iPhone Battery Dying Fast? 4 Best Ways to Fix it in 2018 *WORKING*

iPhone Battery Dying Fast? 4 Best Ways to Fix it in 2018 *WORKING*
iPhone Battery Dying Fast? 4 Best Ways to Fix it in 2018 *WORKING*

The iPhone battery is notorious for being a great phone but also starting to die quickly. This can lead to users needing to charge their devices multiple times in one day and make it difficult for them when they’re out of power. In this blog, we will explore the most common reasons why iPhone batteries die so fast and what you can do about it. We’ll start with the ways that don’t require money!

The “iphone 7 battery draining fast all of a sudden 2021” is the most common issue. It’s something that many people are having, and it can be fixed in four different ways.

Because most gadgets rely on a charge, declining smartphone battery performance is a serious problem that affects everyone. This is especially true in the case of iPhones. Nowadays, an outdated iPhone battery dies quickly, or even unexpectedly, and its poor battery life has become a persistent issue that annoys most people, particularly iPhone 6 owners who are constantly looking for an iPhone 6 battery draining repair. Apple, being the tech behemoth that it is, has yet to take the initiative and find a solution to the burning problem of aging iPhone batteries degrading rapidly.

iphone battery dies fast

As a result, it should come as no surprise that older iPhones are slower than newer models. Granted, newer iPhones have greater power thanks to upgraded software, applications, and design changes, but the reality remains that an old iPhone battery dies quickly because it loses its luster with time. Battery life, on the other hand, may be extended with caution and maintenance.


If your old iPhone battery drains quickly and you want it to work like a new one, here are four things to keep in mind.

1. Never leave your iPhone in a hot or cold environment (unless necessary)

Take this as gospel: iPhone batteries don’t like to be hot. Especially during the sweltering summer months. Also, don’t forget to keep your iPhone in the dashboard of your automobile. During the summer, keep in mind that the temperature inside the automobile is greater than the temperature outside.

iphone battery dies fast

Cold and snowy weather conditions are very difficult for iPhone batteries. Extreme heat and cold may quickly deplete the battery, rendering it useless, and you’ll notice that your iPhone battery dies quickly, although silently. This is one of the factors that reduces the battery life and performance of your iPhone over time.

As a result, make it a point to keep your iPhone secure from such weather by keeping it with you! It doesn’t matter whether your iPhone is in the glove box or the center console; just don’t forget it in the vehicle, otherwise your iPhone battery will die quickly and won’t last more than a year.

2. The memory of the battery is unimportant. Remember the old saying that you should never charge your phone while there is still a significant amount of battery power remaining when the battery isn’t completely depleted? Well, it’s no longer applicable, particularly when it comes to iPhones.

iphone battery dies fast

This was owing to the fact that those old tech batteries had memory. However, with the introduction of Lithium-ion batteries, which are included in the iPhone, all is now well.

In fact, if you repeatedly allow your iPhone battery go to 0% before plugging it in, you’ll be hurting its performance. Similarly, keeping the iPhone plugged in for defined periods to top it up isn’t a good idea since your iPhone may struggle to provide an accurate battery percentage.

This might result in situations like “Oh, my phone’s battery was at 80% only five minutes ago!” So, what’s the best method to go about it? The optimal time to charge your iPhone is when the battery is between 40 and 20 percent charged. This will not only prevent early performance deterioration, but it will also extend the life of your iPhone battery.

3. Uninstall several gaming applications

iphone battery dies fast

Installing new CPU-intensive gaming apps on your iPhone can definitely affect battery life. Not to mention, constantly going to Settings > Battery and checking the reason for the lag can become irksome for many. But, even if you adjust brightness settings, getting rid of unwanted gaming apps becomes a necessary evil since games eat up a lot of iPhone battery life.

It’s a fact: games are the most battery-draining app on your phone. On their iPhones, everyone enjoys playing graphics-intensive, flashy games with plenty of screen effects. However, since you are staring at your phone for dozens of minutes at a time and utilizing up all of the processor’s capabilities, these games drain your battery quickly.

iphone battery dies fast

As a result, keeping your iPhone at that perfect charging area becomes challenging when your battery is routinely depleted by games like Hearthstone. You may, however, take the harsh pill of deleting some of the most battery-draining games.

Yes, it’s difficult, but if you had to pick between Marvel Puzzle Quest and your costly iPhone, you’d prefer the latter. Which option would you pick?

iphone battery dies fast

Second, always lower screen brightness to save at least portion of your power. Even if you let iOS adjust the brightness automatically, there is still some wiggle space. As a result, it’s a good idea to access the Control Center and lower the brightness slider to the lowest setting.

4. The last option is to replace the battery. This is the final chance for those iPhone fans who have been unable to discover a remedy when their iPhone battery dies suddenly and without notice. If you’re weary of your iPhone’s bad performance and won’t be able to upgrade for a time, there is one final option for extending the life of your smartphone. That is, if you use an Apple replacement battery that costs less than $80.

iphone battery dies fast

You may have a completely new battery fitted by Apple without having to buy an expensive new iPhone. The Apple replacement battery will not only restore the performance that was throttled in iOS by your sluggish, failing battery, but it will also solve the bothersome issue of being always connected to a plug.

As I previously said, it isn’t for everyone, but if you want to restore the snappiness of our gadget, say, the iPhone 7 Plus, for less than $100 on the App Store, an Apple Replacement battery is a no-brainer.

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iphone battery dies fast

It also doesn’t help that Apple is being scolded for surreptitiously and purposely slowing down older iPhone models as their batteries age. Apple should have been more forthcoming about what iOS performs in the background.

However, with a little proactive behavior on your side, everything will be fine, and by following these methods, you will never have to worry about your beloved iPhone’s battery issues again.


The “iPhone Battery Dying Fast” is a problem that many iPhone users have been facing for quite some time. With the help of 4 best ways to fix it in 2018, your battery should be back on track. Reference: iphone battery draining overnight.

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