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As the latest in a generation of new technologies, blockchain has continued to grow and become more accessible. With many uses and benefits, this particular technology is set to revolutionize how things are done on the web. One field that could use some adjustments is online video distribution as it faces several challenges with piracy issues and payment methods being difficult for consumers to access.

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2021 | BizTechPost. The “youtube video downloader for pc windows 10” is a tool that allows users to download videos from YouTube without using any third-party software. This will be available on both Windows 10 and Mac in 2021.

Who doesn’t like viewing a plethora of their favorite videos on YouTube? YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website on the internet, with millions of videos from a wide range of genres. While YouTube has a lot of amusement videos, it also has a lot of instructional, product unboxing films, and instructive videos. However, you’ll need a competent YouTube video downloader if you wish to store these movies for later use. There are a plethora of Youtube Downloader for Frees available on the internet now; some are real, while others are laden with adware. So, how can you figure out which one is right for you? Of course, by looking through our list of the top Youtube Downloader for Frees!

What is the purpose of a YouTube downloader?

YouTube downloader is a software application that transfers video and audio files from the YouTube website to a device for decoding and playing, such as a computer or tablet. Although YouTube does not have a native option for downloading videos, there are other services and programs that do.

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

How to choose the best Youtube Downloader for Frees for Windows 7 & upwards or Mac?

Before you pick the best YouTube downloader, think about things like its capacity to convert videos to MP3 or other audio formats with greater bitrates. You may also wish to convert YouTube videos into other device-compatible extensions. You may also appreciate 4K YouTube videos in HD. Remember that you will be compelled to go offline in many situations, such as while traveling. Fortunately, with the correct software, you may download and view as many films as you like!

For Windows and Mac, the best Youtube Downloader for Frees

  • YouTube Downloader using WinX
  • Youtube Downloader for Free
  • Video Downloader in 4K
  • aTube Capture
  • Video Downloader by Freemake
  • Music Downloader from YouTube
  • Video Downloader YTD
  • ClipGrab (Mac & Windows)
  • AnyVideoConverter
  • Free Video Downloader by ISkysoft (Mac and Windows)
  • Download YouTube for free (Windows and Mac)

1. YouTube Downloader using WinX

YouTube Downloader using WinX top in our list. It doesn’t simply enable you to download videos from YouTube, it also works flawlessly with more than 600+ sites such as SoundCloud, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Instagram, and many others.   The new YouTube Downloader using WinX comes with Multi-thread and Multicast technology that provides batch downloading playlist support. The new version of WinX has a totally new interface which allows users to capture YouTube Live Videos with ease.   Regardless of whether you are endeavoring to download the live stream recordings, 4K movies, music or any other videos. You can save them in various video format including MP4, MP3, FLV or WebM, in a resolution of your choice for free.   All you need to do is just log in to your account and start downloading all of your favorite videos and watch them offline. Download the latest version of YouTube Downloader using WinX, it is 100% free, clean and safe.  

2. Youtube Downloader for Free

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

This compact application is renowned for downloading YouTube videos quickly bereft of any glitches. Don’t be fooled by its simple layout and lack of certain advanced features, Youtube Downloader for Free enables you to download YouTube content in a gamut of audio and video formats such as MP3, MP4, AVI, and AAC. In fact, the uncluttered UI design and limited options act as a boon to make downloading videos simple and easy for everyone.

Not to mention, Youtube Downloader for Free also comes with a troubleshooting wizard that navigates users with detailed information, photos and a well-informed discussion forum wherein you can put your queries. Moreover, this amazing downloader maintains the original quality of the video and ensures the downloads are fast.

3. Video Downloader in 4K

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

Perhaps one of the best Youtube Downloader for Frees for people seeking a 4K Video, this awesome application is a surefire no-brainer if you want quick, no-frills attached YouTube downloads. Video Downloader in 4K is completely ad-free, highly customizable, very simple and doesn’t come bundled with any unwanted add-ons.

All you need to do is to select a video, or even a whole playlist(not more than 24 videos), copy the URL on your web browser, then right click and paste the URL on Video Downloader in 4K’s dashboard. Finally you can select a suitable output format, location, or quality. Speaking of formats, you could either choose between video, or audio such as MP4 and MP3. Further, you would be enthralled to know that one can even download 360-degree VR videos, 3D videos and captions for individual videos!

Wait, there’s more: a short peek at the properties shows the ability to alter multi-stream downloads by raising the number of streams. However, be aware that although this may speed up downloads, it also raises the possibility of YouTube banning your IP address!  

4. aTube Capture

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

Even though aTube Capture is bestowed with great YouTube downloading credentials, it can also actually save videos from most of the big tube and video hosting sites on the internet. And, yes it automatically converts the downloaded videos to a number of popular formats, which can all be tailored before the download starts.

Moreover, if you want to download a ton of videos all at once by maxing out your bandwidth, aTube Capture is your go-to tool. This feature is what separates it from the rest on our list of best Youtube Downloader for Frees for Windows 7 upwards and Mac.

There’s a barrage of extras offered by this Youtube Downloader for Free such as disc burning, video merging and the ability to record any on-screen videos. In spite of being a solid YouTube downloader, aTube Capture is marred by some shortcomings such as sneaky adware that pops up during the installation. Pro Tip: make sure to hit cancel as soon as you are offered the first app, and then click Decline for the second one.

5. Video Downloader by Freemake

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

Another popular software that made the cut, Video Downloader by Freemake cum converter has been around for a while. It not only lets you rip videos off YouTube, but also comes in handy for websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Hulu apart from thousands of similar websites! With its special one click mode, users can download videos with just a single click, and thus save their precious time!

Video Downloader by Freemake is a stark contrast to other video downloaders that require a lot of input settings such as choosing video/audio quality, extracting or converting action, choosing destination folder, etc. But the real novelty factor that injects Freemake onto our list of the best Youtube Downloader for Frees is its very simple and easy interface backed by fast download speeds.

With a powerful collection of tools, you can convert films to a broad range of formats, including WMV, MP4, AVI, DVD, MP3, and 3GP, while maintaining the original video/audio quality. Oh, and you can make slideshows with music and post them to YouTube immediately.

6. Music Downloader from YouTube

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

True to its name, Music Downloader from YouTube does what it does the best i.e. it allows you to capture the soundtrack or music from a YouTube Video seamlessly. You can download and save videos as well. In fact, Music Downloader from YouTube lets you share content with your pals, schedule files for playing later and more!

How can you fast download music videos? Simply pick your chosen audio output quality from the drop-down option, and voila! The procedure is straightforward if you merely want to download videos that are not linked to music. Copy the video URL and save it to the desired folder using the dropdown menu.

Music Downloader from YouTube is accompanied by an uncluttered and well-arranged interface that’s easy to use. Moreover, you can even use the saturation and hue slide bars to change the colour tone of the user interface.

7. Video Downloader YTD

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

Perhaps one of the most popular entities on our list of the best Youtube Downloader for Frees, Video Downloader YTD is a decent gamble if you want to save videos from YouTube on your hard drive in a variety of formats. The downloaded videos can be viewed on diverse devices in their particular formats viz. Aspect ratio ranging from PSP, iPad, iPod, XVid, Windows Media, etc. YTD is also pretty fast when it comes to downloading and converting videos on your Windows PC or Mac.

Furthermore, its seamless and easy interface allows you to pause/resume your movie downloads at any moment. However, YTD has a tendency to stutter while downloading lengthier movies with large file sizes (s). But it’s acceptable given the fact that you’re receiving fantastic download speeds for nothing!

8. ClipGrab (Mac & Windows)

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

ClipGrab is different from the other YouTube downloaders in that it not only enables you to paste in video URLs for downloading, but it also includes a handy clipboard monitor. This function detects the URL as soon as you copy it from your browser’s address bar and instantly pastes it into ClipGrab’s interface. Isn’t it cool? Furthermore, instead of using a web browser, ClipGrab has a YouTube search function that searches YouTube for videos you want to grab.

You may also convert the downloaded video to a variety of output formats and quality settings. ClipGrab’s installer, on the other hand, attempts to force you to install unwanted adware. For a hassle-free installation, you may have to avoid Yahoo ads and the ByteFence installer.

AnyVideoConverter (nine)

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

Just as the name suggests, AnyVideoConverter is a beast of Youtube downloader that can rip videos in any format on your hard drive. The real novelty factor that slides it onto our list of the best Youtube Downloader for Frees is that it comprises of an in-built basic video editor that can crop videos, fine tune colours, add effects, add overlay text, etc.

With a clean and easy user interface and a wide range of video output formats, this free video converter will suit everyone’s needs. However, there is one flaw that negates its many advantages. That example, AnyVideoConverter cannot simultaneously download several movies. It is only possible to watch one video at a time.

10. Free Video Downloader by ISkysoft (Mac and Windows)

best Youtube Downloader for Frees

iSkysoft Free Video Downloader is a Windows and Mac application that can download music and video from over 1000 websites, including YouTube. iSkysoft comes with a variety of useful capabilities, the most notable of which is the ability to download numerous YouTube playlists individually or in bulk. You may also download videos in their native format and extract audio from them, or convert them to one of over 153 formats!

11. Download YouTube for free (Windows and Mac)

best Youtube Downloader for FreesAnd rounding off our list of the best Youtube Downloader for Free for PC and Mac is, Free YouTube Download. No prizes for guessing what it does. With a simple yet elegant interface, Free YouTube download does away with distractions and sticks to the job. Just paste in a YouTube URL, download the video in a couple clicks, and you are done – no frills attached, no needless fiddling around. You can even enable the auto download option if you prefer zero clicks.

You can also download many movies at once and convert them to other formats on the fly, such as MP4, AVI, MP3, MKV, and iPhone/iPad, while retaining the original quality. However, there is one major disadvantage: you can only utilize Free YouTube Download for videos that are shorter than three minutes long. That’s a pity since it eliminates most music videos from consideration.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best Youtube Downloader for Frees? Did we miss out on some entries? Let us know in the comments.

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The “free youtube downloader for mac” is an app that will be released in 2021. The app will allow users to download videos from YouTube straight to their computer.

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