How to know if your AirPods Pro qualify for free replacement

When you buy AirPods Pro, Apple will replace them for free if they don’t last a year. This is because the product has been out long enough to be eligible. But how do you know when your pair of AirPods Pro might qualify?

The “airpods pro recall serial number check” is a process that allows users to know if their AirPods Pro qualify for free replacement.

We understand you’re an AirPods Pro owner seeking for a method to see whether you’re eligible for a free replacement. If you have any issues with one or both of your AirPods Pro, you may be able to swap them for free. Here’s how to see whether you’re qualified for a free replacement of your AirPods Pro.

If your AirPods Pro don’t have noise cancellation, you lose bass, there are extraneous sounds, or the music is loud outdoors, you can get a free replacement.

Models issued before October 2020 are eligible for the free replacement program. Only the headphones are replaceable, not the case. This program is good for three years after the headphones are purchased. This period was originally two years, but the firm modified it.

If the headphones are appropriate for the application, you won’t be able to tell by the serial number, but there is another method to find out.

How to see whether your AirPods Pro are eligible for a free replacement

If you’re having trouble with your AirPods Pro, try the following:

  • When exercising or conversing on the phone, there are clicks or crackles that are amplified in loud surroundings.
  • Low frequencies vanish or background noises are enhanced, for example, from the street or from an airline in flight, when the active noise canceling technology fails.

You must do the following:

Prior to receiving any servicing, the AirPods Pro will be inspected for eligibility. AirPods Pro with a proven fault (left, right, or both) will be replaced. This program is accessible to AirPods Pro owners all around the globe, but it does not extend the headphones’ warranty.

That’s all there is to it, guys. You may use this method to see whether your AirPods Pro are eligible for a free replacement. Please let us know if you found this post useful in the comments section below.

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If you are an AirPods Pro owner and your device is still under warranty, then you may qualify for a free replacement. However, it is important to determine if your device qualifies before contacting Apple Support. Reference: airpods pro replacement program.

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