How to Force Close Apps on Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch became unresponsive or wasn’t responding to your taps, there are ways to force close the app and free up resources.

The “how to close apps on apple watch 7” is a tutorial that will teach users how to force close apps on their Apple Watch.

All of Apple’s operating systems have been built and tuned to run better on its devices. And, although it’s uncommon, there is a simple remedy if an app on your Apple Watch suddenly crashes, stops responding, freezes, or won’t launch. We’ll teach you how to use the close app on Apple Watch with the newest version of watchOS, watchOS 8, in the video below.

How can I compel Apple Watch applications to close?


1. Verify that the app you want to forcibly shut is now visible on the smartwatch screen.

2. Press and hold the side button until the shutdown menu shows.

3. Now press and hold the Digital Crown until the shutdown screen goes away. You just forced an app to end on your Apple Watch.

The program may still be accessed by tapping the side button in the Dock, but it will be closed and wiped from RAM. The program will be downloaded again if you launch it.

On watchOS 3 and later, you can force applications to shut.

Hold down the side button on a watchOS 3 or older device until the shutdown screen displays, then release and hold it down again until the app exits.

The previous approach no longer works with watchOS 4. The emergency service will be summoned if you hold down the side button in the shutdown menu.

Should Apple Watch applications be forced to close?

Don’t force applications to stop on your Apple Watch to keep them running longer or improve performance, just as you wouldn’t on your iPhone or iPad. Forcing apps to shut is the polar opposite of what you want.

WatchOS understands how to properly distribute resources across apps. You don’t have to force programs you’re not using to shut.

The rule does have a few exceptions. If an application is experiencing issues, it may begin to use more resources than normal.

You may forcibly dismiss an app if you’re certain it’s consuming your smartwatch’s battery or slowing it down. This will also aid in the resolution of application issues.

There should be no issues if you don’t force programs to shut too often.

How can I uninstall an app from my Apple Watch dock?

To make it simpler to switch between the applications you need when multitasking, you may delete unneeded apps from the Dock (or App Switcher) on Apple Watch. To put it another way, you may delete applications from your recently used list.


1. Press the right-hand side button.

2. Use the Digital Crown to scroll or roll to the app you wish to remove from the Dock.

3. On the app card, swipe left and press the X symbol.

4. To shut the Dock, press the Digital Crown or the side button.

That’s all there is to it, guys. This is how you can force Apple Watch apps to shut. If you know of any additional techniques, please let us know in the comments section.

The “how to close apps on apple watch 3” is a tutorial that provides users with instructions on how to force close apps on their Apple Watch.

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