Free Gaming Websites To Download Games On PC, Android and iOS

Games are one of the most widely used forms of entertainment nowadays, with millions of players wanting to play them on a daily basis. With such amount of demand for games, it’s no wonder that some websites provide free downloads from new releases and older titles alike. Here is a list of 10 gaming sites you can download your favorite PC games from without any registration restrictions!

The “best site to download pc games for free” is a website that has been around since 2008. It offers the best PC games, and it is one of the best sites to download games on your PC.

Because of the adrenaline surge that stimulates their gitty brains, games are ascribed to a significant portion of the young people. Games are gaming enthusiasts’ resting spots because of their unmistakable fervor in daring ups and downs where the opponent can only be confronted if forged ahead suitably. 

While the main gaming companies make billions by confining gaming platforms to a few devices and paid forums, there are several websites that allow players to download the finest games available on the site for free. 

Do you want to play games that you can quickly download and play for free, regardless of the device you’re using? Don’t be concerned! The following is a list of the top 8 gaming websites for PC, Android, and iOS game downloads:-

Websites Where You Can Download Games For Free

  • Origin
  • Kongregate
  • Steam
  • Softonic
  • GOG
  • Ova Games is a company that creates video games.
  • GameJolt

1. Origin


Origin is mostly comprised of games made by none other than Electronic Arts, and it can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows PCs. Even though there are a variety of premium games accessible, there are a number of renowned games that may be played for free. 

The Sims series, Star Wars, Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Assassin’s Creed, and a plethora of other games are among the notable titles. With its excellent interactive and broadcasting capabilities, Origin gives an explicitly unusual gaming experience.

Kongregate is number two on the list.


The Kongrete works well on both mobile and desktop platforms (iOS and Android). PCs, regardless of operating system, and mobile phones both provide an online surfing option. Respected mobile users may get the app from their respective play shops. 

All the user needs to do is establish a free account, after which the user will have access to all of Kongrete’s material. Interestingly, in addition to the massive pool of games accessible, game creators may upload additional such free games, providing you a larger selection of options. 

3. Steam


Call to Arms, Crusader Kings, and Royal Crown are among the games offered, and they are compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. 

Intriguingly, the site provides in-game competitions, which are uncommon on other gaming websites, together with the rapid accessibility of the enormous pool of games strewn around the surface. Aside from the long rows of free games that virtually outnumber those on other gaming websites, the characters in the games may be customized to the player’s liking. 

Softonic is number four.


Softonic is a widely expanding gaming website that accepts both paid and free versions of games. It works on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Softonic’s games may also be accessible using a web browser.

The website offers great multi-language support for customer convenience and is considered as one of the safest and most dependable sites for game downloads. Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and World of Warships are among the excellent games that can be downloaded for free.

5. GOG


GOG, the gaming site that began with the goal of preserving only ancient PC games, has lately experienced a boom in both the production of new titles and its popularity among the general gaming community. 

The forum is user-friendly, and gamers may discuss or email their questions if they have any problems with the website’s games. The games may be easily stored on the cloud storage of the device the player is using thanks to the cloud platform. 

Players on Windows, Mac, and Linux may play all of the unusual and energizing games. is number six.


Although it is sometimes criticized since a large percentage of the website contains paid games, the website’s seamless fluid gaming experience cannot be refuted. There is also a huge list of free and online games, despite the fact that there are a few paid games. 

In addition, some premium games provide free demos. And, if you do decide to invest a cent after establishing a like for the high-quality website, it will undoubtedly be worthwhile. On a regular basis, new game collections are uploaded. The service even enables users to create their own personal library. 

P.S. There are graphic novels that are completely free! Fans of comics, manga, and anime, gather!

Ova Games is number seven. is a company that creates video games.


Ova offers a diverse selection of genres in its games. The user merely has to search and discover the game to play it, since it contains practically all types of fragments of events and twists of destiny. It also features a function that allows a user to reupload a game after a request for a game to be downloaded via a link has been issued. 

The gaming website’s excellent selection includes titles such as Snowrunner, Lacuna Save the World, Deathtrap Dungeon, and more. 

All of the games on this page are compatible enough to run on a wide range of PCs.

GameJolt is number eight on the list.


The site has a two-in-one feature: the user may explore for free games of their choosing while simultaneously becoming a member of the gaming community. There are many gaming forums on the web, and you may join any (or all) of them to discuss a certain game of interest with other maestros and lovers. 

All of the games are available on PC platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, so the user may play them without difficulty. The game genre encompasses a wide range of topics. There are also paid games available. 


These are some of the venerable websites that provide free games to all gamers, which are downloadable on practically all types of devices and have a higher gaming quality. 

Did you like the free-to-use and simple-to-download gaming websites listed here? If you answered yes, please let us know which one you liked most in the comments. Also, what are you waiting for if you haven’t begun yet? Get ready to go!

Origin PC games is a free gaming website that allows users to download games on PC, Android and iOS. Origin also provides a forum for gamers to talk about their favorite games. Reference: origin pc games.

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