Feature phone Viva V1 launched in India, cost just Rs 349

The Viva V1 phone is an entry-level feature phone, which features a 5.5″ LCD screen and 512MB of RAM. The device also supports dual SIM cards for 4G VoLTE compatibility in India with its 1GB Ram + 16GB ROM memory configuration.

The “smartphones” is a feature phone that was launched in India on December 28, 2017. The device has been priced at Rs 349 and comes with 1GB of RAM.

Viva, an Indian mobile start-up backed by ADCOM, has announced the introduction of its first ultra-low-cost feature phone, the Viva V1, which costs only Rs 349. In India, the device will only be available via Shopclues.

Feature phone Viva V1 launched in India, cost just Rs 349

The Viva V1 is a feature phone featuring a monochrome display and a keypad. The monochromatic display, according to the manufacturer, can be seen at any time of day.

With a vast choice of phones at this price point currently on the market, the VIVA V1 distinguishes out by including features like as a vibrator, FM radio, torchlight, and 650mAh battery. The popular snake game has also been brought to the feature phone, according to the business. The VIVA V1 offers all of the features of a mid-range phone at an affordable price.

In terms of fundamental specs, the VIVA V1 is a feature phone with a single SIM card for 2G calling and SMS. The feature phone also has a phonebook, calculator, calendar, and other useful features.

VIVA also offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the gadget. In addition, the company has said that it would release additional products in the 1.44-inch smartphone category.

VIVA is proud of the VIVA V1, which is produced in India and is presently available on Shopclues in Blue/Orange variations. With the transaction, the e-commerce business is also giving a 5% reward on Vodafone m-pesa.

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