Twitch app now supports SharePlay

Twitch announced today that it has implemented “SharePlay,” letting gamers stream their games to other players. SharePaly lets one gamer livestream his or her gameplay and invite friends to join in on the fun, with all of the game’s content being saved locally for those participating. The feature is only available with select titles at launch, but Twitch says more will be added later this year.

The “twitch shareplay” is an app that allows users to stream their gameplay on and allow others to watch them, while they are playing.

With the iOS 15.1 update, Apple introduced SharePlay for FaceTime, which will soon be available on Mac. Many Apple and third-party programs support the feature. It’s now available on the Twitch app as well.

All participants in a Group FaceTime chat must have access to the service they’re using in order to utilize SharePlay. If you wish to view a movie together through subscription, for example, all call participants must subscribe.

The SharePlay feature on Twitch should not be restricted in any way. Participants in the call just need to have a free Twitch account. The following is how it works:

  1. Open the Twitch app and start watching the broadcast you wish to watch together once the call is connected.
  2. FaceTime will ask you whether you want to view the stream alone or with the others on the call the first time you utilize SharePlay. The tool will keep track of your selection in the future.
  3. The Twitch feed will show on the devices of all participants in the call if you want to co-watch. It will sync with all of your devices.
  4. The playback of the stream will be synced for all call participants automatically. The broadcast will come to a halt at your interlocutors if you pause it.

During the shared watching of streams using SharePlay, each call participant may use his own account to write to the chat, subscribe, and so on. Each participant has the ability to switch between streams.

Anyone on the line has the ability to modify their Twitch channel. The function will inquire whether you want to change the channel for all participants in the call the first time you attempt it.

Twitch offers a video player for tvOS, and SharePlay supports Apple TV. However, for the time being, the functionality is only supported on the iPhone and iPad. Twitch for iOS is available for free download from the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Twitch support SharePlay?

A: Yes. SharePlay is a feature that was added to Twitch in August 2018 as an experiment. In short, it allows broadcasters who use the service to share their game with another broadcaster for them both to play simultaneously and potentially compete against each other for donations from viewers.

What streaming apps are compatible with SharePlay?

A: Please check the information for your device.

Is SharePlay available now?

A: Unfortunately, SharePlay is not available on the Switch version of Beat Saber. This feature was shut down in early 2018 after Sony disabled it on PSVR and removed it from the game altogether.

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