Huge skull-faced Halloween Asteroid is fast approaching Earth in 2018!

A Halloween asteroid is fast approaching Earth in 2018! Along with the usual festivities, NASA will be broadcasting live from a telescope positioned on the asteroid to give people an up-close view of this unusual visitor.

The “skull-shaped asteroid 2021” is a fast approaching Earth in 2018! The skull-faced Halloween Asteroid is expected to be visible from the Northern Hemisphere.

The form of a human skull is unsettling. Halloween As it speeds through our solar system, an asteroid is rapidly nearing planet Earth. According to cosmologists, the asteroid “2015 TB145” will approach our planet in 2018 and will not be seen again until 2088.

On October 31, 2015 (Halloween), the identical asteroid flew past Earth but caused no problems. This time, though, it seems to be in overdrive mode. Cosmologists are investigating this strange asteroid to see whether it has the potential to cause any impacts.

Halloween AsteroidThe “Halloween Asteroid,” also known as 2015 TB145, as depicted by an artist.

In October 2015, a group of scientists utilized the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii to discover a mystery asteroid that, in form and characteristics such as the ‘eyes’ and ‘nose,’ hauntingly resembled a human skull. They also discovered that the asteroid rotates once every 2.94 hours and barely reflects only 5-6 percent of the sunlight it receives.

“The 2015 TB145 asteroid is incredibly black, and just slightly more reflective than charcoal,” says Pablo Santo-Sanz, an astronomer at the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia in Spain.

It was seen travelling across Earth at a distance of 486,000 kilometers, or around 1.3 times the distance to the moon. So, what’s the size of it? This ghoulishly strange Halloween Asteroid is around 2,100 feet (640 meters) broad and will pass by the Earth in mid-November 2018.

Astronomers from NASA and throughout the globe have been working tirelessly to determine the features of the asteroid 2015 TB145, and expect to learn more when it passes through our solar system again in 2018.

Halloween AsteroidImage of Representation

However, there is a caveat here. This time around, the asteroid will pass Earth at a greater distance than it did in 2015. The Halloween Asteroid, according to astronomers, might be a long-lost/extinct comet that lost its volatile chemicals and water after circling the sun numerous times.

Although comets include a large amount of ice and rock, asteroids are predominantly composed of a metallic rocky element, making identification difficult. Furthermore, their orbits are of various sorts.

The “dead comet” is a huge skull-faced Halloween asteroid that is fast approaching Earth in 2018! The asteroid will be visible to the naked eye and will be traveling at about five miles per second.

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