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Mac users don’t have to worry about the extra costs and hassle of using VPNs anymore. There are now plenty of free slideshow makers for Mac, making it easier than ever to create professional-looking presentations that can be shared online with no restrictions on where they’re hosted. The best part is you’ll likely find these programs in your native language!

The “free slideshow maker mac” is a tool that allows users to create their own slideshows with pictures. This software is available for free on the Mac App Store.

Are you looking for a simple and free slideshow creator for your Mac? Take a deep breath of relief since your problems are over! We’ve produced a list of 10 of the finest free slideshow generators for Mac that will help you create intriguing, professional, and dynamic presentations from your photos while also adding magnificent music to play in the background.

best free slideshow makers for mac

We combed the internet for you to compile this list of the top free slideshow builders for Mac. You may test out all of them to choose the best professional slideshow creator for your needs. Let’s get going!

1) Photos on Apple

best free slideshow makers for mac

Apple Images, previously known as iPhotos, is a solid Mac utility for editing photos and making presentations with its beautiful interface. Apple Photos is very simple to understand and utilize. Apple Photos can make your slideshows exciting and bring to life subtle elements in the form of a tale with a variety of special effects, audio effects, and shortcut choices.  

What makes Apple Photos one of the greatest free Mac slideshow creators? Users may organize photos or slideshows and post them on Facebook or other social media sites using its simple photo organizing tool.

2) iSkysoft Mac DVD Creator

best free slideshow makers for mac

DVD Creator is a one-stop shop for Mac users who want to create gorgeous slideshows with calming background music by simply dragging and dropping their photos/videos into its interface. DVD Creator can convert your slideshows to DVD discs/files and create DVDs in a variety of video formats in addition to being a slideshow builder. Additionally, this free Mac slideshow maker offers hundreds of free DVD menu themes.

3) iDVD

best free slideshow makers for mac

An inbuilt software that comes bundled with your Mac, iDVD enables you to create amazing video/picture slideshows using your digital media contents in an intuitive and easy-to-use navigable interface. Furthermore, iDVD can also burn your slideshows into a DVD disc and lets you enjoy the contents on Apple TV. However, there are certain restrictions such as: iDVD doesn’t allow sharing slideshows with friends & family, and sports an elementary theme.

JPEGDeux 4)

best free slideshow makers for mac

JPEGDeux, maybe the only open-source slideshow builder on our list of the top free slideshow makers for Mac, can be used to create picture slideshows in sync with a variety of handy customizing options. JPEGDeux’s user interface lets you to modify your slideshows in full-screen, window, or dock mode.

However, JPEGDeux’s true power comes in producing slideshows from recursive folders, which means you won’t have to repeat your actions when adding photos/music to the interface since it will do it for you. However, JPEGDeux does not enable you to share your slideshows with friends and family, which is the only drawback in my opinion.

5) Fotomagico (photography)

best free slideshow makers for mac

Want to use your current photos/videos, text, and music to create vibrant and captivating slideshows on your Mac? Say no more because Fotomagico 5 will take care of everything for you in an effortless manner. You can quickly make live presentations and elegant high-resolution films with Fotomagico 5. Moreover, because to its 4K Ultra HD quality and lightning-fast speeds, making professional-looking presentations is now possible.

However, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version if you want to use additional features like recording mode, timeline view, or access to Lightroom picture collections. Additionally, FotoMagico 5 requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

6) Mac Muvee Reveal Express

best free slideshow makers for mac

Muvee Reveal Express is a good option if you don’t want your presentations to go on for more than 50 photographs. It’s not only a free and easy slideshow builder for Mac users, but it can also turn your photos into a beautiful live slideshow movie. What else propels Muvee Reveal Express to the top of our list of the best free Mac slideshow creators? Slideshows may be made in five different formats, ranging from music video trailer slideshows to scrapbook-style slideshows.

Furthermore, you may create numerous presentations with various tunes and connect them. You may also export your slideshow to any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) or use Airplay or iDVD to project it on large displays.

7) Maker of 4K Slideshows

best free slideshow makers for mac

4K slideshow maker is a convenient and easy-to-use program that lets you create ultra 4K HD slideshows by adding desired photos locally from your Mac or from Instagram. Plus, you can overlay background music & apply loads of gorgeous transitions, effects, and filters that are complemented by advanced face recognition technology.

In reality, it’s one of the greatest free slideshow creators for Mac, allowing you to export slides in 4K format. Finally, you may see high-resolution slides on your iPhone, HD television, or share them on Facebook. However, there are some restrictions, such as the fact that 4K slideshow generator only comes with 5 basic themes and does not allow you to burn your slideshows to DVD.

8) Free Mac Photostage Slideshow Maker

best free slideshow makers for mac

Photostage is a completely free slideshow creator, not some random shareware. It helps that you can pick it up in no time and create slideshows without any instructions or assistance. Photostage features everything you’re looking for in a model slideshow generator, including a strong drag-and-drop functionality for adding photographs and music, as well as special effects like crossfade, crop, fade, zoom, and more. Users may also use Photostage to burn photo/video slideshows on DVD and publish their slideshows on the web.

9) iMovie

best free slideshow makers for mac

Despite the fact that iMovie comes preinstalled on Macs, it still has a number of themes, video stabilization tools, and new titles that might be useful for producing slideshows. If you’re looking for a simple slideshow builder that’s also simple to use, iMovie is a good option. Overall, you can expect a straightforward and enjoyable video editing experience that is pretty easy and stress-free when compared to the other free slideshow producers on our list.

10) HyperEngine Anti-Virus

best free slideshow makers for mac

HyperEngine-AV is a wonderful multimedia editor that effortlessly mashes photographs, videos, sounds, and texts into an eclectic mix that suits all situations ranging from slideshows of cherished family events to professional presentations. It was formerly a Montage creator. It has a drag-and-drop feature that’s useful for organizing clips from a FireWire DV camera.

That’s everything for now! Did you like our list of the top free Mac slideshow creators? Did we leave any of your favorites out? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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