This is the best smartphone of 2017… itu2019s certainly not iPhone X

The iphone x has been released in the market, but it is not without its share of controversy. In fact, Apple’s iPhone X may be raising a lot of eyebrows:

The “the best phone in the world 2021” is a smartphone that will be released in 2021. The article states that the device may not even be called an iPhone and it will have a screen size of 5.5 inches, which is larger than the current models.

It’s that time of year again, when the finest of the year’s achievements are gathered. And, of course, no list is complete without a mention of the greatest smartphone. The iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 8, OnePlus 5T, and, yes, even the controversial iPhone X are all strong competitors in 2017’s greatest smartphone contest.

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But it’s… hold your breath… that has aroused the curiosity of fans and reviewers alike. Let’s take a look at some of the cellphones that missed out on the top place.

To begin with, iOS 11 on the iPhone X has been plagued with one terrible issue after another. Then there’s the rumor that Apple deliberately and covertly slows down older iPhone models when their batteries wear out. When you have tech pals like these, why needs enemies?

In terms of technological capability, the Samsung Galaxy 8’s Bixby speech assistant couldn’t quite equal Siri and Google Assistant. It didn’t help matters that Samsung spent a significant amount of time generating anticipation for the Galaxy S9, the fastest Android smartphone to date.

best smartphone

But then along came this smartphone, which changed the game, at least for 2017. Yes, Google’s Pixel 2 arrived on the market with some excellent ergonomics. As if a clever fingerprint scanner on the rear and a 5.74-inch display weren’t enough, Google debuted Android Oreo on the Pixel 2 first.

Furthermore, whereas other Android devices, such as the OnePlus 5T, take a long time to get upgrades, the Pixel 2 receives the most recent major updates and security patches very immediately. For example, getting the Android Oreo 8.1 upgrade takes very little time.

Not to mention its 1,440-by-2,880-pixel OLED diagonal screen, which is a joy to look at. Google has also turned on Pixel Visual Core, a new dedicated camera-image processor, to help the phone’s 12.2MP rear camera and 8MP front camera perform even better.

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Best bezel less smartphones

Pixel Visual Core enhances photographs by applying HDR+ processing, which transforms photos shot with any app that uses Android’s standard camera API into gorgeous and bright images.

Another notable feature is the embedded sim or eSIM that can be used to switch mobile carriers on the go. It is supported by networks such as – Vodafone, Verizon, Telefónica, T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom and AT&T. This feature comes in handy for business customers especially.

Don’t forget that the Pixel 2 has a standard SIM card slot. These facts demonstrate that it is, without a question, the greatest smartphone available in 2017. Despite being somewhat more expensive at $599, the Pixel 2 can still be had for hundreds less thanks to Verizon’s special offers.


If you are looking for a smartphone that is not iPhone X, then this is the best option. It’s certainly not the best phone of 2017, but it will be in 2021. Reference: top 10 smartphones 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phone is similar to iPhone X?

A: The iPhone 8 is similar to the iPhone X.

Which smartphone is best?

A: I have no idea what youre talking about.

Which is the No 1 phone in world?

A: Apple iphone.

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