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Originally, the KissAnime website was a proxy service to access blocked websites through complicated workarounds. With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that 2020 is going be an important year for unblock and other proxy services like it.

Without mentioning KissAnime, the world of anime would be incomplete. After all, it’s the best place to watch uncensored Anime that’s been dubbed and subtitled in English to appeal to a worldwide audience. KissAsian, KissComics, KissManga, and KissCartoon are just a few of the anime-related sites hosted by the KISS Team. ISPs in various countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany, France, and Ireland, have shut down or made unavailable the majority of these sites. So, if you’re having issues accessing KISSAnime in your country for any reason, your problems are over. We’ve compiled a list of the finest KissAnime proxy and mirror sites that will quickly unblock KissAnime. These sites may also be utilized as a backup if you’re having trouble signing up on the main site. But first, a little background information.

What happened to KissAnime, and how can you unblock it?

The main reason you’re here is because basic anime websites like and have been shut down unexpectedly. It’s so popular that its app isn’t accessible in a number of nations. Anime enthusiasts have been scouring Reddit, Twitter, and online discussion groups for months, but to no avail. Fortunately, KissAnime proxy and mirror sites are the only means to access the genuine site’s content.

KissAnime Proxy

The KISS team runs and administers these proxy/mirror sites, and they are completely safe to use. Furthermore, although being on distinct domains, both sites share the same material collection and database as the official KISS Anime site.

You may simply stream free anime series, read manga, and watch endless Asian TV programs by visiting KissAnime Proxy/mirror sites. Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 20+ functioning KissAnime proxy/mirror sites that can quickly unblock KissAnime, even if it’s geo-restricted. Let’s get this party started, gentlemen.

Disclaimer: Piracy is not tolerated by us. This material is provided only for educational reasons.

That is all there is to it. Even if the genuine site is geo-restricted, you may access free Anime material on the go by using any of the aforementioned proxy and mirror URLs on this website. Rejoice, because you won’t have to depend on any shady software or two-bit scripts to get Kiss Anime unblocked in your country any more. That’s all there is to it! Remember to bookmark this page to remain up to date on new proxy/mirror sites, as we are regularly adding new KissAnime proxy connections to this list. If you’re having difficulties browsing other popular free Anime sites, try the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KissAnime shut down 2020?

A: has announced that they will be shutting down in 2020, so if you want to watch anime online this is the best time to do it before they shut down and no longer offer streaming services.

Is KissAnime back up 2020?

A: I am not able to answer this question.

What is the current KissAnime?

A: The current KissAnime is Anime Movie Night, with a total of 6 episodes.

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