isoHunt Proxy and Mirror Sites List (100% Working) in 2021

With the shutdown of isoHunt, people are trying to find a new service that will be just as good. However, some sites have been found which show how one can still access these torrents in the future.

IsoHunt has already been banned in a number of countries, and yours might be next if it hasn’t already been. If you’re a fan of isoHunt and want to explore and download your favorite stuff, you could be having trouble right now. It may be tough to access the information, but there is always a method to get around the restriction. An IsoHunt proxy is the answer.

What exactly is isoHunt?

IsoHunt, for those who are unfamiliar, is an online torrent file index and repository launched in 2003 by a Canadian citizen Gary Fung. He ran the business for more than a decade. It came to an end, however, when isoHunt’s founder’s years-long legal disputes with conglomerates of IP rights holders over charges of copyright infringement came to a climax.

What is the purpose of the Isohunt Service?

Many of you would be unable to afford an online streaming subscription in order to view your favorite digital entertainment. You may try searching for such information on the internet, but after a few efforts, you may feel as if you have wasted your time. Because of many copyright and digital content piracy problems, your internet service provider may restrict most of the sites you come across. This is where isoHunt Torrent comes in handy, as it not only saves you time and effort, but it also saves you money. It includes a high-quality user interface that works on a variety of devices and platforms.

Isohunt also routinely refreshes material and offers a variety of download alternatives, including torrent files, hashes, and magnetic links. As a result, downloading files using the utorrent downloader is not a problem. You may also join and seek membership in its community to have access to various resources.

Is it possible to unblock Isohunt content?

Like we said before, Isohunt is blocked in many countries and may be your country supports this ban too! So, if you are unable to access isoHunt in your region then use a VPN service. Otherwise, you can also use isoHunt Proxy & isoHunt Mirror Sites to unblock isoHunt content. These sites fetch all the information from the main server by bypassing the server of your internet service provider. Now, you will be able to see different contents such as movies, T.V series, and other contents on the homepage.

For those, who would like to unblock Isohunt content and download them to their PC, may follow our list of isoHunt Proxy & isoHunt Mirror Sites below.

isoHunter Proxy and Mirror Sites are 100% functional.

Disclaimer: We are not in favor of piracy. This material is provided only for educational purposes.

Alternatives to isoHunt in 2021

IsoHunt mirror sites such as and arose shortly after the main isoHunt website was shut down. There are several phony versions of isoHunt, such as (including the’s’). isoHunt’s alternatives include:

ExtraTorrent Proxy is one of the best torrent proxies available.

Extratorrent, one of the top five torrenting websites, offered a diverse selection of entertainment items, including the newest movies, games, TV series, and software collections. Since 2017, the site has been blocked in several countries, and it can only be accessed via Extraterrestrial Proxy and Mirror sites. Because these sites are essentially clones of the real site, you may receive identical entertainment, media, and software material.

Rarbg Proxy (Rarbg Proxy) (Rarbg Proxy

RARBG is a website that offers torrent file and magnet links to allow BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing. The site is very safe and reliable, making it simple to download the most recent information to your devices. Thanks to a massive library of digital material, including movies, music, TV shows, premium software, games, e-books, and more! You can get a lot of free high-quality stuff. The site is also user-friendly, allowing anybody to use it with ease.

3. Proxy 1337x

In recent years, 1337x has become one of the most popular torrent sites. It contains the most material, including the most recent films, sports, books, videos, music, and more. The site’s interface is likewise extremely amazing, and it is divided into many categories. The actual site, however, is subject to geo-restrictions and may only be accessed using proxy or VPN.

4. Proxy Limetorrents

Limetorrent is similar to a torrent search engine. Their database connects to a number of different torrent websites and indexes them. It becomes quite simple to locate any torrent file that is not available on other websites. It provides the most comprehensive collection of interesting connections, which includes the most recent films, sports, books, videos, music, and more.

5. Proxy for Piratebay

Piratebay is the oldest torrent website on the Internet, having been founded in Sweden in 2003. The portal facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing among BitTorrent users. It has the greatest number of users. In more than 35 languages, its uploaders range from amateur to professional. However, you should be aware that The Pirate Bay has been taken down multiple times, and Piratebay Proxy is the only way to access its material.

Torrentz2 Proxy is number six on the list.

Since 2016, this has been the most widely used torrent metasearch engine in the planet. Millions of search results and indexes from different torrent websites are gathered on the site. There is a danger of site limitation since the site offers pirated material. If not now, it might be prohibited in your nation tomorrow. This is why torrentz2 proxy choices are available on a variety of servers.

YTS Proxy is number seven.

YTS is another peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution platform that distributes high-quality videos for free. Their release was presented in a tiny format (HD quality video), which drew in a large number of moviegoers from all around the globe. However, owing to legal concerns and copyright notifications, it was progressively phased down. However, thanks to the YTS proxy and torrent mirror sites, you may still access the site’s content.

Demonoid Proxy (number 8)

Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website with a searchable index as well as a file-sharing discussion forum. The site includes a large variety of files, including movies, games, TV series, and other media. These websites are similar to, however they have different categories and layouts. Selecting any of the torrents from these websites, on the other hand, will send you to a new landing page where you will be asked to download your preferred torrent software.


isoHunt Proxy enables you to use isoHunt, a prominent online torrent file index and repository, even if it is prohibited in your country. The above-mentioned curated list has been extensively tested, and the isoHunt mirror sites are operational. You may browse, search, download, and post torrents of diverse entertainment material relevant to your interests in a secure environment.

This page, which offers a list of the finest IsoHunt proxy websites, may be bookmarked. So you may access IsoHunt at any moment and download your favorite material.

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