories. Because it is deep web, you won’t be able to discover files on this site on Google, although it has a lot of material. This is something that consumers look for while visiting a torrenting website.

KickassTorrents is the third option.

Another excellent alternative to the EZTV website is KickassTorrents. If you want to download new movies or TV series in great quality for free, you should certainly check out.

4. Rarbg

Rarbg is an intriguing alternative for individuals who wish to utilize mirror torrenting websites in addition to the EZTV mirrors. It contains a torrent search bar in its web browser, which makes it simple to navigate the site. Rarbg has always offered excellent service to its consumers and shows no signs of slowing down.

Torlock is number five.

Torlock is one of the better EZTV alternatives available, despite the fact that there are several. This torrenting service has been steadily adding additional features and specialties to its servers. It also includes excellent options for downloading torrent content to satisfy your streaming needs.

Other prominent torrent sites’ proxy lists


EZTV was one of the most popular TV-torrent distribution sites in the world. The website was running for a decade and was dissolved in April 2015 due to copyright issues. The main site is no more active, however, you can access the content through the above listed EZTV Proxy & EZTV Mirror Sites. But before you access these sites just make sure that you are using VPN services to hide your IP address. There are many free and paid VPN services available that you can consider. If you are not sure of which one to use, then follow the links below and download any of them.

The “eztv proxy 2020” is a list of working EZTV proxies and mirrors. If you are looking for a working EZTV proxy, this is the list for you.

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