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In the past it was almost impossible to watch a video without an external device or computer. But with online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube Red, you can stream videos on your laptop or mobile phone today. How do I get this functionality from Twitter? Luckily for us all, there is a way!

The “twitter video downloader” is the best tool to use if you want to download videos from Twitter. It’s a simple and easy-to-use app that can be downloaded on both your mobile phone or laptop.

Twitter has long been recognized as a forum where words express the author’s intelligence and viewpoints. The azure app with the symbolism of a white bird, which may represent information interchange in reference to the ancient period’s bird mailing system, refers to the submitted words, photographs, or videos on the public platform as ‘tweets.’ 

Twitter is primarily a public domain in which a user’s tweets are available to the whole broad basin of networking users. Users may, however, limit and prohibit other users from sending them messages, as well as totally block the profile.

The interchange of ideas among the social networking community and netizens grows significantly as more individuals join the network. An picture or video may now become viral in the same way that a single piece of text does. There have been situations when the finest videos were sourced almost entirely from Twitter.

Twitter videos may be downloaded to PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

How can you save a video that you liked when Twitter doesn’t provide a button for downloading videos from someone’s tweet? There is a method around this, for example, by using screen recording software. That is, however, a very heavy weight. 

As a result, people may be utilizing the’retweet’ option to share videos on Twitter. The retweet function lets a user to share or publish a tweet from another user, complete with credits, on their own account. However, if you wish to share the video on another social media platform, such as Instagram or Facebook, it will be more difficult since the retweet option is not accessible.

As a result, if you want to preserve or record a video from someone else’s tweet and post it with credits on other forums or store it in your gallery, the following strategies might be your savior:-

1. Download the Tweet Video


It’s a third-party online application that you may use in a web browser like Google Chrome or any other ethical one. It’s certainly helpful for getting media from the Twitter app’s tweets.

The URL to the tweet containing the video must be copied and then inserted into the open online app. The video will begin to download when you click the download button.

How to Save and Download a Tweet Video:-

  • Open the Twitter app and go to the tweet containing the video you wish to save. 
  • After that, click the tweet’s share symbol and copy the relevant tweet’s URL to the clipboard. 
  • Open the Save Tweet Vid online in a secure web browser like Google Chrome. After that, paste the URL to the tweet that was previously copied to the app’s clipboard. 
  • After you’ve properly pasted the tweet link, click the download option.


  • Select the quality and then click the Download button.

The video will be downloaded shortly, and you will be able to view and distribute it as desired. 

2. Downloader for Twitter Videos


The Twitter Video Downloader is a third-party tool that may be used to download media from other people’s tweets on the Twitter app. The app must be launched in a web browser, and the URL copied from the tweet containing the video must be placed there. After that, you may click on the corresponding download icon.

How to Use the Twitter Video Downloader:-

  • Go to the tweet with the video you wish to download in the Twitter app. 
  • Copy the tweet’s URL to the clipboard by clicking the share symbol on the tweet. 
  • Use Google Chrome or another web browser to access the Twitter Video Downloader. To get the video, paste the URL from the tweet that was previously copied. 
  • After you’ve successfully pasted the URL, click the download option. 

The film will be downloaded shortly and stored on your system, ready for you to view at any time. 

3. Video Downloader Professional is a Chrome plugin that allows you to download videos.

In just a few clicks, you can download Twitter videos to your PCs and laptops using this Chrome extension. It does not, however, operate on smartphones.

Twitter video downloader

How to Download Videos from Twitter Using a Chrome Extension

Follow the instructions below to download videos from Twitter.

  • From the Chrome web store, download and install the Video Downloader Professional extension.
  • Now, open your Chrome browser and navigate to the video you wish to download on Twitter.
  • Watch the video. While playing, a notice will appear on the VideoDownloader Professional addon.
  • When you click it, the extension will offer you the option of downloading the movie in various file sizes.
  • The video will be downloaded immediately when you choose the file and size you want.

4. Screen capture

If you don’t want to download it via the browser or use third-party software, this is your final option. Using ethical and system-compatible applications, you may record your screen. 

Screen recorders on the PC include ScreenCast Matic, Bandicam, NVIDIA Shadowplay, and others. Both commercial and freeware screen recorders are available for PC. As a result, choose the recorder that best meets your needs based on its quality and pricing. 

The AZ screen recorder, DU screen recorder, and Super screen recorder are three of the greatest android screen recorders available from the Google Play Store. Some Android smartphones have built-in screen recorders. Screen recording is available on iOS mobile phones and iPads, and it may be accessible with a few system adjustments.

How to Use a Screen Recorder to Download:-

  • Start the screen recorder by hitting the side button that appears on the screen, not the side button that appears on the screen. Select the tweet where the video you want to capture resides in the Twitter app. 
  • Select the video and the screen recorder buttons. As the video is being played, it is being recorded. 
  • When the movie is done, turn off the screen recorder’s button. Tada, go to the screen recording app’s part where the footage is saved. You now have access to the video.

A screen recorder has the benefit of allowing you to modify the video after it has been recorded. There are often unclear frames and unheard sentences in videos that you may edit to better before uploading. Additionally, screen recorders enable you to choose the resolution at which the video is captured. 

So, these are the strategies you may use to record the Twitter video. Hopefully, their efforts will be beneficial.

The “how to save twitter videos to camera roll” is a question that many users have been asking for. This article will answer how to download Twitter videos on a mobile and laptop.

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