How to Install Linux Apps on Chromebook?

Chromebooks are built to run Google’s Chrome OS. However, they can also run Linux apps. This is a great alternative for those who want a cheaper laptop alternative with more flexibility and versatility than other Chromebook models.,

The “how to use linux terminal on chromebook” is a question that is often asked. This article will show you how to install Linux Apps on Chromebook.

The Play Store is no longer the sole location to get software now that Linux is available on Chromebooks. They can now execute Linux apps, which makes it simpler than ever before. Installing Linux software on a Chromebook is not as simple as installing Android apps, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too tough.

We’ll attempt to assist you with installing Linux programs on your Chromebook in this post. So, keep reading and following the actions outlined below.

First and foremost, check the Chrome OS version on your device.

The first step is to verify whatever version of Chrome OS you have and determine if it can run Linux programs. Begin by choosing the Settings menu from the avatar in the bottom right corner. Then, in the upper left corner, click the hamburger button and choose About Chrome OS to view the current version of Chrome OS. If your machine runs Chrome OS 69 or later, you may download Linux software.

Now, turn on Linux on your Chromebook.

The next step is to install Linux on your device, which is a simple and quick process. However, it is entirely dependent on the speed of your internet connection as well as the efficiency of your machine.

Chromebooks are able to run Linux.

Select Linux (Beta) on the left side of Chromebook Settings. Then, after installation, turn the toggle button on when the window appears. A terminal window will popup after the download is complete, which we shall discuss later.

How can I get Linux programs on my Chromebook?

There’s one more thing to do before we start installing Linux software to our Chromebook. To ensure that everything goes well, update the package using the following commands in Terminal:

apt-get update sudo

After that, you may begin downloading the app to your smartphone. Use the following command to do this:

apt-get install app name -y sudo

The ‘Program Name’ field is where you put the name of the app you wish to download. If you wish to download GIMP, a popular picture editing program, for example, execute the following command:

install gimp -y sudo apt-get install gimp -y

The app will be downloaded and installed in the app menu alongside the Android app after running the command in the terminal.

The finest Chromebook Linux applications

Apart from Gimp, there are a slew of other excellent Linux apps available for download on Chromebooks. A collection of Linux programs that operate well with Chrome OS is provided below.

On Chromebooks, you may install a variety of Linux software.

1. LibreOffice is a free office suite that competes with Microsoft Office. A text editor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, and a few more productivity tools are included with LibreOffice. You may do so by using the command shown below.

libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libreoffice libre -y libreoffice-gtk3

2. Transmission: A free BitTorrent client that makes downloading and uploading files simple.

transmission-qt -y sudo apt-get install

3. FileZilla: If you need to transfer files from your device to a server, FileZilla will save you time. You may use the command below to install it.

filezilla -y sudo apt-get install

4. Evolution: Evolution is the best alternative if you prefer a distinct email software rather than using the web. You may use the command below to install it on your Chromebook.

apt-get install evolution -y sudo

5. Audacity: A high-end audio recording and editing tool that lets you tinker with your Chromebook’s audio files.

audacity -y sudo apt-get install

That’s all there is to it, guys. I hope my post on installing Linux programs on Chromebooks was helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. And. Don’t forget to check out our other Chromebook posts.

Chromebooks are Google’s laptops that run on the Chrome OS. The Chromebooks have a lot of features that make them easy to use and manage. One feature is the ability to install Linux apps on them. Reference: linux on chromebook.

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