Top 8 Free International Calling Apps

Top 8 Free International Calling Apps
Top 8 Free International Calling Apps

In this article, we have listed the top 8 free international calling apps to use when you are in a different country. All these apps free up your phone data and can be used with or without Wi-Fi.

You can use the “free unlimited international call” to make calls to other countries without having to pay for a subscription. This is especially helpful when you want to call your family or friends overseas.

Aside from the aspect of workplace-related encounters, communication with loved ones is one of the most fundamental but vital human requirements. It acts as a link between two parties who share the responsibility and mental tranquility that comes with knowing someone else’s well-being.

Free International Calling Apps

However, with employment increasingly being placed in unexpected locales, keeping in contact becomes tough when the limits extend beyond the country’s borders.

Furthermore, since remote working has become the norm, collaborating with overseas enterprises is a bonus that allows for a wider reach through the internet medium. However, the locations make it difficult and costly to have a genuine encounter with each other. While you may use an overseas sim card or make international recharges, they are both inconvenient and costly due to the fact that each country’s recharge policies are unique. 

As a result, you will undoubtedly want a method of communication that is both cost-effective and effective. Here are some of the top free international calling applications that you can use without worrying about time limits or financial costs: –

Free ISD Calling with the 8 Best International Calling Apps

  • Whatsapp
  • LINE
  • Messenger on Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Duo is a pair of Google products.
  • Voxofon
  • PopTox
  • Viber

1. Using Whatsapp

It is a common program on practically every android user’s smartphone, as well as laptop and desktop users who use Whatsapp web to communicate PC-related data, and now the newest version of iOS users may also use Whatsapp on their devices. 

Because of the wide variety of functionality and data security, Whatsapp is favored for calling and messaging. Voice recordings, images, movies, links, a plethora of data, and leisure media alternatives like as gifs and stickers may all be simply shared, regardless of whether they were made inside the country’s borders or not. 

Even international calls, assuming both sides’ networks are taken into account, provide a high-quality interface, similar to local calls and messages. Up to 8 individuals may participate in a Whatsapp video call.

WhatsApp’s main features include:

  • End-to-end encryption is available.
  • Videos, photos, and documents may all be shared.
  • Accept or reject a call with a simple swipe.


  • If necessary, you may erase messages.
  • There is a call waiting facility available.
  • Support for a variety of devices


  • You can’t call numbers that aren’t on WhatsApp.
  • A decent internet/WiFi connection is required.

Android, iOS, and desktop versions are all available (Windows and macOS).


Using the Whatsapp as an example, the LINE app functions similarly. The user may send and receive messages as well as utilize media items like as images, videos, and gifs. A unique aspect of LINE is that new stickers are added to the user’s library of favorites on a regular basis, allowing them to utilize them anytime they choose when talking. 

The international call on the LINE app is free for five minutes and serves as a master of many features, including news, discounts, and even operating as a social networking platform. 

Line’s main characteristics are:

  • Videos, photos, and documents may all be shared.
  • Accept or reject a call with a simple swipe.


  • All operating systems, including Android and iOS, are supported.
  • A large number of stickers and emojis
  • Support for voice and video calls
  • On Timeline, you may share your ideas with your LINE buddies.


  • Non-members are not eligible for credit calls.

Android, iOS, and desktop versions are all available (Windows and macOS).

3. Messenger on Facebook

Messenger on Facebook, or Messenger, is a part of the social media app Facebook. The platform allows conversing with the friends of Facebook that includes texting and calling along with sending funny videos, links, gifs, voice chats, photos and various other items. 

Beyond the bounds, all of these exceptional characteristics are equally accessible and available. International calls are often free to use and cost nothing more than enough internet usage, regardless of the kind of sim used. You may also do video calls in groups. 

Facebook offers wacky filters, similar to Instagram, which enables users to use filters when making video calls. 

Why not contact your potential clients over Messenger on Facebook?

Key features of Messenger on Facebook:

  • You may use it to share movies and add filters and doodles before sharing them.
  • Additionally, you may record and transmit voice messages.
  • You may transmit tales or messages using your camera.
  • It syncs both your phone contacts and your Facebook friends list.
  • Emojis, GIFs, and stickers are all supported.


  • Here you may connect with a variety of companies.
  • It works on both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Tablets, phones, and laptops may all be used to access it.
  • Has a very efficient system that seldom breaks down.


  • It takes up a lot of space on your smartphone.
  • You can’t dial actual numbers for free.

Android, iOS, and desktop versions are all available (Windows).

Instagram is number four.

Instagram, a social networking site similar to Facebook, is also regarded as one of the finest free applications for making international calls. The program allows users to make both voice and video calls. Even in the chat area, you may send gifs, stickers, images, and movies, among other things. You may also use URLs to transmit voice recordings and exchange files. 

It can hold a two-person video conference as well as up to six-person group video conversations.

The software just utilizes the internet data that your sim has, regardless of what sort of sim it is.

Key features of Messenger on Facebook:

  • You can make real-time calls to your buddies.
  • Up to 6 persons may be called and connected at the same time.
  • Additionally, you may record and transmit voice messages.


  • It works on both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • You may utilize the app’s gifs and stickers to express yourself.


  • You can’t dial actual numbers for free.

Android, iOS, and desktop versions are all available (Windows and macOS).

Google Duo is the fifth option. is a pair of Google products.

Specifically known as a calling platform, Google Duo is a pair of Google products. serves the purpose of doing international calls for free via its voice calls and video calls. 

This platform is distinguished by the fact that it does not need the existence of a powerful internet, broadband, or high bandwidth connection. Despite the minimal needs, the program performs well in terms of creating a user interface between users. 

It automatically begins adding people to the list of contacts who have Google Duo is a pair of Google products. and provides an end-to-end encryption feature ensuring security over the call. 

Key features of Google Duo is a pair of Google products.:

  • You may have a group call with up to eight individuals at once.
  • It provides high-definition video and voice calls.
  • Before login onto a website, a security assessment is necessary.
  • Synced with your contact list directly


  • End-to-end encryption is available.
  • It’s simple to join up, and you may verify security details using a variety of techniques.


  • Users using iOS and Android devices must update the software on a regular basis.

Android, iOS, and desktop versions are all available (Windows and macOS).

Voxofon is number six.

Unbeknownst to many, Voxofon had launched its initial free international calls in 2008, when many intellectuals were still reeling and fuming over accommodating foreign call features. 

The program provides calling and messaging features from all sectors and walks of life and is compatible with every media and device, whether mobile phones or PCs. The user may transmit a variety of media files using the messaging platform, and the greatest part is that everything is free, from video calling to texting large amounts of media files. All you have to do now is download the app. 

Voxofon’s features are also accessible over the phone.

Voxofon’s key characteristics include:

  • It provides free phone calls across both the WiFi and mobile networks.
  • Works on all platforms, including Amazon, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone, and any desktops or tablets.


  • Voxofon users may text and phone each other for free.
  • It offers low-cost international calls to any phone (starting at 1 cent per minute).


  • You must pay to make calls or send messages to other users.

Amazon, Android, iOS, and Desktop are all available.

7. PopTox

PopTox’s biggest feature is that it offers free international calls from both mobile phones and landlines. Furthermore, despite the fact that it may seem strange yet profitable, the user does not need to have the app loaded in order to take use of all of its functions. 

Even without an app, the free online program delivers all of its features; all it need is an internet connection, which is quite straightforward to get. However, there are certain limitations to the calls made on a daily basis. But don’t worry; you can boost it with a few little purchases.


  • Allows you to make a free international call from your phone.
  • It offers low-cost international calls to any phone (starting at 1 cent per minute).


  • There are call restrictions that may be raised when a small payment has been made.

PCs and Smartphones are both available.

8. Viber

Viber Free International Calling App allows you to make free international calls to other Viber users via a mobile or Wi-Fi network. This free ISD calling software is ideal for individuals who wish to make and receive lengthy international calls without incurring additional charges.

Using the finest free international calling applications, you can also conduct group discussions and express yourself more freely with stickers. Video messages enable you to communicate with your customers and loved ones in real time, regardless of their location.

Viber’s main features include:

  • It includes a large collection of GIFs and stickers.
  • You may have numerous individuals in a chat at the same time.
  • It enables you to remove messages that were sent inadvertently.
  • It’s simple to switch between the desktop and mobile versions.


  • Login is simple since the login id is your cellphone number. 
  • You may establish groups and invite others to join them.
  • There are a variety of emoticons to choose from.
  • It allows for the transmission of high-resolution images.


  • There isn’t a pin for contacts.
  • You will be bombarded with advertisements.

Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are all supported.


Apart from the aforementioned applications, there are others like as Zoom and Google Meet, which are mostly used for group video calling and feature volatile texts in-meeting. FaceTime is the most popular app for iPhone and iPad users. Skype is also a popular video conferencing application, particularly for international conversations. 

Have you tried them out yet? Then go ahead and do it since it would be insane not to utilize these wonderful applications for such a little fee!

Frequently Asked Questions – Free International Calling Apps

1. What is the most cost-effective method of making international calls?

Selecting a suitable international calling software and downloading it to your Android or iOS smartphone is the best method to make free international calls. If necessary, complete the registration process and begin calling your relatives and friends. There are various applications that enable you to make international calls and offer desktop/web browser versions.

2. Which free voice calling software is the best?

Voice calls are available in the applications described above. The finest ones include TextFree, Maaii, Snapchat, Telegram, FreedomPop, Libon, and Vonage Mobile.

3. Which iPhone applications provide the finest free international calling options?

Whatsapp, Line, Google Duo is a pair of Google products. and Viber are the best calling apps for iPhone

4. What are the best Android applications for free international calling?

Whatsapp, Google Duo is a pair of Google products., Hangout, Skype and Viber are the best calling apps for Android

5. Is it necessary to have access to the internet in order to make free international calls?

The need for an internet connection is self-evident. However, some applications allow you to make free international calls using a landline phone even if you don’t have access to the internet.

6. Can I make free international calls?

There are international calling applications that allow you to communicate with individuals in different countries. PopTox, VoipBuster, Voxofon, VoipStunt, and are just a few of the free communication applications available.

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