Google AI finds a new Solar system with a record 8 Planets!

Recently, an AI bot in Google discovered a solar system outside of our own with 8 planets. The discovery has led to speculation about the implications for humanity and whether we should be concerned or excited by this new knowledge.

NASA and Google have reported the finding of an 8-planet solar system that exists outside of our own. The solar system in question is Kepler-90, which was discovered by Google AI using machine learning.

Using Kepler data and neural networking, scientists discovered the 8th planet in Kepler-90. This recent finding matches our solar system for the most planets in any known system with the Kepler-90 system.

Google AI

The name of the eighth planet is “Kepler-90 I and it was identified by Google AI’s neural network, however it took longer than the previous seven planets to uncover.

Google AI recently discovered Kepler-80 g, the tiniest exoplanet in its own system. Google said that it basically used the same methods to filter through the data acquired by Kepler that it had previously used to recognize cats and dogs in images.

Google AI

The Kepler-90 solar system is thought to be somewhat bigger, hotter, and more massive than the sun, yet it resembles our own solar system in many aspects.

According to NASA, there’s a chance that Kepler-90 contains more planets than the ones we’ve seen, since Kepler has only looked for planets around the star that are closer to the solar system.

Google AI

The Google AI merely looked at 670 stars out of the approximately 200,000 detected by Kepler in order to come up with these results, identifying two unique new exoplanets in the process.

Overall, there’s a lot of room for further discoveries in the bigger data collection, so don’t be shocked if other planets are identified in the Kepler-90 solar system.

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